Celebrities, #Swifties Slam Kid Rock For Sexist Tweet Against Taylor Swift

Published: Saturday 10th Aug 2019 by Rashad

‘Only God Knows Why’ singer Kid Rock has us humming the tune and scratching our heads at why he’s recently taken to Twitter to slam Taylor Swift for aligning herself with the values of the Democratic Party.

The ‘You Need To Calm Down’ singer – who has been very vocal as of late about her support of the LGBTQ+ community – doubled down on the sentiment in her recent appearance in ‘Vogue’ magazine (click here to read).  Her comments – accompanied by updates on her new album ‘Lover’ and role in the forthcoming film ‘Cats’ –  must’ve struck a nerve with Rock (born Robert James Ritchie) as he took to Twitter to say:

Needless to say, the vile statement sent the songstress’s fan base – affectionately called #Swifties – into a frenzy.  Their stance was supported by Swift’s celebrity friends. Details inside:

“you’re pathetic. – Chrissy Teigen,” she wrote, mimicking Rock’s tweet sign-off.  Rock’s ‘Picture’ co-star, Sheryl Crow, also shared Rock’s tweet and said: “Spread love. Not hate. End of subject.” Patricia Arquette replied to Rock’s tweet, writing, “Somehow that tweet was both gross and boring.”

Swifties joined in:

[main photo source: Getty Images]

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine August 10, 2019

    Kid Rock told no lies! Taylor knows her time is up in music. She was casted in that movie with J. Hud already that looked like a remake of Catz.

    • Shayla Queen August 10, 2019

      Surprise surprise! Here come ole hating a$$ JasMAN again thinking he know it all.

      • R@$put!@ L@tt!m0re August 10, 2019

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      • Jasmine August 10, 2019

        Leave me alone ShaylaMAN F.aggot. Everybody is not a shemale like u are. I am all woman. My gender has nothing to do with my opinion. I said what I said. Now seethe and get the f.uck lost! GTFOH f.aggot

      • R@$put!@ L@tt!m0re August 10, 2019

        Lol The Real Jasmine is here putting F A G G O T trash in check.

    • Shayla Queen August 10, 2019

      2 old f.ags sticking together. How very sweet ❤️ Who’s the bottom?

      • R@$put!@ L@tt!m0re August 10, 2019

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      • Jasmine August 10, 2019

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    • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew August 10, 2019

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      • R@$put!@ L@tt!m0re August 10, 2019

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    • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew August 10, 2019

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      • R@$put!@ L@tt!m0re August 10, 2019

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    • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew August 10, 2019

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    • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. August 11, 2019

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    • B August 11, 2019

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  2. truthtea August 10, 2019

    Surprise, Taylor is the victim again because she’s got a new album coming out and all of her singles so far have flopped hard by her standards so she needs more drama to sell more units!

    • Lanafan1 August 11, 2019

      Well, he’s literally attacking her on Twitter. Lol

  3. Edward Norton August 10, 2019

    He is absolutely right, hollywood has become a cesspool of hypocrisy and debauchery. The LGBTQ crew want relative morality and no boundaries as this model allows them to feel more comfortable in whatever they want to do. In order to be in with them you have to give up your adherence to a set defined idea of what is right and thus it can seem like you are selling your soul. Good luck, to TS, she was a beautiful sweet country singer who at one time embodied the wholesome charm of middle America.

    • Lanafan1 August 11, 2019

      Please stop. Taylor Swift has not switched up lol and she was never solely a country singer. You’re not a fan.

  4. tyty August 11, 2019

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    • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. August 11, 2019

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      • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. August 11, 2019

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      • tyty August 11, 2019

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      • I’m Black Jasmine, The REAL Jasmine Okurrr. August 11, 2019

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  5. Yeh sure August 11, 2019

    Within merely FIVE MINUTES after the album has been released for pre-sale in ?? China, Taylor Swift’s #Lover has already shifted 25,000 pure sales and is now eligible for Gold in the country.

    It’s her fastest album to do so. She’s coming

  6. JustIgnoreMe August 11, 2019

    Now did she pay him for this tweet to try to regain her victim status?

    • Lanafan1 August 11, 2019

      How is she playing the victim when n***** like this attack her openly and repeatedly. Stfu

  7. Andrew Ekpiwhre August 11, 2019

    Please Block all these Jasmine accounts, to prevent alot of people from stop visiting your site. They stay spreading hate.

    • Lanafan1 August 11, 2019

      Thank you! ♥️?

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