Chris Brown’s ‘Graffiti’ To Hit Stores December 15th

Published: Monday 26th Oct 2009 by Trent

R&B star Chris Brown has just announced via his official Twitter page that his album, ‘Graffti’, will be released on December 15th. The first single for the project, ‘I Can Transform Ya’, has thus far peaked at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #16 on the Hip-R&B Charts. The singer/songwriter also noted that the video for the single will debut tomorrow, October 26th.

This is quite interesting as both Alicia Keys’ and Mary J Blige’s albums are scheduled for release on the very same day as Chris’. It’s safe to say that Chris’ label are confident that, not only will he able to capture public attention, but he’ll also be able compete with two of music’s biggest sellers. Indeed, ‘I Can Transform Ya’ continues to make major moves up the charts, whereas Alicia’s ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ is struggling to make it past #61 on the Hot 100, and Mary is nowhere to be seen. This is shaping up to be a very exciting show…where’s my popcorn?!

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  1. TJ October 26, 2009

    lol not the popcorn!!! haha. But anyways I’m looking forward to all 3 releases. Hopefully I’ll have some holiday money left over to get them all!

  2. Chris October 26, 2009

    WOMANBEATER! he should just give up now he is going to fail…..EPICALLY!

  3. GeeMan October 26, 2009

    I am waiting to see what happens I wish Chris all the best we all make mistakes and CB is no different the only thing is he lives his life in the public eye.

  4. ThatAppleJuice October 26, 2009


    I don’t see Russian Roulette anywhere on the Hot 100, while Transform premiered only two days after it leaked with air play alone.

    Yeah, he’s gonna fail.

    Excited for Alicia Keys, too. Mary… not so much.

  5. Truthfully Speaking October 26, 2009

    I am very excited about Chris’ new album. I dont know what else to say…I’m a fan of his work. The guy is talented and I cant deny that. However, I dont agree with his actions of the past. But that the key word…PAST. I’m willing to give him another shot.

  6. Stephanie October 26, 2009

    I can’t wait for the album, I will be buying it for sure

  7. Michael October 26, 2009

    Thing is Alicia Keys is more of an album seller than single seller. Don’t think Chris Brown should release on this date. I would like this to get to No.1 one, but not sure how good his chances are.

  8. Mrs, Battle October 26, 2009

    Yeah you kown I’m going to buy that album when it comes out & Alicia Keys & Mary J Blige. I also got Mary J. Blige last album as well. I’ma a huge fan of Chris since at the age of 18 years old! Yessssssss Go Breezy!

  9. Nicky October 26, 2009

    No chance in hell will Chris Brown sell more than Mary J Blige or Alicia Keys first week. Are yall serious?!!! This post should be taken down.

    Mary J last two albums sold 629 and 730k+ first week
    Alicia did 600k+ and 700k+ also.

    Mary J and Alicia are ALBUM SELLERS not SINGLES ARTISTS. They both have sold over 70Million albums combined. Go Figure.

    Chris Brown has sold 5 Million ALbums. Sit down Sam.

    ON TOP OF THAT, Chris brown’s song will NOT REACH number 1 on Itunes. His Image is Tarnished. Rihanna on the other hand, will hit #1 on itunes….I bet you.

  10. jemma may October 26, 2009


  11. Chasie1206 October 26, 2009

    Looking forward to this album. Despite his personal issues, he is still a great artist.

  12. ThatAppleJuice October 26, 2009

    His song already reached number one on iTunes, dumb dumb.

    And no one likes Rihanna’s suicide ballad, please.

  13. Derrick T. October 26, 2009

    As a true and perhaps Alicia Keys’ #1 STAN, yes we do exist, I sincerely want her to be number 1 yet again. Though I understand the power that Chris has to move itunes singles and large fan base that will do just about anything for him, I find it hard that he will out-sell Alicia or Mary. BUT there is this inkling feeling that he may be able to do it because so many people are watching him. I am almost hesitant to say that he will fizzle out before the 12/15 release date…fizzle out to where the single will be over played. However, I am concerned that Alicia moved her album to be more competitve….although she sites she is using the time to make the album better. I don’t think she needs to compete against Chris and Mary. But, with all this jibberish said, she is an album seller not single seller. Her music has never been traditiionally radio friendly. But I hope all her real fans and supports will come out and buy her album…this time selling 750,000+ units. Her team needs to step it up in the coming weeks! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

  14. Nicky October 27, 2009


    Obviously, you’re ignorant. Chris brown was at #1 on ITUNES RB CHARTS. We’re talking about itunes top 100 songs, where it counts. THE RB Charts is easy to reach. That dont mean s*** on the Hot 100. He still hasnt even cracked the Top 20 after being out several weeks.

    Rihanna has debuted at #36 on POP 100 SONGS ahead of Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” song which debuted at #38. Please check your facts before posting.

    Would you like to bet that Rihanna’s song will be #1 on ITUNES TOP 100 SONGS when it releases to itunes on November 3rd?

  15. Taylor September 30, 2011

    WTF man, give it a rest, the thing with Rhianna is in the past, he grown up,he payed for what he’s done..i am a woman and still like him, even better than before 😛 TEAM CHRIS all the way !!!

  16. Taylor September 30, 2011

    Besides that, no matter what he does with his personal life is strictly his bussiness, that doesnt make his work even less good 🙂 and he is great at what he does 🙂

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