‘Songs For You’: Tinashe Talks Album Sales, Trolls & Taking Control In New Interview

Published: Thursday 5th Dec 2019 by David

Tinashe is taking matters into her own hands.

Determined to thank her fans for their undying support amidst the waves of confusion her career has faced, the entertainer launched an album named ‘Songs For You’ this year.

Though its pure sales have been extremely modest, the set has been hailed as a win for the entertainer who recently stepped away from Sony Music Entertainment to venture out into the world as an independent musician.

How she is handling these changes?

Find out via her insightful conversation with BigBoy TV below..

T’s big break as a musician came when she launched the jam ‘2 On’ back in 2014 and followed up with its parent album ‘Aquarius.’

The track has moved over 1 million units in the United States to date.


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  1. Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

    “Though its pure sales have been extremely modest, ”

    She sold 830 copies.

    tinashe is not a star.
    Good dancer and that’s about it.

    This is what’s gonna happen to another female dancer yall are pushing on us, trying to make her happen. lol
    We’ve all heard those “dancer vocals”

    • Jasmine December 5, 2019

      She is a pretty girl but something is missing. Its like she expects people to automatically know who she is and be familiar with her music without putting in the work. Girl you are not Rihanna. If you want your music to sell you need to get better management and a great booking agent that will book tv performance gigs snd a radio tour for you. What exactly is Roc Nation doing for her? They could not even get her a distribution deal for physical release of her album.

  2. 2bad2bme December 5, 2019

    She always acting like somebody everybody is supposed to be in love with her. Girl you may be talented and pretty but you just don’t have star power. GO SIT DOWN!

  3. Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

    Grape juice why are yall always behind

    It’s the end of the year, post about end of the year charts.

    2019’s Top Female Solo Artists on Billboard:

    1) @ArianaGrande
    2) @billieeilish
    3) @taylorswift13
    4) @halsey
    5) @iamcardib
    6) @lizzo
    7) @pink
    8) @ladygaga
    9) @Camila_Cabello
    10) @Lauren_Daigle

    • Jasmine December 5, 2019

      Clarkson wants tgj to sissy up like him and only write articles about his favorite FEMALE artists. Shut it sissy. Get lost

  4. Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

    The most-streamed song on Spotify this year was “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

    Top Female Artists on Spotify in 2019:
    #1 @billieeilish
    #2 @ArianaGrande
    #3 @taylorswift13
    #4 @Camila_Cabello
    #5 @halsey
    #6 @ladygaga
    #7 @Beyonce
    #8 @rihanna
    #9 @iamcardib
    #10 @DUALIPA
    #11 @KarolGmusic
    #12 @selenagomez
    #13 @Sia
    #15 @BebeRexha
    #16 @LanaDelRey

    • Only facts December 5, 2019

      But why isn’t it nominated for song of the year or record of the year? ???

      • Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

        U want me to drag normani dont u?

        Seniorita scored 1 nomination. a 5 month old song achieved all this in 5 months.

        Dancing with a stranger scored none
        Everybody paid this song dust
        No vma nominations
        No AMA nominations
        No Grammy nominations

      • Only facts December 5, 2019

        I asked you a question. I mean, if those streams weren’t bought with payola, why isn’t it nominated for song of the year or record of the year? Honest question. I mean, for such a feat, shouldn’t it be honored with these nominations? ?

      • Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

        Why are u so stupid

        So many chart topping songs missed out on record and song of the year, u wouldn’t know that cause ur faves dont have a chart topping record

        Seniorita still managed to score a nomination

        Dancing with a stranger did not score shìt.

        I need to ask u, how old are u?
        U sound like a kid

        U dragging a song that scored one nomination but ur faves was paid dust?
        U really dumb

        I may stop replying u cause ur a child.

      • only facts December 5, 2019

        Once again, my faves are already in the history books. Britney, Beyoncé, and Celine.

        You wish your fave had the industry buzzing without having an album out. Meanwhile your girl is about to drop her album (nobody is checking for it especially after the leak) and has released THREE videos and FIVE singles from the album and NONE have popped except the collaboration from her boyfriends album. What. An. Embarrassment.

