Fantasia Talks About Chris Brown On ‘Defining Moments’

Published: Tuesday 24th Aug 2010 by Trent

Check out Fantasia’s feature on ‘Defining Moments’. The electric entertainer highlighted what she considers to be a significant moment in music history: Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson at the 2010 BET Awards. The footage is available below:


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  1. UGh August 24, 2010

    Oh boy, watch the Rihanna stans come try to tear this post to shreds.

  2. Janice August 24, 2010

    No man, woman has the right to judge…. only God!!!

  3. G******** August 24, 2010

    Chris Brown!! =)

  4. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010


    I think that Overdose has messed up her head if she really thinks that performance was real,,,,,Ahh ohh well it don’t matter he still never got his career back smooches #RihannaNavy

  5. G******** August 24, 2010

    Anyone know where I can watch the Tribute performance? BET took it off of youtube.

  6. UGh August 24, 2010

    Rihanna obviously isn’t holding any hate for Chris in her heart but her stans sure are….SMDH
    Talk about naive.

  7. Lady August 24, 2010

    I love that moment too! I hope you get your mind right though fantasia. I’m not sure what happened with the overdose but Godbless you.

    And I just finished watching the Takers premiere special on BET it had some more behind the scences footage it comes on again Thurdays at 1 pm EST I think for the ones who missed it. I cant wait until friday!!

  8. Delois86 August 24, 2010

    @Ugh exactly. Rhianna been over it, she got a new man the same year. Y’all stans look dumb holding a grudge over someone you don’t even know. Only crazy people do that lol

  9. Lady August 24, 2010

    He never got his career back? Really? No need for me to even go in on that. Also she has made mistakes just like anyone else and clearly the others on the video agreed. I guess you guys completely missed the point. Oh well. You have an overdose against Fantasia but what about the other regular people standing on the street? What do you have to say about them? NOTHING cuz they are regular people like you and I and you have no idea what they have done but they believe in second chances and that performance. You mad?

  10. jasmine August 24, 2010

    its funny how Rihanna has moved on but her stans haven’t smh give it up it’s been a year and some months..and his career isn’t getting’re delusional as hell cuz Deuces is #1 and he has a big movie coming out..stop being biased. i tell you, some people just don’t know when to give credit when credit is due. Both Chris and Rihanna have moved on so STFU about it

  11. Alycia August 24, 2010

    It’s not all the way there but he’s on the right pace. His song Deuces (which was a MIXTAPE song) is #1 on the Billboard R&B chart knocking off Usher. It’s heading toward the top 20 on the Hot 100 as well. That seems pretty good to me for someone who yall said career was over. His movie will be a hit as well. So you and the rest can continue to sip o that haterade with yall thirsty selves

  12. G******** August 24, 2010

    I can’t wait to see Takers either! I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

    And it wasn’t just Fantasia talking about Chris, there were other, regular people talking about it too, which i thought was nice. You can’t keep holding someone down for one incident and not let them make their wrong right. Give them a chance.

  13. Lady August 24, 2010

    #RihannaNavy I heard Rihanna’s album is $3.99 over at…..wonder if its true???? I might have to go and check and pick me up a copy…..

    Also Rockstar 101(remember ya’ll were bragging that the old ass single finally got ahead of Deuces) is slipping on iTunes go support your girl!

  14. elise August 24, 2010


  15. SMMFGDH August 24, 2010

    “Deuces” isn’t #1 on any chart sweetie. I don’t know who lied to you stans but that’s completely incorrect.

    Secondly, Fantasia isn’t the brightest crayon in the box so it doesn’t surprise me she liked the performance.

    Who gon’ check me boo?

  16. Raven August 24, 2010

    OMG I agree with Fantasia 100 percent ! Because of what he went thru he might become one of the greastest performers of all time.

  17. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010

    I beg you SHUT UP!

    How the hell do you even know rihanna has forgotten about it do you guys know rihanna in real life NO! so take a seat! even if she did “Forget” It dont mean her fans need to forget to.

    This has nothing to even do with rihanna Your the one who is talking about her not me I just personally think that the performance WAS FAKE AS HELL!

    How the hell you gone perform and cry with boogy then come off stage and say

    “Ohh I think that this performance has saved my career” Soory F*** that that is sooo distrespectfull to the Kind of pop MJ he used him for his personal gain which is f***** up. So dont come here talking about something you dont know about FOOLS!

