‘The Beyonce Experience’ tour recently hit the Bank Atlantic Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (July 22nd). Check out this performance of fan-favourite ‘Get Me Bodied’; this version favours the BET Awards performance – with the Beyonce re-enacting her ‘spacesuit entrance’ this time dressed as a Bee lol. She did great. Having attended the London show in June (click here to check my review), I would definitely recommend the tour to those who still have a chance to go.

What do you think of the performance?

The timing of the debut of the ‘Uh Oh’ video is kinda suspect. With Ja Rule and Lil’ Wayne hitting headlines for their recent arrests, I’m thinking it may all be a publicity stunt to generate a buzz around the song. Whatever the case, such tactics may actually be needed as the video is sub-par at best. Though I’m feeling the song, the video just looks flat out cheap and by no means indicates it’s Ja’s comeback video. I seem to be one of the few holding out for a Ja resurgence, but he’s gonna have to come better than this.

What do you think of the video?

Rappers Ja Rule and Lil’ Wayne were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a deadly weapon yesterday in separate incidents which both took place in New York yesterday (July 22nd).
Ja Rule, real name Jeff Atkins, initially drew the attention of police officers when his luxury vehicle was stopped for speeding around 10.30pm. When the car was searched, a .40-caliber firearm was found. The ‘Mesmerise’ rapper as well as two other occupants of the vehicle were consequently arrested and charged.
Later in the evening, Miami-bred rapper Lil’ Wayne was arrested after police spotted him and another man smoking marijuana on a tour bus following a concert. When taken into custody and searched, a .40 pistol was found. Both were charged with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana.
When will some of these rappers learn? It’s no wonder Hip Hop can’t catch a break these days.

Your thoughts?
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According to In Touch magazine, Usher’s ex, Chilli, and fiance Tameka Foster had a run-in at the singer’s mom’s house. Chilli (36), who remains good friends with Usher’s mother Jonetta Patton, is said to have infuriated Foster with her presence:

Tameka walked in and hit the roof. She screamed at Chilli, “Doesn’t your boyfriend have a mom you can visit?” Chilli just told her to grow up and walked out laughing.

Unlike most, I don’t despise Tameka – I have no real reason to – but she needs to go sit down somewhere if this is true. There ain’t nothing wrong with Chilli visiting Jonetta. With all the drama surrounding Usher and Tameka, I’m wondering how long their relationship will last…

Was Tameka right to be mad?
After spending it’s 10th week at #1 on the Official UK Singles chart, Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ has made UK chart history. The massive hit is the longest-running #1 single on the chart in over decade – with its nearest comparator being Wet, Wet, Wet’s 1994 smash ‘Love Is All Around’ which spent 14 weeks in the top spot.
Before I’m labelled a ‘hater’, I think its a major achievement for Rihanna – one both she and her fans should be proud of. However, it just goes to show how far little talent, good looks and media saturation will take you. Is that what the industry has come to?

Any thoughts?

R&B star Amerie hit the UK this past week to start promo for her latest European single ‘Gotta Work’. This performance took place during the ‘T4 on the Beach’ festival in Weston-Super Mare yesterday (July 22nd). I liked the performance; her vocals were really good and the crowd were hyped throughout. Having said that, I felt something was kinda lacking. Unlike most her other performances, Amerie didn’t really ‘work’ the stage and was confined to more or less one spot. In other Amerie news, her third album ‘Because I Love It’ – out now in Europe – will see its Stateside release on August 21st.

What do you think of the performance?

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As Fantasia’s ‘When I See U’ continues to dominate the Billboard R&B chart, a (proper) remix of the song has surfaced. Featuring producer Polow Da Don and Young Jeezy, this version of the track differs quite a bit to the original. Don’t be fooled by the faux-original start; when the remix beat kicks in it sounds like a totally different song – despite the same vocals being used. After a couple of listens, I’m liking this one.

What do you think of this remix?

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Today’s been somewhat of a slow news day, but I stumbled upon this video and thought to post. It’s usually the Omarion’s, Timberlake’s and Co who solute (arguably copy) Michael Jackson, so it was kinda refreshing to see this group of 1500+ Filipino prisoners pay homage to the King of Pop. The inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines were getting down; they nailed the now-classic choreography. LMAO at the ‘female’ love interest.

What do you think of their performance?

Rapper Lil’ Flip (real name Wesley Weston) was arrested and charged with credit card fraud this past Saturday (July 21st). The charges allege that the Houston native used a stolen credit card to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of ‘merchandise’. Sources close to the investigation claim the ‘merchandise’ ranged from items of clothing to internet pornography. Flip, 26, was released on $2000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.
I know Flip was dropped by Sony in 2006, but I didn’t think times were that hard.

Any thoughts?
Def Jam’s Rihanna features in the latest issue of Vibe Vixen magazine. As well as the double-cover above, the ‘Umbrella’ singer did a full photoshoot and was interiewed too:

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She looks stunning. If the music thing doesn’t work out, she’d be a great model. On a side-note, check out a quote from the interview:

“I wouldn’t have wanted to date white guys before but they are killing it right now. Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom, Paul Weller. Every hot guy I see is white”


What do you think of the shoot/ quote?
Slated to be the 2nd single from Chris Brown’s new album ‘Exclusive’, ‘Take You Down’ sees the teen star take on a more mature approach. Prior to now, Brown had played it relatively safe in terms of song subject-matter; yet having turned 18 this year, it was inevitable that he would switch things up with his latest effort. Produced by the Underdogs ‘Take U Down’ is a slow jam with a kind of throwback vibe to it. This lengthy clip of the track is great and has me questioning why it wasn’t chosen as the first single. After hearing this, I’m kinda hopeful that Chris may deliver with this album – which, so far, has been marred by the terrible performance of the generic lead single ‘Wall to Wall’.

Hit or Miss?

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