Little Mix Star Taking Extended Hiatus From Group

Published: Tuesday 17th Nov 2020 by Sam

Little Mix are riding high on the charts with new single ‘Sweet Melody’ and housing album ‘Confetti.’

However, during recent promotional performances, fans will have noticed member Jesy Nelson was missing.

Initially, the star’s absence was explained as being for “private medical reasons.”

And now it’s been announced that her time off is extended.

Full story below…

Little Mix’s rep issued the following statement moments ago:

“Jesy is having extended time off from Little Mix for private medical reasons. We will not be issuing any further comment currently and ask media to please respect her privacy at this time.”

We wish Jesy a speedy recovery.

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ November 17, 2020

    Complications due to weight loss surgery

    • TC November 17, 2020

      Damn let the girl live. Thick or skinny, she’s talented and can do what she wants to her body. Little Mix have been going non-stop since their inception. I’m glad she’s taking a break for herself if that what she feels she needs … matter of fact, lemme call my job right now and say I need a brief hiatus.

    • camila148 December 13, 2020

      f*** yourself and go get a life. stop bodyshaming jesy

  2. Susan November 17, 2020

    Honestly, she needs it. She’s been off for awhile. I think they can proceed as a trio and be just fine. She’s the Ally Brooke of the group.

    • Lima November 17, 2020

      Dont talk trash they all can sing and dance one thing that fifth harmony cant. Some of them can sing but not dance, some of them can dance but not sing and people like Camila can not sing or dance sooo they all can sing, dance and look hot. She need her tome out for a while we respect that and will be happy when she return ….End of the storyline!!!

  3. truthteller November 17, 2020

    I don’t want to be cruel, but she will come back with a new “look”. Her role in the group from its inception has been to play the professional victim. I remember on X-Factor they had her crying about being bullied and singing the last line of Beautiful by Xtina while looking teary eyed into the cameras.

  4. Jim November 17, 2020

    These n***** pulling a Destiny’s Child.
    Next week, Kamille Gon be performing with them lol.. (I wish)
    In kidding, hope all is well with Jessminda

  5. Paulo November 17, 2020

    They just dropped their best album so far and she even wrote the title track so it’s all very unfortunate. Get well soon Jesy 🙏🏻

    • AJ November 17, 2020

      Jessy didn’t write the album track.

      • Paulo November 17, 2020

        that’s weird. they had her listed as the sole writer from the band on Friday when the album came out but I just checked it now and you’re right.

  6. PinotNoir November 17, 2020

    Pulling a Geri Halliwell? 🤔

    • truthteller November 18, 2020

      Those are the rumours in the UK press at the moment. Apparently, she’s got very big for her boots since she won an award for a documentary she did and her boyfriend has been in her ear that she’s the real star of the group.

      • Paulo November 18, 2020

        1 hope it’s all lies 2 if true then I hope the girls are smarter than to let the band fall apart and move forward as a trio.

      • WeCameWeConquered November 18, 2020

        That is a lie, there hasn’t been anything of the sort said about things like that. She suffers from Mental Health so stop the f****** lies and actually watch her documentary and see why she suffers.

      • PinotNoir November 18, 2020

        Can’t say I blame her. The little coins they generate are measly after label recoups, taxes, and leftover is split among 4. Dubious she’d make 1/3 of what she earns now if she went solo.

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