  18. yeahUknow August 24, 2010

    very good video

  19. Lady August 24, 2010

    Again Fantasia isn’t the only one who said it. What you know about those random strangers on the street who said he deserves another chance? nothing. Regular people just like you and me and you have nothing against them cuz you don’t know them. SO who is gonna check me boo boo?

    Also Deuces is number 1 on urban charts and is sure to be #1 on billboard r&b and hip-hop charts thursday probably and its #39 on the hot 100 still moving up. Lets see #51 on Itunes an increase from last week. In fact last week it moved from 59-55 in digital sales I think. And the song also got over 700 spins last week. And he has no career? Really now? That just proves you are delusional.

  20. Shimmy August 24, 2010

    Y’all couldn’t come up with a name better than #RihannaNavy?

  21. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010


    BOOBOO my girl dont need no support sweetie

    she is on tour baby,,she just added dates,,,when your fav can HEADLINE his own tour without riding Ushers d***.. and when your Boi brings out a album that sells 3Million then you can come back to me and give me the good news…Right now you should be on itunes buying his album not coming for Rihanna who is not even on the same level as him anyways

    Why are you even talking About rihanna,,,This post is about the FAKE PERFORMANCE!just shows you got rihanna on your mind AYY! Stay on Topic BooBoo

  22. Delois86 August 24, 2010


  23. Here we go with this b******* August 24, 2010

    I really like this video it showed men and women with DIFFERENT races (some believe blacks only forgave him) giving opinions who felt it’s time to move on and that it was sincere. I’m so shock at how he bounce back from the media backlash I mean look at Fantasia she tried to kill her self. Do you know how long Chris went through this? it’s still going on I’m so proud of him Chris got Takers coming out Friday, his mixtape song is cliimbing the chart a mixtape song!!! really?? I’m just happy that he’s looking forward.

  24. UGh August 24, 2010

    August 24, 2010 at 1:24 am

    Y’all couldn’t come up with a name better than #RihannaNavy?

    no, they’re so Rihtarded

  25. Hear. My. Heart. Beat. August 24, 2010

    So the rihanna stans came in here, watched the video, got mad and now are so pressed all they can do is throw shade…. typical

    if you mad, good!

  26. Lady August 24, 2010

    So who has a video of Chris saying “oh i think this performance has saved my career”? Anyone? Cuz I’ve never heard/seen him backstage saying that. When you can provide me with a video of it then you can talk.

    And Rihanna has said that she has forgiven him. Also if I’m not mistaken on 20/20 she was the one who said she wants him go on and learn from this and be successful. So if Rihanna the person he beat has moved on who are you not? That makes you a damn fool if you are still mad or have s*** to talk about someone when the person he did it to doesn’t feel that way towards him. Those of you talking s*** still should go seek help and therapy right along with Chris Brown himself.

    Only fools forgive and forget. And only fools don’t forgive or forget. Smart people forgive but not forget. #ThatIsAll

  27. Lonny August 24, 2010

    I’ve NEVER met a perfect person. So get off the cross if you think you need to “forgive” Chris Brown.

    You need to get over it , a lot of the world and buyers of his FREE single did, Rihanna did.

    And his tears were sincere. Chris Brown can’t act for s***. And you can’t fake snot.

    He’s human. He’s 21. He messed up ONE night and was judged by the law and the LORD.

    No Rihanna fan or stan in the WORLD is WORTHY enough to judge Chris Brown or any of God’s children.

  28. Here we go with this b******* August 24, 2010

    @Lady I like people like you who state facts and you also don’t go around typing FLOP every chance you get for no reason.

  29. Delois86 August 24, 2010

    @yellow gorilah do you know rhianna? Instead of worrying about Chris, worry about real domestic violence victims. What about them?! I bet none of you so called stans has done anything for them like go visit shelters, Or volunteer at a hotline or nothing. This has nothing to do with DV. How about y’all contact eminem to see how kim is doing.

  30. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010

    I did not know there was such a word as Rihtarded…What dictionary are you using or is it that Your just Plain old Stupid, =/ Lol punks these days

  31. SMMFGDH August 24, 2010

    @Shimmy And yall couldn’t come up with something better than #teambreezy?

    @Yellow Gorilla Please stop being SO MESSY. Your talking about sh** not even relevant to the post.

