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Brandy Debuts ‘Two Eleven’ Tracklist

 Brandy Debuts Two Eleven Tracklist

Now is the time #Starz should get very excited.  For, via its Itunes unveiling for pre-order, ‘Put It Down’ diva Brandy has put forth what is set to be her forthcoming LP ‘Two Eleven’s’ tracklisting.

Featuring a Sean Garrett-production heavy list of tunes, other noted guest stars include Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Bangladesh, and Rico Love.  Hitting stores on October 16th via RCA Records, find out what songs you’ll be jamming out to in just a month’s time by clicking below:

 ‘Two Eleven’ Tracklist

1. Intro
2. Wildest Dreams
3. So Sick
4. Slower
5. No Such Thing As Too Late
6. Let Me Go
7. Without You
8. Put It Down (Ft. Chris Brown)
9. Hardly Breathing
10. Do You Know What You Have?
11. Scared of Beautiful
12. Wish Your Love Away
13. Paint This House
14. Outro

Deluxe Edition

15. Can You Hear Me Now?
16. Music
17. What You Need
18. Nodding Off

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