Alicia Keys Blazes Billboard & Announces New Album ‘A.L.I.C.I.A’

Published: Thursday 5th Dec 2019 by Sam

Alicia Keys is strutting into 2020 with a purpose.

Because, not only will the New Year bring with it her return to the GRAMMYs as host, it’ll see her unleash her seventh studio album – the name of which has now been revealed.

Head below for details…

With the singer’s feature spread, it’s announced that her new LP is titled ‘A.L.I.C.I.A’ and will arrive in 2020. Led by the Miguel assisted ‘Show Me Love,’ the project is Keys’ first body of work since 2016’s ‘Here.’

The set will also be released in close proximity to the star’s memoir ‘More Myself: A Journey,’ which hits retail in the Spring.

Peep quotes:

On Her Album & Book:

“[They’re both] the best therapy I ever had. I ended up being able to see the moments that things shifted. When you’re living it, you’re not really reflecting on it.”

On Artists Such As Frank Ocean & Kanye West Sitting Out The GRAMMYS:

“I get it. I do. But I think [I’m] just becoming more aware of the power that we have as individuals. I think that you’ve got to actually be a part of whatever shift you want.”

On Her Approach To Hosting The 2020 Ceremony On Jan 26th:

“[I’m inspired by] people who have created these beautiful variety-style shows, like Carol Burnett, or Sammy Davis Jr., or Dean Martin. Nobody does that anymore. They had this cool mixture of musician and artist and comedian, so it mixed all of these worlds together in this casual [way], while they’re holding, like, a whiskey. I want to see how to modernize that.”

Check out Alicia’s video for ‘Show Me Love’ below…

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Billboard / Miller Mobley]

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  1. Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

    Poor song writing skills.

    She fooled us with her piano playing, which are average at best.

    Alicia cant keep up with the new rnb girls like sza or her or ella mai.

    she’s having the same problem Aguilera is having.

    • only facts December 5, 2019

      Why would Alicia, a vet who’s been in the game and slaying the charts since 2002, need to keep up with SZA and H.E.R. who have yet to have any true hits of their own? You idiot. Just saying sh*t to say it at this point. At a certain point in an artists career, you don’t care about keep up with the younger artists…and if you do, you end up like Madonna and look DESPERATE. Do you think Celine cares that her new album isn’t selling like Adele’s next album will or how Taylor’s is selling? Girl no. Once you’d cemented your name, you’re good. You should be worried about your homegirl that is suffering from the sophomore slump of the century. Can’t even crack the top 40 with her solo songs. TRAGIC

      • Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

        U are stupid.

        U think every musician is like u faves that loves releasing flop after flop album

        Every musician wants to be successful and top the charts whether they’ve been in the game for 1 year or 30 years.

        And speaking of Camila

        2019’s Top Female Solo Artists on Billboard:

        1) @ArianaGrande
        2) @billieeilish
        3) @taylorswift13
        4) @halsey
        5) @iamcardib
        6) @lizzo
        7) @pink
        8) @ladygaga
        9) @Camila_Cabello
        10) @Lauren_Daigle

        With her 5 flops, Camila is still in the top ten.
        Almost every year end chart, Camila is in the top 10 or top 20.

        Where is normani, it’s the end of the year, and end of the year achievements are rolling out.
        I haven’t see normani in any top 10 list.
        No year end achievements after all the hype.

        2020 would be so disastrous for normani, wanna bet. She will flop worse than she did in 2019.
        Camila will score another hit like senorita next year.

      • Only facts December 5, 2019

        Lol. My faves are legends already. Britney, Beyoncé, Celine. Say something about them. I’ll wait.

        You keep comparing your fave to Normani and how her streams are higher. Well, your fave has an album out and Normani doesn’t, so I’d be concerned if your faves streams weren’t higher.

        If Normani is such a flop and you are threatened by her, why continue bringing her up? That’s just giving her more attention. I don’t see people bringing up “Vitamin C” (who had that stupid graduation song) in every damn post. So if Normani is such a flop, why give her free press by talking about her nonstop? I don’t even say your faves name anyone and you get riled up. Wanna know why? Because I’m not giving her any promo ? Nobody is talking about her or her album ???

      • Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

        Remember than ep she did with Calvin Harris

        Lil mas x doesn’t have an album out , 7 is not an album it’s an ep.

        but he is still slaying spotify and charts. He is appearing on year end lists.

        Girl stop making excuses
        Nobody is talking about Camila?
        Romance has been released in some parts of the world, and the album is number 1 in 6 different countries already. ?????

        Another number one or a top 10 debut is coming.
        I dont count my chickens before they are hatch. But let’s see her numbers

        U said Camila was gonna do tinashe numbers. I have the receipts. Dont lie cause ur a known liar

      • Only facts December 5, 2019

        Lol. The EP Normani did with Calvin Harris had TWO songs and no videos and no promo. It was released strictly so Normani would have content to perform on tour with Ariana.

        You try so hard to make Normani look bad, but all you do is keep her name all over this blog for free press.

        It drives you nuts that I don’t mention you fave by name ???? nobody cares about her. Nobody cares about your fave ?

      • Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

        Excuse excuses

        An ep is an ep
        Normani also received alot of hype from 100 different celebrities, so she should atleast be in the top 20 but shes nowhere to be found.

        So waves is normani debut single.
        I thought waves was on that ep?

        Crying in the club Camila debut single outpeaked normani waves.
        Waves also had a feature and it flopped.
        Crying in the club is platinum, waves has no certification

        Hurl just stop. U gonna commit suicide

      • only facts December 5, 2019

        Waves won a VMA 🙂 What did Crying In The Club win?

    • Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

      An rnb vma , that was presented to normani back stage, for a song that didnt chart, the song also had a feature

      Crying in the club is certified platinum in America, canada, uk and Australia with over 100 million views on YouTube

      How many copies did waves sell?
      How many youtube views does waves have

      The record label lost money thanks to normani and waves.

      Atleast Camila made the record label money

      Girl stop embarrassing ur self and ur faves

    • Jasmine December 5, 2019

      Alicia is a veteran artist now. Do u think Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross or any of the big 80s RnB stars was trying to keep up with Alicia when Alicia was in her prime (99-03)? NO so STFU Clarkson with your Idiotic FEMALE comparisons. Nobody wants to here ur sissy thoughts or comparisons b|tch nicccca!

  2. Swirly December 5, 2019


  3. 2bad2bme December 5, 2019

    Last few albums been duds. Hopefully she stops playing and give us some good quality music.

  4. only facts December 5, 2019

    I’m over her….the music now sucks. Not sure what happened. Swizz completely derailed everything about her career.

  5. J December 5, 2019

    This shoot is ???? hopefully she’s just teasing her return. I’ll look forward to the real first single lol

    • Like It Really Matters December 5, 2019

      Listen her new stylist has been ON IT!!!! She looks good, she’s giving us good feels music and I’M HERE FOR IT ALL!!!!

  6. Like It Really Matters December 5, 2019

    Alicia has been on a journey…She’s an amazing song writer and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone especially in this day and age…I appreciate her artistry and the fact that she’s gotten back to the music. HERE was a start…I feel like what we’ve heard so far (ESPECIALLY Show Me Love) Alicia has found that magic that made her Alicia. Looking forward to this project.

    • Maxx December 5, 2019

      Loved everything you said. SPOT on….

  7. Bloop December 5, 2019

    She ruined her career by allowing Swizz to produce her last few albums. They were straight garbage.

    • #TheTruth December 6, 2019

      She’s disconnected from the general audience that fell in love with her.
      I understand she wants to try new things but you need to please your audience at the same time.
      I really like her, been to 3 concerts of hers… but this « new » Alicia… no ma’am.

  8. SIR.DONJENNERO GORRELL December 6, 2019

    ? goúd?
    Gotta get me A.K.???..
    Thx u???♎…

  9. SIR.DONJENNERO GORRELL December 6, 2019

    ? goúd?
    Gotta get me A.K.! U know she in?!!??..
    Thx u???♎…

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