Watch: Rick Ross Responds To Nicki Minaj Telling Him To ‘Sit His Fat A** Down’

Published: Thursday 15th Aug 2019 by Rashad

Nicki Minaj has been one of the the hottest topics in music this week thanks to a series of reports of clashes with fellow Hip Hop Heavyweights.

While Trina confirmed those reports were unsubstantiated (click here to watch) and Minaj later made up with Joe Budden after their epic showdown (click here to listen), Rick Ross has finally coming forward to respond to a diss from his ‘You the Boss’ co-star.

As we previously reported (click here to read), the self-proclaimed Rap Queen was none-too-pleased about a perceived diss from the Bawse’s 2017 song, ‘Apple of My Eye,’ where he asserted her ex – rapper Meek Mill – should never have trusted her given her relationship with his then-nemesis, Drake.  When asked her thoughts on this, Minaj said Ross should ‘sit his fat ass down.’

Taking to the ‘Breakfast Club’ this morning, Ricky Rozay weighed in on the diss:

Start at 33:00 min mark:

[photo source:  Getty Images]


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  1. Shayla Queen August 15, 2019

    She is a narcissistic bullying, lying, fraudulent, cowardly, tantrum-throwing child.

    • Lucy August 15, 2019

      and what are you a broke h**?

      • Besty August 15, 2019

        Lucy, stop acting like Nicki was a member of your family please. You take it too personnal, it’s pathetic.

  2. The Truth August 15, 2019

    Nicki, your time is UP! It’s okay. You are legendary, but your time is up. I love Britney, and she is legendary, but her prime is up. I love Mariah, she is legendary, but her prime is up. I love Lil Kim, she is legendary, but her prime is up. I loved katy…but she’s not legendary so let me not write that lol.

    Moral of the story is you can’t be on top forever. What goes up must come down. But stay graceful and keep your legacy intact, please.

    • Clarkson August 15, 2019

      What legacy does nicki have? 10 years in the game still no number 1 or Grammy. Britney spears, lil Kim, Mariah all have number 1’s and Grammys.

      star ships and super bass and bang bang are her only iconic songs and non of them are rap/hiphop songs. Non of these hit number 1 also. Sad

      Unlike cardi, bodack yellow is a rap song, I like it is a rap song also. Both hit number 1.

    • King of Kingz August 15, 2019

      Her time is not up so stfu, if she wasn’t still charting & getting platinum plaques & still getting requested to to do features then you could say that. Smh she can outchart & outsell Mariah still today so try again

      • Clarkson August 15, 2019

        Gurl her time is up. Megatron charting for 2 weeks was an indicator that her time is up, nobody is checking for her. Who runs to nicki for a collab anymore? Nobody.

      • BitcPlease August 15, 2019

        Lol Nicky outsell Mariah are u on DRUGS

      • Lmfao_Hoe August 15, 2019

        Nicki out charts MARIAH F****** CAREY?? okay lmao..the jokes write themselves ..The Queen of Xmas bout to put all ya faves back in their place again as will MJ this Halloween with Thriller.

      • kay August 15, 2019

        Your dum as hell!

        Mariah’s first Christmas album alone out sells all ov niki!
        are you dumb!

        Mariah is a living legend. Niki is just a bitter rapper at this point!

        We talking about SALES ands REAL Charts not these make believe that you guys come up with now for any danm reason!

    • Erica August 15, 2019

      Sis Britney is still selling she’s not in her prime but she still getting top 20s & album still selling over 100k pure sales alone her time definitely not up just yet

      • The Truth August 15, 2019

        To clarify my above comment, I was not shading Britney, Mariah or Kim. I STAN all of them INCLUDING Britney! Britney is my #1! But I’m not delusional enough to think she’s still in her prime. She’s selling, but not like she once was. Which is fine! Her legacy is solidified. My comment was meant to say that what goes up must come down. You cant be on top forever, and that’s okay! I’m just saying how the others in my comment handled not being “on top” was how Nicki should be acting. Could you imagine if Britney threw this tantrum when GaGa came out in 08/09? She didn’t! Britney welcomed GaGa and said she was a fan. She didn’t tear down everyone like Nicki is doing. Nicki is a LOOOOOSER! Everyone else wins BUT Nicki!

    • High Price August 15, 2019

      Lmao! It’s crazy how every can use HER VERY rap lyrics “time is up” to sum up here career as of now lol. I wonder has she seen people use that very bar of hers to describe her career right now..

      • Besty August 15, 2019

        High price must be too high to think that Nicki is the only one to use these words.

  3. Tyty August 15, 2019

    So he basically he saw that she was stuck in the middle and it was very easy for the situation to get messy ie. giving meek information on drake and it escalating an already tense situation. The typical normal response from a friend slash the third party. But the Narcissist Nicki sees it as an attack despite his misgivings turning out to be true. Nicki is such a b****!!

    • King of Kingz August 15, 2019

      No he assumed something that wasn’t true & had her name in his mouth speaking negatively as if she didn’t go above & beyond to help Meek when they was together

      • Tyty August 15, 2019

        He never said anything negative about her he said the truth…which turned out to be correct next!!!

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 15, 2019

        @King…– Bingo! You hit it right on the head.

    • Caleb August 15, 2019

      Remy Ma was right when she said that Nicki instigated the beef between Drake and Meek.

      • Lucy August 15, 2019

        no Remy a flop

  4. Clarkson August 15, 2019

    Nicki feeling gansta running her mouth cause she married a murderer. U think mr petty gon protect u?
    Gurl thread carefully, u ain’t about that life. Cardi checked u at that party and u ran behind ur bodyguards.
    u play stupid games, u win stupid prizes.

