Amerie Performs On M!Countdown

Published: Thursday 25th Mar 2010 by Sam

After the commercial disappointment that was Amerie‘s ‘In Love & War’ LP, the singer has kept a relatively low profile Stateside. Not one to give up, the 30 year old is currently in her mother’s native country of Korea, promoting the project. Check out her performance of ‘Heard Em All’ on M!Countdown from yesterday above…

As ever, she nailed it! Her energy and stage presence really are leaps and bounds ahead of some of her contemporaries who top the charts – a fact which makes her lack of success as of late a little hard to swallow.

That said, in keeping it 100% real, her last album was lacking. The material was just not hitting the spot. I mean, for an artist who is so easily marketable as a talented R&B/Pop act, I was confused as to why she seemed to be going down such a niche/alternate-sounding route. After all, her biggest success to-date has come with such a sound (‘One Thing’). I mean for as much as Def Jam may not have promoted the project, the material (for the most part) didn’t boast much in the way of hit-potential – hence its eventual fate IMO.

On a more positive though, word has it for her next release Amerie will be re-engaging with the Synth-Pop/R&B sound which made 2007’s  ‘Because I Love It’ LP, such a delight. Here’s hoping she’s more successful this go round – too much talent to go to waste.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Blu Majik March 25, 2010

    I actually preferred ‘In Love In War’. It’s my favorite Amerie next to ‘Touch’.

  2. Nicky22 March 25, 2010




  3. stan March 25, 2010

    “in love and war” didn’t stray that much from the previous albums. it’s not the sound, it’s the promotion.

    i don’t like “heard em all” that much. “why r u” was a pretty good song, imo. but she did zero promotion for the song… no wonder it flopped.

  4. I.D March 25, 2010

    She’s very talented, she deserves the label push more than label-mate Rihanna
    She writes
    She produces
    She plays the guitar and flute
    She sings and dances live & does it WELL

  5. Rob March 25, 2010

    Sam she’s lame. And NO she is not a better performer or singer than Rihanna. FYI RIhanna’s Rude Boy is #1 on the charts again. Amerie could never accomplish that or anything much music wise except flopping. She needs to sit her flat Korean ass down.

  6. I.D March 25, 2010

    What does talent have to with the charts?
    Rihanna cant sing & dance without sounding like a goat on crack

  7. I.D March 25, 2010

    & There were a couple of songs that could’ve saved the album
    Higher & Swagback should’ve been singles from the jump!

  8. Mizzy March 25, 2010

    Youtube Amerie’s performance of ‘1 Thing’ On WMA & ‘Why R U’ on 106 & Park
    there is no way on this planet Rihanna and her board stiff ass is a better perform than Amerie

  9. Scooby March 25, 2010

    I love Amerie and she is so underrated and I love Rihanna too but Amerie kills her in the talent department! I loved In Love and War and still play that on a daily basis! I like the fact that she sticks to what works for her and doesn’t chase “what’s in” Artists are supposed to re-invent the wheel not keep on riding the same one!! “end of rant”

  10. luvsong March 25, 2010

    Amerie is talented, no one sings with the passion she has right now

  11. Yes Honey! March 25, 2010

    I swear alot of you has to be really young including the SAM (which you are young) and don’t know shyt about good music. Her last album was the hottness…..! Just like STAN said its the promotion of the album that made it flop not the sound because she stays consistent with her sound and everyone is trying to copp her famous “GoGo sound!” Kudo’s for you Amerie….keep it up i ain’t madd at you. Not everyone thinks your music is wack i loves it!

    S.B. not i’m not old i’m 28, mature, and know good things when i come across it.

  12. ~TeAM WeeZY~ March 25, 2010

    Amerie produces and writes however, she does not have a good voice, her dancing is average, and her performances are average. I think the main reason she isn’t very successful is because she lacks appeal! She’s sort of boring. I loved her very first song “Why can’t we fall in love” and “One thing.” Other than that I think her material lacks tremendously. It has no depth. Now as far as comparing her to Rihanna, Rihanna has something about her that attracts people to her, and it’s not just her looks because Amerie is gorgeous herself. Now granted Amerie is more talented than Rihanna (dancing and performing), being at the top requires good (catchy) music and appeal nowadays.

  13. Ghetto Fab March 25, 2010

    Poor thing can’t get a hit to save her life. Its not that she isn’t talented its just she comes off very boring. She almost has no personality. She should capitalize on the whole Asian thing. Go on the road and go promote the s*** out of that album over there. Cause it done flopped over here. Many people don’t even know she had something out. Sad

  14. TruthHurts March 25, 2010

    she needs to update her sound, let people know who she is and needs new management….people think she is boring because she does not go anywhere or is not seen anywhere..she seems to alienate herself from industry people including people who want to work with her. I blame her and her manager for that

  15. HOT! March 25, 2010


    Amerie is MORE talented! Shes a better singer and a better performer!

    However, As i have said…THAT DOESNT MATTER ANYMORE! You dont have to have an OUNCE of talent to be in this business anymore! You just need the right team and the right look!

    Rihanna has that and she makes better music. Therefore, she is more successful, but just because shes more successful does NOT mean shes more talented!

  16. Lauren March 25, 2010

    haters keep talkin your usual bs. *eyeroll*

  17. Aunt Jackie March 25, 2010

    Amerie is great.

    I think she hadn’t hit her image stride yet. No-talent Rihanna hit the jackpot with her image. We all know Rihanna can’t dance, sing and doesn’t have a great personality. The girl can pose and be molded.

    Amerie needs some image molding to make her stand out. She doesn’t stand out, and that’s the problem.

  18. oz March 25, 2010

    nothing is wrong with her material. “in love and war” was a masterpiece. it just got f***** over on the promotional side. plus, it doesn’t help that she her fiance is her manager. rihanna and amerie are two different artists. if you really wanna talk talent and depth, amerie has that easily over rihanna. the only thing rihanna has over amerie is appeal. i just wish amerie would drop her man as her manager because it’s doing her no good, but she doesn’t seem to care. amerie is s***, smart, and can write her ass off! keep pushing, A!!!

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