Will Smith Tops Tik Tok’s Top Earners List

Published: Friday 24th Apr 2020 by David

Though TV & Radio remain effective ways to sell goods to the masses, entertainers are finding that social media platforms like Tik Tok are also doing the trick.

Full story below…

Tik Tok stands as one of the platforms actors, musicians and influencers are using to permeate Pop culture in ways which seem, at least to their audiences, far more organic and personable than television interviews.

Today Will Smith fans have discovered that the success he enjoyed in this arena has made him the highest-earning celebrity on the platforms thanks to numbers his posts command.

See below…

Global TikTok Rich List

  1. Will Smith ($107.5k per post)
  2. The Rock ($102k per post)​
  3. Liza Koshy ($101k per post)​
  4. JoJo Siwa ($88.5k per post)
  5. Ariana Grande ($82k per post)
  6. Jason Derulo ($75k per post)
  7. Justin Bieber ($60.5k per post)​
  8. BTS ($51k per post)
  9. Terry Crews ($42.5k per post)​
  10. Gabbie Hanna ($35.5k per post)

The Standard explains how these figures were calculated…

The data was collected by Online Casinos, basing its findings on RealTimeTikTok’s claims that users could make $0.005 per follower.

Will Smith retained his crown as the savviest celebrity on social media as he slid into the top slot – with the power to make an estimated $107,500 per post.

Smith, who also has a thriving YouTube channel, had a TikTok following of 21.5 million at the time the data was collected.

Other high-earners on the platform include Megan Thee Stallion whose hit single ‘Savage’ bagged over $90,000 in the United States this week, and the Mariah Carey-endorsed James Henry who pockets an estimated $10,000 per sponsored post thanks to an audience of 2.9 million users.


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  1. C******* UNBOTHERED April 24, 2020

    The entire Smith family clan is Corny asf smh

    • B’Day April 24, 2020

      Not corny as Knowles family u whale

  2. Clarksooon April 24, 2020

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      • Tyty April 24, 2020

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      • B’Day April 24, 2020

        By & die imbecile. i wont miss u

    • Clarksooon April 24, 2020

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      • I love big black c** April 24, 2020

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    • Ugghh April 24, 2020

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      COME THRU TGJ! Finally!!!!!!!

    • I love big black c** April 24, 2020

      Welcome to the dark side of TGJ. When someone speaks the truth, they fear and deleted savage comments. Smh. Y’all just love a-s-s- kissing n fake comments. Honestly, TGJ only has few comments before clarkson. Thanks to a troll like him bought TGJ high traffic:

  3. fufu April 24, 2020

    @Clarksooon girl bye. thank the universe for bringing C**** to normalize not having a lyf coz I doubt you have anything to do besides farting in your pjs whole day and shading normani. you make this site atrocious.

  4. Clarksooon April 24, 2020

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  5. Clarksooon April 24, 2020

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    • B’Day April 24, 2020

      Find another site for trolling shitthead

  6. Are You Kidding Me? April 24, 2020

    Funny how celebrities looked down on social media, now are on it to stay paid.

    Who’d have ever thought Naomi Campbell would become a Youtuber?

    This generation isn’t here for the disconnect and mystique of the 90s. They want to be connected to their celebrities. There will be good and bad sides to it.

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