        And to think she has more flops than anyone else from Fifth Harmony is such a kii. More than TEN FLOPS?! Britney, Beyoncé, and Celine would never have so many flops this early into their career. LOL. Keep clinging to those two songs you speak of all the time because homegirl has nothing else to brag about in her discography.

        A song with the feat of most streams of the year should have received a nomination for record and song of the year. Sketchy that it didn’t. Now would it have won? No. But with those stats, it should’ve been nominated. Things that make you go hmmm….. Maybe she’s not as respected in the industry as you thought 🙂 Payola doesn’t earn you respect. Neither does having your legs open on both of your album covers.


        You are so foolish and you’re an embarrassment. I mean, just look at how many times you’ve changed your name on this site, yet everyone else still has the same icon and screen name. You don’t even want to be who you truly are. You’re certifiable and just as pathetic as the whiny chipmunk you stan for.

      • Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

        Britney, Bey , celine etc are my faves also .
        We are talking about normani dont try to distract from the conversation .

        “You wish your fave had the industry buzzing without having an album out. ”

        This is not an achievement.
        This buzz couldn’t help normani motivation hit the top 10.

        If normani got the industry buzzing they would have nominated her for a grammy but she was paid dust.

        Camila doesn’t need industry buzz, shes already a main pop girl. She opened the Grammys this year.
        She has industry accolades, something normani doesnt have.

        Romance is out in some countries and the album is already number 1 in 6 different countries on itunes.

        Normani is not gonna happen

        I have been right several times and u know it that’s why u are scared. I know a star when I see one, normani is not.

        Camila will attend next year’s Grammy as a nominee and normani cant relate.

        Same thing happened at the AMA awards, Camila was nominated, performances 3 times and won, normani was not nominated, and was not invited.

        I change my icon several times to throw u off cause ur the one impersonating me.
        Gurl I’m tired of arguing with u, leave me the f**** alone. My faves about to score another hit album. The reviews are pouring in and critics are loving the album

      • only facts December 5, 2019

        Are you really bragging about her being #1 on iTunes after what we saw happened to Tinashe?! LOL.

        Just sit and wait.

        And since when is your fave a main pop girl? The main pop girls weren’t struggling on their second albums. Britney’s second album had the biggest opening week for a female at that time. Katy’s second album had 5 billboard #1 hits. Adele’s second album was 21 and became the biggest album of her career. What is your faves second album doing aside from not having any solo songs to hit the top 40?! LOL

        Songs are b-sides at BEST!

        If Normani is such a flop, why keep bringing her up?! Once again, I don’t see people bringing up Vitamin C, Nivea, Jessica Simpson, etc etc under Britney or Beyoncé posts. lol. You’re tragic and the epitome of a loser. You live on this site because you have no life.

        You are your fave are the definition of pathetic.

    • You Tried December 5, 2019

      Normani you really stan her it’s impossible that you don’t care about her….you literally being her up 7 days a week multiple times on multiple posts!!! You don’t live in LA obviously otherwise you’d be doing better things with your time but, guess what? They’re both performing at the Kiis FM jingle ball
      In LA this weekend lol.

  5. Pat December 5, 2019

    Her tone doesnt resonate w black people. As much as I love normani she shares this issue. Janet, Ciara, J aiko tho thinner voices still can exude soul

  6. Liam December 5, 2019

    Nice interview she’s likeable from what I can see….her pen game is dope I would love for her to write for other artists cause she has an ear for good music tbh

    • Clarkso00n December 5, 2019

      All hands on deck is not good music.
      Super love is not good music
      Me so bad is not good music
      No drama is not good music

      • You Tried December 5, 2019

        Those actually were good pop songs loser. Aquarius had great songs and her new album has very solid songs those songs Camila released apparently aren’t good either seeing as they haven’t made a splash.

      • Interac December 5, 2019

        All the songs you named were probably forced on her by her label.

  7. High Price December 5, 2019

    Although this interview is recent, TGJ is still late. You guys have been late on a lot of info lately. What’s going on?

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