Monica Hits The Studio With The Neptunes For New Album

Published: Monday 10th Feb 2020 by Sam

Monica is hard at work at her new album ‘Chapter 38’ and she’s enlisted the midas touch of producing legends, The Neptunes. 

Full story below…

Today, the R&B veteran shared a behind the scenes video of herself in the lab with Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – who recently were announced an inductees into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

Collectively, they are piecing together the follow-up to Mo’s last project, 2015’s ‘Code Red.’

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The process is a process but it’s easy with these greats…. This music makes me proud & excited to be an artist again ! @pharrell is HILARIOUS , I never needed these laughs more … @chadhugo silent assassin.. @antclemons writing beast !! And we ONLY ate from @sundayseatery @trickdaddydollars ya food make em sang😂…. #GodsTiming Song : Kevin Gates #Dreka

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Beyond being Mo’s first album in five years, ‘Chapter 38’ will serve as her first release since divorcing husband Shannon Brown.

And with the project chronicling her 38th year, we imagine she’ll be singing her truth.

Pending then, peep the video for her latest release – ‘Commitment’ – below…

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  1. JOH STO February 10, 2020

    I’M SO HAPPY..

  2. Paulo February 10, 2020

    First of all, you’re welcome ? second and most important – yesssss I can’t wait to hear how Mo will sound on their tracks!

  3. Swirly February 10, 2020

    When is the album coming out? She’s been teasing it’s release for 2 years now.

  4. Kim,Keisha&Pam February 10, 2020

    I am here for this! Happy she’s switching things up & trying new producers & sounds. Monica is so underrated!

  5. Ari February 10, 2020

    Monica dont let pharrell take your money like he did kelis

    • Fancy BISH February 10, 2020

      Now, you know that won’t happen ? I can hear Monica saying, “Oh, don’t let the pretty face fool you” ?

  6. only facts February 10, 2020

    Mo, nobody cares. The last 2 albums you released absolutely sucked. No thanks.

    • Bee February 10, 2020

      Her fans care you sissy. Now go get your T-cells checked.

      • Only Facts February 10, 2020

        I was a Monica fan but respectfully, the last two albums sucked. Go get my t-cells checked? Go schedule a lobotomy consultation you tw*t. You’re ill-equipped for this, doll.

      • Bee February 11, 2020

        Save the rebuttal you tired a** sissy. I’ve seen your comments on Monica on this blog. Here’s one for you. “I can’t stand that no shaped bi*ch”.

        Exactly. Now go argue with Clarksoon, so he can drag your clown a** for the millionth time. Dolt.

  7. The f*** would whitney say February 10, 2020

    She can get pharrell the neptunes .whatever…. Rhianna is getting the neptunes she can’t f*** with Rihanna… Even Rhianna rock short hair better than her…

    • Paulo February 10, 2020

      Wtf was that… Rihanna is an international popstar, Monica is a R&B legend. Rihanna herself stans her and Ms Houston supported her as well so Whitney would yell you yo shut up that’s what the f*** she would say

  8. Haterz Gon‘ Hate February 10, 2020

    Damn Pharrell becoming a thing again?? No doubt he has a legendary catalogue of hits but who was the last artist he produced who’s tracks people fučkk with? (Missy ‘Where Dey From’ excluded because that was strait ?????)

    • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine February 10, 2020

      Pharrell will always be a thing. He was on Beyoncé’s the gift, he’s on Kaytranada’s new project, he did some dope stuff with Ariana Grande… the list really goes on and on.

  9. PinotNoir February 10, 2020

    Why does she often look like she’s grinding her teeth and ready to punch the photographer? The only Scorpio I’ve seen without magnetic eyes.

    • Paulo February 10, 2020

      Folks with strong Scorpio energy always got that natural mean mug/resting b**** face. You falling for the illusion of s** lol

  10. 2bad2bme February 10, 2020

    Oh this album finna snap!

  11. Gee February 10, 2020

    Glad that Monica is working with other people besides her go to folks. I like commitment, and me +you but I am sure that she will give her real supporters what they have been missing, and what they have been waiting for. Can not wait until chapter 38 blesses the world.

  12. Keith February 10, 2020

    Monica and the Neptunes…I’m here for that. I think she can bring something to the material that other pop singers don’t have.

  13. ChocolateBeauty February 10, 2020

    Wow…interesting! I wonder how the album is going to sound, now that she has the Neptune’s producing it. Nonetheless, I hope she and the album does extremely well!?

  14. Around the way filet February 10, 2020

    No ones gonna purchase this. Let’s be real here. Monica ain’t been popping in 10 years

    • Bee February 11, 2020

      That R&B #1 from last yr says otherwise.

  15. Mr RCW February 10, 2020

    Super excited

  16. Ev February 11, 2020

    I’m glad she finally started posting news about her music. I stopped following her on IG because all she did was post selfies of herself with quotes.. I swear she carries a photographer around with her. We want more music news Mo, and photo shoots with fortune cookie quotes.

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