Chris Brown Defends ‘Black B*tches With Nice Hair’ Lyric from New Album ‘Indigo’

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jul 2019 by Rashad

Chris Brown‘s being branded a ‘colorist’ after defending problematic lyrics from his new song, ‘Need a Stack’ (found aboard his recently released ‘Indigo’ album).

As the LP is reportedly dusting the competition in the race for the top of next week’s charts (as we reported here), its content – namely ‘Stack’ (which features longtime collaborators Lil Wayne and Joyner Lucas) – has earned a stack of negative criticism from fans upset with the line:

“Only wanna f**k the black b*tches with the nice hair,” he sings.

After Twitter users brought attention to the lyric, the hoopla eventually reached the desk of Breezy.  His responses caused more commotion than the line.  See what we mean inside:

In comments captured by our friends at TSR, Brown first weighed in on the backlash by stating:

When the above caused its fair share of commotion, Chris continued his defense campaign by stating:

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  1. 2kool4U July 2, 2019


    Women always talk about their superficial preferences on men. what’s the difference between saying this and someone rapping about not wanting a girl with a flat ass vs a phat ass?!?


    • Jasmine July 2, 2019

      Exactly. I bet most of these people hating aint even listened to the song. It is not that serious. He is just expressing himself and the song itself is quite good. If you think Chris was disrespecting you by his little ‘nice hair’ comment then that means u don’t feel your hair is ‘nice hair’. U are playing yourself. Women with nappy 4C hair or baldheaded want to PRETEND like Chris said something specifically about them but he did not! If you are rocking nappy 4C or u are bald then that is the style U chose. Don’t ASSUME a man is dissing u with a little ambiguous rap lyric! Plenty of women have beautiful 4C dreads and braids (including my girls Rihanna and Bey) so don’t get there with Chris when plenty of rappers have said far worse..

      BTW if you are offended by him calling women b|tches remember he refers to himself as a n|gga. That is how hood uneducated people talk. If you don’t like hood uneducated people then go listen to Celine Dion.

      • Shayla Queen July 3, 2019

        *lick lick lick*

        You really must LOVE licking ass JasMAN ?? Or is it just the ass of woman abuser? Seeing as you ARE a man, you don’t need to worry about violence against women so keep licking honey ??? Don’t get mad when that ? fall right out on your face!

      • Jasmine July 3, 2019

        I are a vile and disgusting women abuser trash! Verbal abuse is abuse and u are guilty of constantly harassing me u scum. I am all woman and u are jealous. U are a heshe man with a d|ck and u are seething mad because I was born a woman. Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon j****** n|gga.

  2. Jasmine July 2, 2019

    I love a good Chris Brown read lol. Yeah Chris keep those angry bald b|tches in check. Women have a duty to themselves to keep their hair looking good.

    • SMH July 2, 2019

      Clearly you’re one of the dumb black b*tches that are keeping him in business. Keep that same energy the next time some man slaps you or your mother or sister around and calls you a dumb b*tch.

      • Jasmine July 2, 2019

        Oh please anyone man that would dare ‘slap’ or hit me would not be breathing the next day. I don’t play that. Same goes for every woman in my family and I’m training my daughter to be the same way. There is no excuse for any man putting his hands on a woman. Now verbal reads is not the same thing as hitting someone.

        If I’m a dumb b|tch what does that say about u? Most people on here think we are the same person lol.

  3. Gurlbye July 2, 2019

    Chris Brown and his retarded little fans are trash.
    This lyric screams colorism. You only see Chris messing with the light skinned or racially ambiguous women. Now he’s taking about 4C hair being bad and advocating lace fronts.
    Y’all still giving passes to his toxic, misogynist ass

    • Jasmine July 2, 2019

      He ain’t say sh|t about nappy 4C hair. U are just insecure about your looks. Tell us why you think your 4C hair is not ‘good hair’? Chris did not say anything about 4C hair!

  4. king z July 2, 2019

    how fuuucked up are we as a people that we would bypass all the other misogynistic crap he said in this song (and every other song) just to harp on one line about good hair? be serious

    • Jasmine July 2, 2019

      Shut it Queen. U know damn well Eminem has said 20x worse anything Chris has said about women!

  5. XYZ July 2, 2019

    But he knows that exactly these girls are his fanbase, does he?

  6. Tyty July 2, 2019

    His fanbase is literally black women though no other demographic is supporting him. He’s a loser with a career hanging on by a thread.

  7. Fancy BISH July 2, 2019

    Chris must’ve forgot that he looks like pure DRUGS lately ? Ya’ll really getting upset over something Chris “Pencil Willy” Brown has to say? ✏️ Chris is that dude from school you can’t believe you actually had a crush on ? Kris Kross did Chris better! Bobby Brown did Brown better! ? Christopher Williams had WAY more flavor and can sing crop circles around Chris Brown ? Up y’all standards, ladies! Chris Brown is a Hollywood Walk Of Shame and y’all know it too ? And since he likes them light, how about y’all go white and DM Chris Evans instead ? ?

