Taylor Swift’s Lawyer Slams Ex Label’s Claim She Was Offered Chance To Buy Back Her Catalogue

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jul 2019 by Sam

The fallout between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun is raging on.

As widely reported, chaos ensued when news hit that the mega-manager had purchased the singer’s former label Big Machine – in the process snapping up the masters of her entire catalogue.

Swift reacted with a scathing indictment of Braun and Big Machine – both of whom have denied her take on the episode.

Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta took it a step further and stressed that the star was given the chance to bid on her music.

Her lawyer says otherwise. His words below…

In a brief but to-the-point statement, Swift’s rep Donald Passman said:

“Scott Borchetta never gave Taylor Swift an opportunity to purchase her masters, or the label, outright with a check in the way he is now apparently doing for others.”

While further elaboration wasn’t given, it appears Passman is referring to the alleged situation which saw Swift offered the chance to buy her catalogue on the condition she re-signed a multi-year/multi-album deal with Big Machine. Which she did not. It’s being claimed that the same requirements were not made of others interested in buying – including Braun.

Stay tuned as the seismic story unfolds.

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  1. Adele July 2, 2019

    Well obviously they aren’t going to sign a non-artist to a multi-record deal lol. Taylor had a chance and chose not to resign that contract so she did this to herself. I’m not going to feel any sympathy for a rich WW being held the the contract that she signed.

  2. olusheyi banjo July 2, 2019

    Oh shut up about this,She isn’t the first artist to go through this and she won’t be the last. Whiny heifah. Shoulda been about your business instead of waiting until it was too late and crying about it

    • Adele July 2, 2019


  3. Nicki Maraj July 2, 2019

    CardiB owns none of her music either that 360 deal sucks

    • Bey Best July 2, 2019

      And neither does HOnika, especially her #1 hits…oh wait!!!

    • Jasmine July 2, 2019

      Cardi is a NEW artist. Don’t pretend like she been around as long as Nicki.

  4. truthtea July 2, 2019

    Y’all ever wonder why the only time Taylor got drama is when she got a new album coming out?

    • Tori July 2, 2019


    • Opp July 3, 2019

      Her album is released in late August.. This will have died down by then.

      • Goodie July 3, 2019

        Opp, you’re crazy. August is right around the corner, it’s July now! This momentum will keep going until then! They’ll drag it out every week to gain sympathy for her and she’ll easily be the highest first week sales of the year so far (until Adele releases her music in the fall) because of the current bull crap. This is all marketing strategies. Her last album didn’t do well so they’re trying to make sure this one does! Plus, August comes and then around Christmas time it’ll sell even better so she’ll easily be the 2nd highest selling album of the year.

      • Yeh sure July 3, 2019

        She already would have had the highest first week sales of the year even without this, her last few albums have sold a million in their first week. 7 weeks is a long time I’m the news, it’s not gonna be the topic on everyone’s lips by then, she should have waited another few weeks at least if she wanted this to help sales in a great way.

  5. Taylor Swift Is A Dirty Liar July 2, 2019

    I think Taylor and her lawyer are lying! This girl is trying to save face!

  6. Bey Best July 2, 2019

    Oh effen well. Get over it, Tay.

  7. Naïme July 3, 2019

    That girl is so pathetic I can’t even add anything more. My goodness

  8. Pedonika July 3, 2019

    I’m so f***** tired of this nazi white trash

    • Yeh sure July 3, 2019

      I hope she keeps getting you this mad.

      • Pedonika July 3, 2019

        Not as mad as Hitlor is now for being too dumb to buy the rights to her crappy music lmao

      • Opp July 3, 2019

        I’d be more mad i don’t have the money Taylor swift has.. Rather than own the rights to the songs.

  9. I love big black c** July 3, 2019

    When you are a billionaire and why are you still b/tching about????

  10. memba me July 3, 2019

    Maybe Taylor isn’t the BOSS she pretends to be. You might have $320 million in net worth but you sound weak….lol. You are not a BOSS. You are not Beyonce. Michelle Obama. Oprah. Now those are strong women who BOSS they ishhhhh. You are a drama queen and an attention seeking opportunist. You woke up and said to yourself, “Ok Scooter…you might have won 100% fair and square, but I’m about to make more money off lying about you and dragging you through the dirt than you LEGALLY made off me”. She did the same damn thing to Kanye after she approved of a song that he talks about having relations with her. She called it a “compliment”. And since Kanye is connected to Scooter it was an easy target. Here comes the white woman who screams r*** after she invited the black man to her house when her husband and neighbors finds out. She also “isn’t taking any legal action against Scooter”. Of course not! She is just going to engage in defamation the Taylor Swift way. And make $100 million more in the process. As she laughs her evil flat pale booty to the bank.

    • Opp July 3, 2019

      Wow she has you mad. Writing a whole essay.

  11. MessyBoots July 3, 2019

    I have never understood the hostility folks have w/ Taylor being a blonde white pop star. Why not the same energy against Debbie Harry, Olivia Newton John, Madonna, Debbie Gibson, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Xtina, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga etc

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