    DEAD at a person coming in here saying go buy Rockstar 101 since its below Deuces on iTunes. Ummmm who cares? Rockstar 101 has already reached #28 in digital sales, Deuces isn’t even top 50. Rockstar 101 has been used for tons of theme songs, and videos while Deuces is struggling to make a dent on 106 & Ghetto. Really? HEW buys albums from When retailers buy albums at FULL price they can resell them from $25 if they wanted to! FAIL

  32. #Fact August 24, 2010

    I wonder if Fantasia’s people are paying thatgrapejuice to stalk fantasia reports and post it on their site. I’m just waiting on them to report that Fantasia farted and my suspicions will be official.

  33. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010

    WTF loooool why are you Chris brown stans Jumping into conclusions Who the hell said this has anything to do with DV why are you guys so pressed All I said is ! I THINK THIS PERFORMANCE WAS FAKE” Nothing to do with Rihanna Nothing to do with his Criminal convictions. I am just stating my views why yall so MAD! like you said nobody is perfect so why yall acting like he is =/

  34. Here we go with this b******* August 24, 2010

    wait wow y’all press so since Fantasia isn’t bright what about the the strangers on the street who are just like me and you? don’t worry i’ll wait.

  35. Lady August 24, 2010

    I sure do got Rihanna on my mind. Yep lol. No boo boo you brought Rihanna up in this post talking about some damn #RihannaNavy in your comment like Rihanna’s damn dumbass navy needs to be in a post that has nothing to do with her. And CB hasn’t headlined his own tour I could have sworn he did like 3 times. What was these:

    2006: Up Close and Personal Tour
    2007: The UCP Exclusive Tour
    2009: Fan Appreciation Tour[

    Lol. I guess those weren’t tours *shrugs* anyways the Usher and CB tour was never confirmed in the first place but hinted at by both camps so whats your point? That had nothing to do with anything. And please I ain’t mad at Rihanna lol. Move along. If you dont want rihanna to be dragged into this leave Rihannanavy or whatever outta it. And I get it I should go buy Graffiti(like I didnt already) oh well the album did what it did #NEXT

  36. jasmine August 24, 2010

    its funny how people like to hold a grudge against someone they don’t know about something they don’t know everything about. no one was there with them that night. all the public knows is what the media wants to tell us. we don’t what started it so don’t talk about it. i have nothing against rihanna or her fans but some of yall are just holding a grudge just because she’s your favorite. until we know EVERYTHING (which we will more than likely won’t) about what happened, get over it…and FYI deuces is number 1 on the R&B charts..just go to the billboard website. stop being biased and GET OVER IT! worse things have happened since then and people are still talking about this like it happened yesterday. she was with drake and then this baseball player not even a year after it happened and now she’s engaged, she’s on tour doing her..she’s fine. Chris is still making great music whether you like it or not..he has a big movie coming out. I wish people would get over it. Both of them are doing fine. and for someone to say ‘oh how he gonna get through rehearsal and not cry but cry at the do you know he didn’t get emotional during rehearsal…how do you know what he was thinking when he was performing. its sad when the fans are the ones still holding the grudges

  37. Lady August 24, 2010

    Here we go with this b*******
    August 24, 2010 at 1:35 am
    wait wow y’all press so since Fantasia isn’t bright what about the the strangers on the street who are just like me and you? don’t worry i’ll wait.
    *waits with you*

    @Yellow Gorilah
    Exactly boo no one is perfect so that being said what makes you think you have the right to say what is real or fake? When it comes to things like that God is the judge.

  38. #Fact August 24, 2010

    Chris Brown’s Deuces is not #1. Monica’s “Love all over me” is on course to take the #1 position and once she does that it’ll be difficult for Chris to take the #1 spot from her.

  39. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010

    Yhhh I Maybe I could have left out the navy bit…But It still does not change the fact that this performance was staged and fake.