  8. Lol July 2, 2019

    I dont see how this is funny or amusing. Had any other person said this it would be a problem. But because it’s him he gets a pass even tho he literally just referred to black women as “black b******”. What kind of world do we live in where we get mad at everything white folks do but can’t call out disrespectful black men?

    • Jasmine July 2, 2019

      So when Bey said ‘call Becky with the good hair’ there is not an issue but when a black man says a similar comment it is a ‘problem’? Get lost. He can say what he wants. Nobody is forcing u to listen to his music, read articles about him, or watch his videos. His comment was not offensive to me but then again I have good hair.

  9. Nicky July 2, 2019

    Can he die already. And this is the new MJ ???????. He will never be anywhere near MJ. Circus clown

  10. Nicky July 2, 2019

    So because a woman is not aesthetically pleasing, he doesn’t give a f*** about them

    Throw this trash away IMMEDIATELY

    Anyone who supports this dude has problems, including the artists who keep collaborating with this lunatic

  11. My third eye July 2, 2019

    Eww Chris nobody want your herp inflamed balls. Also, you could’ve politely addressed it. I mean the fans just want an explanation, because to be honest… without the fans you ain’t got no sales on music, tours, and whatever you do to support yourself and your child. You too old to be mouthing off when you got a mouth to feed. Okurrt

    • Jasmine July 2, 2019

      Those nappy headed heffers took his words out of context so they were not looking for an ‘answer’. They were looking to antagonize him for their own insecurities. If u got 4C hair that is the style u chose to have. If somebody says they only like women with good hair that ain’t got sh|t to do with u unless u ugly and insecure.

  12. NickiisCancelled July 2, 2019

    If y’all had no problem with “these nappy headed h*** need a perminator” then SIT THE F*CK ALL THE WAY DOWN! #BlackHypocrisy ????

  13. Ropeburn July 2, 2019

    Let me guess, he was “hacked” again. ?

  14. MessyBoots July 2, 2019

    Simply gutter trash who can’t spell or articulate any thoughts beyond sexuality, violence, misogyny, homophobia, colorism, sexism, racism or any other ism EXCEPT narcissism. He is a walking venereal disease in performance mode. I actually feel sorry for him b/c it didnt have to turn out this way. He chose to be a mediocre thug in the mold of his REAL idols… Lil, Wayne, R.Kelly, Tupac, Bobby Brown, etc. He was never MJ adjacent. Not in creativity, dancing, vocal ability, style or charisma. That spot belonged to Usher in the 00s.

    CB was just a good looking light skin McJunior version of Bobby Brown who filled a black teen heartthrob void in 00s R&B.

    We all know he will end up in jail or worse sooner than later.

    • SMH July 2, 2019

      All of this. And these dumb h0es wanna call him the “King of R&B” and the new Michael Jackson. LMFAO. Women are truly stupid when it comes to a boy they think is cute

  15. LUCKI July 2, 2019

    Chris has BEEN problematic, sexist and colorist. This is not news. And in typical CB fashion, he responds with more ignorance. Stop coddling this fool and cancel him like the others.

  16. eric July 2, 2019

    I don’t know how he keeps an audience of black girls who continue to buy his music and show up at his concerts to sing along on “Loyal” and every other CB song of the last 10 years that objectifies women. His lyrics have been far more offensive in the past, but these girls wait until he says something about their hair to get upset.

  17. Caleb July 2, 2019

    When are his fans going to wake up and realize that he has a deep seated hatred for women, especially Black women? Look at his history for crying out loud. He bites women, beats them, throws them down a flight of stairs, threatens them on Instagram live and the list goes on…

    • Fancy BISH July 2, 2019

      ✅ ✅ ✅ ?

  18. SMH July 2, 2019

    And watch these dumb black b*tches still support him anyway. And then they wonder why men treat them like trash.??‍♂️

  19. Bettie clayton July 2, 2019


  20. Bettie clayton July 2, 2019

    Any brike in he pull up mitts ugly lil daughter

  21. Journey Israel July 2, 2019

    Love the new Album

  22. Susan King July 2, 2019

    Its just a song its not that serious i lisrened to the song the words and he is not being disrespectful in anyway you know what it is i think yall all should just let it go get over it and let him do this music for the people who do like his music leave him alone

  23. Maxx July 5, 2019

    I loved his response. People really need to chill

  24. Tyana jones July 20, 2019

    Chris Brown is the only artist in history who has been “canceled” for TEN YEARS straight, yet managed to released a 32-track album with no promo that went #1, Gold in a week and has a Top 10 Hit. That’s something to celebrate because his determination is endless #IndigoSeason

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