Nina Simone’s Granddaughter Defends Chloe Against Critics of Her Racy ‘Feeling Good’ Performance

Published: Saturday 19th Jun 2021 by Rashad

While some argue Chloe Bailey came out swinging for the inaugural performance of her first official solo release, a remake of Nina Simone classic ‘Feeling Good’ (found on the  ‘Liberated / Music For The Movement Vol. 3’ EP which can be streamed here), others slammed the young songstress for a showing chock-full of choreography many deemed provocative and ill-fitted for the occasion.

Easily lending the most talked about moment from ABC’s ‘Juneteenth: Together We Triumph’ (#SoulofANation) TV special Friday night (June 18), Bailey’s hip-winding, dipping, and popping even garnered mixed reviews from within the Simone estate.

Moments after the late icon’s official Twitter handle delivered a tweet-and-delete suggesting disapproval of the performance, Nina’s granddaughter hopped online to defend Chloe.


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After some viewers expressed Chloe’s choreo was inappropriate, RéAnna Simone Kelly – Nina Simone’s granddaughter – voiced the opposite.

“Grandma was a free spirited woman herself!! She would’ve loved that performance as much as I do,” she said before continuing, “Grandma was unapologetically herself. She was a muhhhfuckin badass woman who did what she wanted when she wanted. She was a sexual woman and she expressed that.”

When quizzed on the insinuated stance of whoever runs the official Nina Simone Twitter handle, Kelly clarified:

“Nina’s granddaughter here. My family doesn’t run her estate anymore. It was taken away from us & given to white people. Our family name was DRAGGED in the media. We get NO royalties, nothing. Wanna hold someone accountable? Ask Kamala Harris why she came for my family.”

Click here to see Chloe’s full performance.

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  1. True Tea June 19, 2021

    If Juneteenth is about liberation, why is the media making this Holiday about Chloe’s sexuality? People see through the BS & their calling it out.

    At some point, people are going to expect more out of these so called Movements. It’s quite clear tackling real issues isn’t top priority.

    • Ace Blanks June 20, 2021

      Honey Liberation for her could be sexual. That is a thing my dear. People act like she was suppose to be the little kid forever that she was on YouTube. So when she becomes grown and wants to be sexual in her art they bash her online for months as if all the other girls before her didn’t do exact same thing. Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney, Christina, Gaga, Madonna the list goes on and on. So yes this is LIBERATION for her particular truth. Im grown and gone be sexual/sensual and get use to. If you just mad about her doing it on Juneteenth just say that but stop bringing the lyrics into it when you not in her brain to understand how that liberation means to her. Her performance was very on par with the song. Because guess what?? We can ask 100 people what they think the song is and we will have 100 different answers. It’s not a song where it’s a black and white meaning. This is very abstract and grey song so you can’t say her interpretation is wrong when there is not just one right answer of what the song means smh!

  2. eric June 19, 2021

    Her hypers-e-xual performance was inappropriate for a holiday honoring liberation from slavery and from the s-e-x-ual violence and abuse suffered by enslaved men and women. The irony of choosing to objectify herself the same way master would’ve done for three centuries is lost on Chloe and Nina’s granddaughter. They both need to follow her advice and educate themselves.

  3. Truth June 19, 2021

    Yes, a gown or more poignant performance would’ve been classic and more respected, period.
    The sexuality is and was a distraction from the actual reason of Juneteenth and fight for freedom- not a day for freedom of sexual expression
    She does that everyday, every post, and does it well as taught by those everyone compares her to. But today is Juneteenth. Next ⏭

    • Money mo June 19, 2021

      Yes, it’s not a sexual freedom celebration and the gyration and usual antics are boring and unnecessary for this situation. Agreed, she could have made better choices this round. Love her. But, it was foolery

    • HELLOKITTY June 19, 2021

      @Truth – I agree.

  4. June 19, 2021

    But certain chicks can do worse and get away with it, I see nothing wrong with this performance people needs to lighten up and stop being bias and hypocrites.

  5. J June 19, 2021


  6. Tori June 19, 2021

    From someone who actually stans Chloe and not comment trolling or spits negativity for fun, this performance was over sexualized. The performance was a complete distraction from the importance of the lyrics. The could be flipped to express sexual freedom, but this wasn’t the time for that-this was go celebrate the freedom of slaves. It was a head scratcher. I hope this doesn’t become her image because shes one of the few female artist of the new generation that loves music and experimenting.

  7. Drink my b**** juice June 19, 2021

    Clearly ppl dont get this performance. I STAN Chloe. This performance and song is all about liberation. She took back her body. Every time she does something the country comes for her, saying she is too sexual. This was her owning it and saying “i don’t care”. My only gripe is that i would have liked an original song. Its almost like she is afraid to make music outside of of cxh, but she will have to get use to it. Esp if the little mermaid is a hit. Halle will be getting more acting offers

    • Ace Blanks June 20, 2021

      Yesssss this is my favorite comment on here!!!! I think she’s making her own music. This song was recorded for an actual soundtrack for Juneteenth so that’s why she performed it. Literally can stream it. But yessss everything you said is IT!!!!

  8. FOH June 20, 2021

    people need to stop picking and choosing when to be outraged about shyt ! Black people have been held back for years. We complain about our physical and mental freedoms being taken away. We complain about ALWAYS having to take it a STEP further to be recognized for our greatness… We pop pills, twerk in the club but as long as its “behind closed doors its okay right”? Dont bypass the same shyt thats “putting us in a negative light” behind closed doors but criticize a gifted black woman for putting on a show that represents the same gifts we claim we wanna “take over the world” with… we downplay ourselves but get mad when the “outsiders” do it … pick a f***** struggle and stay there … black people are our own worst enemy and its sad… get it the f*** together !

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