    • pac August 15, 2019

      girl bye cardi left with a big ol goose egg on her forehead, she left looking a fool. bet she won’t try it again though. ??

      • The Truth August 15, 2019

        But Cardi didn’t leave the Grammy’s empty-handed like Nicki.

      • pac August 15, 2019

        f*** a Grammy! what that supposed to mean

      • Truth August 15, 2019

        But cardi did not leave with a bump on her forehead from Nikki…. so what’s your point.
        B**** get slick I’ll cut up the b****…
        *marsha Brady voice*
        Sure Jan

    • The Truth August 15, 2019

      I have to explain what a Grammy is? Okay. A Grammy Award (stylized as GRAMMY, originally called Gramophone Award), or Grammy, is an award presented by The Recording Academy to recognize achievements in the music industry. Also known as something Nicki Minaj will never receive.

      May I teach you anything else? Maybe how to formulate a sentence properly?

      Nicki, girl, is that you behind that keyboard? HA!

    • YAS BIH August 15, 2019

      “I’m standing right here” ?

  5. The Truth August 15, 2019

    She is the ultimate Angry Bird….fitting that she was in that movie. Like seriously, does she have a team? I thought she got a new team? If her team is sending her on these press tours, then they need to stop and get fired. She needs a team that can help her truly revamp her image…before it’s too late.

    Sidenote: I cannot WAIT for Normani’s song tonight!!!

    • High Price August 15, 2019

      This is part reason (maybe solely) why Beyonce doesn’t do interviews for real. Sh!t like this takes away from the music and the craft. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. She should have just shut her mouth this time around. What’s the point of defending what people honestly WANT to believe anyways. Sh!t like this is what you put in THE MUSIC, not in a podcast. Smh.

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 15, 2019

        @High.. – “What’s the point of defending what people honestly WANT to believe anyways.” — And this is really sad.

      • Ronna Simmons August 15, 2019

        So true

    • pac August 15, 2019

      you must be the angry bird you follow her every move and take time out of your nothing ass life to comment on every post about her.

      • The Truth August 15, 2019

        No, b****. I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for years and have NEVER found a reason to comment until it became clear that this blog was on Nicki’s payroll (allegedly) with all of these posts ATTEMPTING to save her image. Well, it’s backfiring. Nothing can save what’s left of her career. I cannot wait to read her memoir in 10 years entitled “I should have befriended Cardi B, then maybe I would still have a career”. Also, I’m sick of the comments on this site and I feel that more people that can formulate sentences need to comment on here to help educate you Barb’s. As I’ve stated before, I was a Barb until I opened my eyes.


  6. Jackx August 15, 2019

    Damn Nicki you got beef with all these rappers. Bullying and being petty gets you no where fast

    • pac August 15, 2019

      they all want to rumble with the queen, in the end she still gone win.

      • The Truth August 15, 2019

        Win what? Not a Grammy. 😉

    • 7E August 15, 2019

      She must keep her mouth shut, like a good n!gga b**** right and keep it moving right.

  7. 7E August 15, 2019

    Anyone can say anything negative about Nicki and yall believe even officer Ricky.

    • Jasmine August 15, 2019

      It is the other way around. Rick would never be asked about this if Nicky did not make a big deal out of nothing. Rick never dissed her in his song. He mentioned her because she is a celebrity that dated his homie.

  8. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 15, 2019

    Whatever man.

  9. Jasmine August 15, 2019

    Nicky should be making hot music. All these arguments with other rappers only helps their records sell a little more while she tarnished her own brand. Nicky should be touring, reconnecting with fans, promoting new music, and keeping the energy towards furthering her career. She comes across like a bitter auntie instead of a big celebrity and she is too young for that.

    • Jasmine August 15, 2019

      There you go again you phony, fraudulent b****

      • Jasmine August 15, 2019

        Bow down peasant ??! I am Queen B Jasmine ? and I have reigned supreme on TGJ since 2009. I wear the crown u nappy headed Jawanna Man f.aggot!

  10. Jasmine August 15, 2019

    She should buy some thick skin… really, as rich as she is ,she should do like most of millionaires in the game and bey unborthered about what people hav3 to say

    • Jasmine August 15, 2019

      Shut it Jawanna Mann f.aggot impersonator. Go comb your naps u dark ?? peasant

  11. Rita Ora August 15, 2019

    Nicki’s deformed ass has some nerve calling anyone fat. When your body is as botched & surged up as hers you gotta maintain it honey. That’s why she is out here looking like an over stuffed Rotisserie chicken dipped in donut glaze now. Washed up self.

  12. Jasmine The Real Princess August 15, 2019

    Nicki is a disgrace to humanity. Her mom should’ve aborted when she still had the chance to do so.

    • Jasmine August 15, 2019

      Shut it Jawanna Mann f.aggot impersonator. Go comb your naps u dark ?? peasant F a g

      • Jasmine The Real Princess August 16, 2019

        Go suck your moms dîck you son of a bîtch

  13. Don’t try it little girl… August 16, 2019

    Let’s not drag Mariah into this. She is not a rapper and yes, she doesn’t sell records like she did in 1995. However, in 20 years always be my baby, we belong together and all I want for Christmas will still be on the radio. Nicki sold out by her second album and was only catering to the selena Gomez/Taylor Swift fanbase. It killed her credibility as a rap artist. Mariah has managed to stay relevant almost 30 years in the game and Dominated the first 10 years of her career slowly evolving and allowing her fans to evolve with her. She then came back with “Mimi” to prove everyone wrong. Nicki’s artistry has been overshadowed by her pettiness and ego. She’s mean spirited and disingenuous, only gay men and whit me girls Stan her, nothing wrong with that tho. Nicki is novelty at best. Times up, gurl.

    P.s. atleast Rick Ross’ “fat ass” is real.

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