  40. jasmine August 24, 2010

    and further more, if you don’t like Chris, why did you come on here see what someone else said about him in an interview? it doesn’t make since to me. I don’t like Soulja Boy, that don’t mean i have to go on every video about him and bash him and his music, i just pay him no mind. if you don’t like someone,then don’t pay them any attention

  41. BK August 24, 2010

    I think @YELLOW GORILAH needs help. Rihanna DID NOT sell 3 million copies of an album… her GGGB singles did though. She DID NOT add tour dates…. she cancelled about 5. Its ok to like her but speak like you have sense or better yet have a source to back it up (and not a Rihanna fansite). And for your information Chris’ label let him know as of yesterday that his single Deuces reached #1 on the R&B chart… that will be updated on Thursday for all you delusional Rihanna stans to check and cry about. Now if you want to laugh about mixtapes or him crying its ok…. if Chris can get to this point a year after the incident with Rihanna, that shows that he’s not going anywhere. #StayMadB*tch

  42. sierra aka cbe August 24, 2010

    Thank you Fantasia, defiantely a moment that will go down in history. Godbless hunny

  43. dancegirl August 24, 2010

    its funny when something about Chris is said, the Rihanna stans come on and attack…when something about Rihanna is said..the Chris stans come on and attack..focus on who you stan for and it won’t be any issues

  44. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010

    Ok stop with the whole rihanna thing that has nothing to do with it (I was being off topic)….THE PERFORMANCE WAS FAKE” that is all I got to say nothing more nothing less it was fake

  45. Lady August 24, 2010

    Here we go with this b*******
    August 24, 2010 at 1:26 am
    I really like this video it showed men and women with DIFFERENT races (some believe blacks only forgave him) giving opinions who felt it’s time to move on and that it was sincere. I’m so shock at how he bounce back from the media backlash I mean look at Fantasia she tried to kill her self. Do you know how long Chris went through this? it’s still going on I’m so proud of him Chris got Takers coming out Friday, his mixtape song is cliimbing the chart a mixtape song!!! really?? I’m just happy that he’s looking forward.
    Here we go with this b*******
    August 24, 2010 at 1:31 am
    @Lady I like people like you who state facts and you also don’t go around typing FLOP every chance you get for no reason.
    IKR! People always had this idea(which is so racist) that whites still had something against him. Obviously not. And yeah I don’t state false info only fools do. I just don’t throw the word flop out cuz really its overused and usually when these fools use it they do it cuz they are just hating. It kinda patheic.

  46. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010

    It is not even a attack it WAS fake and people saying how it is going to go down in history HMMMM What history book is this ?? why is it going to go down in history did you see JANET tribute b**** did not cry why he crying FO! =/ I persoanly thought it was a good tribute UNTIL he started to cry,,,And P.S I love deuces and I think that song deserves the sucess that it is getting =]

  47. Here we go with this b******* August 24, 2010

    @lady it doesn’t bother me when people say his performance was staged and fake it’s when you add rihanna into the mix like this ” that was so staged he was just fake crying so people can forgive him fo what happen he still loves her he’s a flop” smh was that really needed it’s so dumb

  48. boo hoo hoo August 24, 2010

    the only history that performance will go down in is the BET archives, because beyond that, no one is really walking around talking about that performance as if it was something groundbreaking. It was something that happened on a bet show and that is all it was, no one will be mentioning that as any historical event. I think the only reason fantasia is even mentioning chris, is because she have something against rihanna. This is not the first time I’ve heard her taking indirect digs. She can say all she want about rihanna, but rihanna is level headed enough not to try to take her own life over a married man.

  49. BK August 24, 2010

    You’re right Lady Rihanna has nothing to do with this… I just had to clear up a few lies that I saw. *looks at YELLOW GORILAH*

  50. Here we go with this b******* August 24, 2010

    @bk 🙂 yesss

  51. dancegirl August 24, 2010

    @yellow gorilah i wasn’t saying that its just about “the incident” anymore..i was just saying that whenever i come here (from my observations) chris stans go in on topics about ri and vice versa smh i don’t get it. i’m not knocking anyone for being a fan of either one. i like both of their just doesn’t makes sense that stans still go back and forth about something. but its just me. i’m on the outside looking in. i could care less about it anymore..
    nothing against the rihanna stans or chris brown stans but some of yall put way too much energy talking bad about the other artist…its not all of you guys, just some

  52. Smfh August 24, 2010

    Yall Rihanna Fans Must Love Chris Lol Yall Watch a video about him Juss to comment and fantasia isnt the only one who was talking about ppl deserving chances regular ppl added their 2 cents too yall rihanna fans need to get a life if u dont like him why watch a video about him and I personally dont think his performance was fake and if any of u rihanna fans dont think that he did a good job at the BET awards den juss sit plz cuss u delusional

    at the end of the day: u dont half to like him but respect his talent #Thatisall

  53. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010

    Who the hell watched the video? because I didn’t =/

  54. JAYLA August 24, 2010


  55. boo hoo hoo August 24, 2010

    Its funny that people would say the word flop is over used when its used to describe Chris, but the rihanna haters throw it around over and over trying to say her VERY VERY successful album is a flop. But the true flopper (chris) fans get offended when the word flop is used to describe what truly is the status of his career. Talk about delusional.

