Ratings: Oscars Hit All Time Viewership Low

Published: Tuesday 6th Mar 2018 by Rashad

Despite offering many-a-jaw dropping moment from shocking wins and upsets to tongue in cheek tackling of social and political issues, the 90th Academy Awards was far from a ratings winner.

Drawing in a whopping 19% drop in viewership from last year’s numbers, the four hour Jimmy Kimmel-hosted affair pulled in even lower ratings than its 2008 edition (which previously held the record for lowest viewership when only 31.8 million tuned in).

Look inside to see just how many watched the annual spectacle:

Viewership:  26.5 million 



Curious to see how this year’s figure stacks up against previous years?  See below:

Academy Awards Ratings By Year

2017: 32.9 million viewers
2016: 34.4 million viewers

2015: 37.3 million viewers

2014: 43.7 million viewers

2013: 40.4 million viewers

2012: 39.5 million viewers
2011: 37.9 million viewers

2010: 41.6 million viewers

2009: 36.9 million viewers
2008: 31.8 million viewers

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  1. xedos March 6, 2018

    People have more things to do . from internet to netflix. also the movies sucks real bad this year

  2. madbrax March 6, 2018

    every awards shows from the Grammys, the Emmys, the golden globes and oscars are hitting all time lows in viewership. nobody cares anymore about awards shows.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 6, 2018

      People care. People just don´t watch tv in that form like before, which is different.

      • Jasmine March 6, 2018

        People only care if there is an underdog nominee and hot performers.

  3. Jasmine March 6, 2018

    I hae not watched the Oscars in years. Watching TV is out of style People are living their lives and the way to watch tv nowadays is on-demand or online.

  4. Teflon Boy March 6, 2018

    Respectfully, I tried to watch but it was not showing on terrestrial TV in the U.K. If they make these events available for all then they’ll likely stop losing viewers #Duh

  5. JOHNVIDAL March 6, 2018

    Just like any other show. It´s nobody´s fault.
    Why did they increase ratings from 2008 to 2014 though? That´s rare.

    • Jasmine March 6, 2018

      Because they had black performers and black winners. People are smarter these days. Everybody already knew Mary was not going to win so why watch?

  6. Mark111 March 6, 2018

    No one cares about these White award shows anymore. These movies sucks and only make money during Oscar season. When it becomes a term and when you can guess the films that’s will be nom months before because it’s the same styled film, the gig is up. No one is going to pay money to see films in theater that can be right on Netflix, I rather pay to see blockbusters and actually have a fun time. Plus Hollywood has been exposed as racist, sexist and r*****. Why support them all in one room acting as if they care about whatever the political topic of the month.

    • Jasmine March 6, 2018

      I agree 200%.

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