‘Savage’: Megan Thee Stallion Tune Earns $90,000 In Seven Days

Published: Thursday 23rd Apr 2020 by David

Megan Thee Stallion is now one of Popular music’s highest-earning players.

Hit the link below to find out how her fans, and those powering her ‘Savage‘ challenge on Tik Tok, are making that possible.

Full story below…

The last seven days have seen the track earn $95,271 in the United States as its popularity on the aforementioned platform soars as celebrities and their fans alike get in on the action.

Of that $95,000, $86,000 was amassed on DSPs (digital streaming platforms) and helped the rapper eclipse tracks unleashed by Justin Bieber, Tory Lanez, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello and Da Baby.

That number puts the track at number 4 on this week’s Songs Revenue Chart where Drake’s ‘Toosie Slide’ reigns supreme. One spot beneath him? The Weeknd‘s ‘Blinding Lights’ which sits one place above Dua Lipa‘s Pop bop ‘Don’t Start Now.’

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  1. Clarksooon April 23, 2020

    How much whackAsss cumilla cabelho stans earned?

  2. Clarksooon April 23, 2020

    She’s coming for her first solo top 10 hit, no album out.
    Normani what’s good?

    Normani gave megan thee stallion her biggest flop single with diamonds.

    Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #16(new) Diamonds, @theestallion & @Normani.

    Glad megan bounced back.

    • Dc April 23, 2020

      Too bad it’s falling now at number 14 so much for a top 10 ??

      • POPS MUVA April 24, 2020

        it still not projected to hit top 10, Hot Girl Summer remains her biggest song and she is very close to top top but still doesn’t have it. I doubt she wil see another song reach this success cuz she has been flopping on every single song she released. only TIK TOK is what made Savage a hit. before this song everything flopped

  3. Clarksooon April 23, 2020

    Sawage is beautiful than disgusting myohmy !

  4. Clarksooon April 23, 2020

    Even 18 weeks later, shittsong my oh my couldnt enter top 10.. boooo

  5. Clarksooon April 23, 2020

    She must pay this to tiktok

    • POPS MUVA April 24, 2020

      she has to to cut them a check for giving her the only solo hit of her career. with Hot Girl Summer peaking at 11 and ever since that she’s been seeing career lows

  6. Nicky April 23, 2020

    Organic. Talent. No gimmicks.

    Interesting how Camicky The Clown has yet to release a solo hit. Always need a remix or a feature from a bigger star.

    She’s NAWT a Star.

    As we have seen, every solo attempt in 2019 failed. Poor thang.

    • Dc April 23, 2020

      No gimmicks this whole song is a tik tok gimmick

    • POPS MUVA April 24, 2020

      let’s not pretend she got an organic hit just because of. Savage was an album track and she was pushing Captain Hook as a single with a rushed video and it flopped just like her other releases. then TIkTOK comes in and made this song relevant. without TIkTOk she will still be flopping

  7. Only Facts April 23, 2020


  8. Dc April 23, 2020

    All this press and song stalled at 14 and falling

    • Clarksooon April 23, 2020

      The song is predicted to rise next week.
      It has no music video
      Its rising on radio

      This song is gonna hit number one if her team does things right.
      A hot ground breaking music video
      A good remix

      • Susan April 23, 2020

        You said “liar” was rising too and didn’t that s*** stall outside of the top 50? ?? You don’t know s*** b****

      • Clarksooon April 23, 2020

        U said future nostalgia was gonna sell 300k and that didn’t happen

        U said my oh my was falling out of the top 20 but the song rose to number 12

        U said radio was gonna stop playing my oh my because of dababy’s slapping incident but my oh my is number 2 on pop radio

        Gurl I can continue.
        Dont f**** with me rat.
        Now take the L

      • Dc April 23, 2020

        You giving her wayyy to much please let her get in top ten or top 5 before you predict a number 1 ???

  9. I love big black c** April 23, 2020

    I even more earned more when I spread my legs opened in dollhouse.

  10. Nicky April 23, 2020


    Once again, multiple people dragging the Camicky psycho fan


    Even Da Baby crushed Camicky. I thought Camicky was responsible for his success?

  11. Nicky April 23, 2020

    Congrats to Da Baby speeding past My oh MY on the chart with a #8 debut after a week.

    Now once again, whos responsible for MOM ?


    SURely not Camicky THe CLown. The proof is always in the pudding. We love to see it


    • Susan April 23, 2020


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