Hot Shots: Dirty Money’s Dawn In Ghubar Paris

Published: Tuesday 29th Jun 2010 by Sam

Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard poses it up in the latest issue of fashion magazine, Ghubar Paris.

I miss Danity Kane.

Your thoughts?

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  1. thatmangojuice June 29, 2010

    we all do

  2. Justin June 29, 2010

    omg, I miss Danity Kane too.. 🙁

    I mean really, it’s not like they were unsuccessfull.. Diddy just can’t keep himself committed to any one thing longer than a year or so..

    Now they got Dawn as a backup dancer in Dirty Money.. Shame

  3. hihihihi IS A SOON TO BE GOAT June 29, 2010



  4. royalkev June 29, 2010

    I wish Diddy wasn’t so envious of his own artist. He’s cuts a career short so fast that you can’t even get to know the artist names! Dawn is so much better than that group and I loved her in Danity Kane. I miss Aubrey and Shannon too! Those 3 were my favorites!

  5. Aaron June 29, 2010

    You and everyone else Sam. We need DK back !!!!!!!!


    Does’nt diddy usually keep this glorified backing dancer on a lead ?

    HEEL B**** !!!!

    To actually allow herself to go from being the Nicole Scherzinger of Danity Kane to diddyz b****…… is disgusting…..she clearly has no dignity or self respect for her self or her talent.

    follow me on twitter, twitter sweeties.



  7. Kyus93 June 29, 2010

    cheap rihanna. i want dk back too 🙁

  8. FreshUrbanEnt June 29, 2010



  9. ADE June 29, 2010

    Cool pics but this back up singer is not attractive in the slightest

  10. ~TeAM WeeZY~ June 30, 2010

    Nice pics. Dawn has a great body but her face isn’t so attractive.

    I miss Danity Kane, too!

  11. aries_BLU June 30, 2010

    For some reason I never really liked her from the MTB days, and I always know to go with my intuition. It was in my gut that something was off with her, and then she goes and joins Diddy’s group. I KNEW there was a reason I didn’t like her. Now all she and Kaleena are, are simply glorified back-up dancers. Why is it that if they are in a group, it’s called “Diddy-Dirty Money?” Diddy knew Dawn would act DIRTY FOR SOME MONEY!

    Read more: Dawn Richard Gets Glam For Ghubar Magazine | Necole

  12. IMO June 30, 2010

    but the truth is, dawn isn’t getting any money from Dirty Money, don’t get me wrong, she may get some coins but not what she deserves. Don’t let her rented shoes and clothes fool you. people try to play kalenna like “we don’t know her name” but she’s been on her writing game and I guarantee her bank account is more than dawn’s, dawn is more known because of danity kane. I didn’t like dawn in Danity Kane either, but now I don’t pay any ot the girls any mind lol. I can’t get into them solo.

  13. BENJAMIN June 30, 2010

    Never really thought she was attractive, still don’t. Shannon and D.Woods were the knockouts.

  14. Stay Mad! June 30, 2010

    She needs to be homage to Queen Rihanna!

  15. C June 30, 2010

    I miss Danity Kane, too!!! 🙁

  16. Mo Mo 84 June 30, 2010

    OK, some facts have been twisted to preserve nothing, you people know Dawn has a solo album that got shelved due to her joining DK and did bought the contract. More over lets not forget that Dawn wrote most of the music for DK’s second album. And Third of all Dawn has the most range from Aundrea to Aubrey which is why she was the lead. …………………………Don’t think because I wrote that I am all Team Dawn, I am so past disappointed in her not doing more than being a glorified back dancer. Say what you want but out of the entire group she had more going for her and diddy scooped up the talent for BAD BOY of course. He never knows what to do with his talent. P.S. What’s going on what Casie and P.S.S. What the hell is going on with Cheri Dennis??????????????

  17. IMO June 30, 2010

    she did NOT write most of the music. She may have wrote more than the other girls, I think she wrote one more song than D woods. but she definitely did not write MOST of their music on that album.

  18. IMO June 30, 2010

    and more thing. if dawn becomes solo, who really think she is going to blow up? Compared to her former group mates, she probably had the most stage presence. it’s a different game when you are solo. I don’t think she would be hugely successful, definitely not as this point.

  19. Jerito June 30, 2010

    She went from a member of one of the most promising girl groups that has ever been seen since destiny’s child to diddy’s back up video hoee… Diddy is a money hungry, envious villain, he thinks adding two girls on his side is going to launch his rap career from the ashes it’s been under ever since biggie died… DK was bigger then he will ever be! He is a good business man but cuts groups when they are more successful then he ever was! Danity Kane still be bumping in my stereo and always will until (with a miracle) they return!… Diddy needs to wake up, he wants to make more money? Well then invest in bringing the hottest girl group there ever was Mr. Combs! We want Shannon, Aundrea, D. Woods, Dawn, and Aubrey on stage and making music together as Danity Kane!

  20. antertain June 30, 2010

    MISSS DK 4sure sooo much potential that group had…..

    Dawn is very creative and is a good looking woman…

    At least she getting some shine but i’d rather her have done that via Danity Kane (the name she created by the way)..

    ohhhh well….sigh….
    Cool pic anyway

  21. Unknown June 30, 2010

    I wasn’t even going to bring up Danity Kane, but since you’ll did let’s remember some things. #1 Danity Kane was not getting along, they had groups within groups as in Ebony &Ivory aka Aubrey and D.Woods and then you had Shannon and Aundrea with Dawn and Day 26.
    #2 Not only that, it got to the point were they showed there emotions on interviews with the eye rolling and slick comments
    #3 Ever since the beginning this group had problems D.Woods, Aubrey and Dawn has said this during interviews or during MTB live finale.
    #4 Put 1,2,3 together your going to get something like this check over chicks!! And the fact that Aubrey and D.Woods heard so and so said this about Dawn is probably another reason she is not a solo artist now, so let’s face it what ever Dawn decision would have made you’ll would all see it a set up from Bad Boy and Diddy himself.

    And honestly Dawn is not singing as much as she did but when she was broke without no job she out hustled all the DK members to Diddy attention paying out her own pockets to go from B- More to NY and let Diddy know Im still here, I’m writing. And that’s why she got a job now, her hustle game. She went from Katrina victim to performing on the BET Awards, performing on American Idol, going overseas to London, Paris Mexico. Diddy didn’t let her out her contract so she was in the studio recording writing and not waiting for Diddy to call her name, she went and got it and because of that she is writing on 80-85 percent of Dirty Money Ladt Train to Paris; can I say CHA CHING!!!

  22. Zoli June 30, 2010

    Danity Kane was a GREAT band!!! I miss them so much too! To be completely honest I don’t see any potential in this Dirty Money project…

  23. jojo June 30, 2010

    Great job Dawn make that money no matter what no one think of you. I see everyone is looking at the pictures even if they do not like you. Go girl make that money.

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