New Song: Jay-Z & Nipsey Hussle – ‘What It Feels Like’

Published: Friday 12th Feb 2021 by Ryan

Jay-Z is back with new music, this time he has teamed up with the late Nipsey Hussle.

After much anticipation, the pair’s collaboration – ‘What It Feels Like’ – arrived as part of the ‘Judas & the Black Messiah’ soundtrack.

The track features an unreleased verse from Hussle, who raps:

First you get successful, then it gets stressful

Jay then returns with his lines:

You let them cr*ckers storm your Capitol / Put they feet up on your desk / And yet you talkin’ tough to me / I lost all my little respect.

Listen to the Hit-Boy produced track below…

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Roc Nation]

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  1. Divab February 12, 2021

    This some real sh*t listen to the words

  2. Duhduhduh February 12, 2021

    Jayz is an opportunist 🤨
    He used the ;
    •Rockefeller family name (kissing white ass for attention)
    •Damon Dash (then shitted on him)
    •Kanye West lyrics & beats ( took all his money and ideas )
    • Biggies smalls rhyme book (he got from P diddy) his “mentor”
    •Beyonce (cheated on her and embarrassed her with white girls)
    •NOW he is using Nipsey Death 💀


    • 4U2SEE February 13, 2021

      Thank You, thank you thank you….JaY z was/is a Shark…he watched out for everyone successes and failures…in a genius way he learned from it. What to do and what NOT to do. He is a Covert (quiet) narcissus and people don’t care. They don’t care enough or understand it is a circle of pain to this world. All they see is what he saw was/is money. Jay z is one of many people Using this man (NIP) like Trump uses people; it’s like people is just a host for them narcisisus people in their world. Jay Z looked up to narcissus yt people like Rockefeller etc… who’s in power, money and greed but not how it effected us in what Trump is doing now. It worked out for him but it’s all coming to play and Jay z has to play into this injustice that’s going on OR his cover is blown. This is bigger than me and you…it’s not flesh and blood right here. You have the right idea…plus you DO NOT suppose to be jealous of your oppressor and that’s what Jay Z did…NOW everyone wants a piece of the pie and I hope it backfires in a good way—-LIKE REPARATIONS

      Jay Z if your going to go ALL OUT; play the game…Go for the Reparations not the struggle for us. You looked out for yourself. Stop using our pain for wealth. cause we are NOT past kneeling for the world to revolve around you. THanks.. A Chosen ONE.

      • Duhduhduh February 13, 2021

        Jayz is more like Obama acting like he cares about black people just to use them for black business dollars .
        •everyone working for TIDAL IS WHITE .
        • all Beyoncé’s Nannies are WHITE
        •Jayz worships the white business man he is a Freemason just like Obama
        •Remember Obama was raised by white women (grandma & mom) and his stepdad is Indonesian
        •Google Obama’s sister she isn’t one drop of black
        A lot of people are acting like they care only to enrich themselves
        • Kanye west was right Harriet Tubman she didn’t help free the slaves she’s only redirected them to other s**** owners .
        •Harriet was a EASTERN STAR (female Freemason)
        •Some people will do anything to feel like the chosen one even SELL OUT THEIR OWN !!! Those are the ones to be the most cautious of !!

  3. Whateverrrrr February 13, 2021

    Nipsey Hussle and Jay Z both Wack to me. I like the beat though.

  4. Elaine Moore Kane February 22, 2021

    PRO—–F*****,LIPHIC …..I MEAN THE TWO; HOV & HUSTLE (AlBeit, His MAGNANIMOUS life snuffed out MUCH TOO SOON) and HOV , Perhaps one of the best lyricist ever! Yah’ still got PAC, NAS…..

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