Katy Perry Among 90,000 Who Signed Petition For Taylor Swift To Re-Record Her First 6 Albums

Published: Monday 1st Jul 2019 by Rashad

Taylor Swift is in the middle of a media firestorm thanks to her lengthy Tumblr post that called out music industry executive Scooter Braun for purchasing her masters (click here to read) – a move that ultimately means she has no ownership of any of her own work that precedes content from her forthcoming album, ‘Lover’ (August 23).

Swift’s catalog – reportedly valued at over $300 million – has been the source of debate for most of the day (June 30) as fans, music industry analysts, and fellow celebs alike have weighed in on the matter.  While some have sided with the Grammy winner, as evidenced by the trending hashtag #WeStandWithTaylor, others have remained loyal to Braun and maintain he’s done nothing wrong (click here to read more).

Among those supporting Swift are Miley Cyrus, Halsey, and even her former nemesis, Katy Perry.  The latter was among many who took to the net to sign a Change.org petition that calls for Taylor to re-record her first six albums.  Details inside:

Not even 12 hours after going live, the petition – started by a super fan Alex Boubia – garnered a whopping 90,000 signatures (Perry’s among them).

As reports have it that her music label home, Big Machine Records, only owns the file of the records, Swift – who is listed as a writer and publisher of most of her career’s content – owns the sound, vocals, and lyrics.  Thereby, under this loophole, she could re-record the albums and release them under her new label.

Albeit not a realistic remedy for the singer’s current problem given she is about to go into promo mode for her next album, it certainly never hurts to consider it.  TLC and JoJo are among many music stars in the past who have done so as a loophole around stringent contractual restraints.

Click here to see the petition.


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  1. PinotNoir July 1, 2019

    JoJo could do it because she only had 2 albums to re-record. Taylor has 6. Given her songs’ simplicity, she could finish putting vocals in 1-2 months. The question is: who’d want ’em, though?

  2. king z July 1, 2019

    if she would even consider doing this it should be in a greatest hits capacity.

    she’s been in the game for over 10 years so it’s about time for her first greatest hits record anyway. go ahead and re-record the biggest hits and leave the album cuts in the past. just take the L

  3. Dang July 1, 2019

    Re-recordings never sound the same. Scooter owns the real hunger and passion that went behind the vocals and production of those 6 albums. Something always sound off in re-recordings. I get annoyed sometimes by different mixes/cuts of a song that is not the version I’m used to…. let alone a full on re-recording. How about begging Scooter to buy back at least 1989 and Fearless? Try that!

    • 2bad2bme July 1, 2019

      Very true because when I heard JoJo’s I was over it after “Too little too late”

  4. Zion July 1, 2019

    The TLC re-recordings are pure trash ?

  5. Bettie clayton July 1, 2019

    YEAH GIVE TATA HER SHYT. YOU DIRTY Klown everthing she said is true koonye and his dirty fin gered Wifey.TRASH.

  6. Meteorite July 1, 2019

    TLC did re-recordings?

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