R. Kelly’s Girlfriends To Launch Celebrity Careers To Hire Michael Jackson Lawyer

Published: Monday 2nd Sep 2019 by David

Two of R. Kelly‘s girlfriends are said to be eyeing the man who rescued Michael Jackson from legal turmoil with hopes he will do the same for the world-renowned pervert.

Full story below…

Kelly is accused of raping several children with help a team of handlers and facilitators who are now being investigated by the authorities.

As the chances of him evading jail time for his dirty deeds are slim, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary (his lovers) are said to be on the hunt for the money they need to pay Tom Mesereau to represent him.

Tom is the go-to guy for celebrities facing rape/molestation charges, which is why Camp Kelly believes he can end the singer’s legal woes once and for all.

TMZ reports….


We’re told the ladies have a couple potential projects in the works that could land them a big payday — including a book deal — and their plan is to put that money toward the Mesereau fund … along with Kelly’s general defense fund.
Our sources say Joycelyn and Azriel have just hired reps who are reaching out to media outlets to score some paid interviews. None are scheduled yet … but we’re told there’s some interest.



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  1. Queef September 2, 2019

    This is Stockholm syndrome

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 2, 2019

      These young women can use that money for school or just put it in their savings accounts. Once the Feds want you its a wrap. The Feds already got Kelly so there is nothing anyone can do. One thing in Kelly’s favor is that he is already in jail. Usually, when you are already in jail the time before trial is shortened and the time he sits in jail will count towards his sentence.

  2. Fancy BISH September 2, 2019

    This is about the DUMBEST thing I’ve EVER heard ? A book deal? Who is gonna buy a book where they basically deny everything? It’s not like they’re going to admit to something that could incriminate him…nobody will buy these heaux’s boring books ? ? And nobody will care for their boring interviews either! What are they going to reveal? That he fixed them breakfast after he gave they stank, ashy, morning breath behinds some 12 Play? ? ? #GirlGOODBYE

  3. Gee September 2, 2019

    This situation is a mess, and honestly I do not see it for either one of these women. Nobody wants to entertain the narrative of R.Kelly and brain washed live in girlfriends. They are taunted just like him.

  4. eric September 2, 2019

    Reality will hit them eventually.

  5. Danny Bey September 2, 2019

    I hope Tom doesn’t take their case. It will tarnish his reputation not to mention undo the justice he got for Michael to an extent. Bc ppl are already comparing R Kelly to Michael as if they are the same when they’re not. This is annoying

  6. Dee September 2, 2019

    The difference is Michael was found Not guilty on all charges . This fool is on multiple tapes sleeping with young girls . Not the same thing.

  7. Rebecca Wood September 4, 2019

    This is sad what is he into Polygamy too how many girlfriends do you need he is a sick pervert like Jeff Warren he shouldn’t be aloud out of jail and I wouldnt go this trashy girlfriends and kind of a woman they sound like Hillary Clinton taking up for bill raping woman except r kelly has been doing this to kids since the 1990s when hes career first came too it’s sad when a lawyer can lay his head down at nite to take money that is for evil read the bible people this is where god says money is root of all evil to use money to get a child r***** off is sad and we need to tie him up and let the young girls he sexually abused get him I am sure they would love some payback now they are Traumatized for the rest of their life because of this piece of garbage and people went to free him really do you people have children. Put him in with Jeff Warren maybe the can snuggle together and keep each other safe they will meet their maker one day and so will the evil people helping this pervert get out let him suffer in there.

  8. Rebecca Wood September 4, 2019

    Sorry I messed up perverts name warren jeffs

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