  56. TheBaddestBitch August 24, 2010

    Quote: SMMFDGH “Secondly, Fantasia isn’t the brightest crayon in the box”

    You’re wrong for that girl but LMAO

  57. Yellow Gorilah August 24, 2010


    SORRY some of the things posted on here I did not sayy!! WTF Somebody is using the same name as me or something because I am not saying these things —

  58. piat August 24, 2010

    CB is #1 in urban radio play. No matter what he has a top #10 song and it’s from a mixtape, still so happy for him.

    It’s matter of time for CB as long as he is faithful. Everybody who has been presented as a CB replacement has failed at becoming a household name.

  59. rexy August 24, 2010

    @ Chris Brown fans what the f*** is wrong with y’all why can’t you guys be like me, stop arguing with the rihanna fans and entertaining them, just make your comment and move on

  60. JAYLA August 24, 2010


  61. Here we go with this b******* August 24, 2010

    This is so funny to me I have a question when was the last time you seen an artist get coverage from a bet performance on CNN, TMZ, ENEW JIMMY SHOWBIZ for a week? don’t worry i’ll wait lmaoooo the list goes on say what you want about his perfromance but it was good staged or not.

    oh and if your answer is because they were concern about it being fake if he was such a flop (like y’all claim) why would they bother he’s a loser right?

  62. dancegirl August 24, 2010

    Jayla- THANK YOU! i can’t come on this website without seeing some squabble between the Chris and Rihanna fans smh

  63. Rihport to me B****! August 24, 2010

    O M G ! wtf im a rihanna stan but im not going to throw shade at chris its f****** stupid i enjoy his music i dont like what he did to rihanna but the guy is talened ill give him that but u guys need to grow up talking about the incident like really gosh !

  64. boo hoo hoo August 24, 2010

    ^^^the only reason he got coverage was because everyone was trying to figure out if he was crying crocodile tears or not. The discussions on those shows wasn’t about his performance, but about the CRYING. THe CRYING was the part that got all the attention of the media. Lots of them were actually clowning him.

  65. UGh August 24, 2010

    August 24, 2010 at 1:32 am

    I did not know there was such a word as Rihtarded…What dictionary are you using or is it that Your just Plain old Stupid, =/ Lol punks these days

    ahahahahah…….says the person who can’t read between the lines.

  66. Here we go with this b******* August 24, 2010

    Did y’all know Chris was suppose to meet Micheal the day he died? (out of his own mouth) I think he cried for a number of things. Why do people keep saying if his sister didn’t cry he was faking? makes no sense we are not the same Fantasia is proof of that CB been going through back lash for what almost 2 years and she tries to kill her self over 1 week see my point?

  67. dancegirl August 24, 2010

    @Boo Hoo Hoo..not trying to get anything started (no shade) but if you don’t like chris…why bother coming on here knowing that this article/video was about him…like i said, i’m not throwing shade at all, i’m do trying to be disrespectful (no sense in being like that since this is the internet) but i don’t get it. i’m just saying…if you like rihanna, then why don’t you just worry about her? *just curious*

  68. NICKY August 24, 2010





  69. NICKY August 24, 2010





  70. UGh August 24, 2010

    August 24, 2010 at 2:05 am

    in 2010 people typing mess like this? I feel ashamed & you should too

  71. BK August 24, 2010

    @REXY Imma stop after this one last thing lol.
    @BOO HOO HOO Im not delusional. I know that compared to Chris Brown & Exclusive Graffiti basically flopped. This album came out 10 months after the incident and sold a little over 300k in the US. Rihanna’s album came out about 9 months after the incident and sold just a little over a million (GGGB sold over 2.5 million). The reason a lot of CB fans think that CB DIDNT and that Ri DID flop is because of the circumstances. CB beat up Ri and still managed to sell 300k after only 10 months. Ri gets beat up and cant top her last album?? I like Ri but I expected so much more, actual fans buying + sympathy buys is supposed to equal really high sales… but that didnt happen. Her label is probably thinking the same thing so now they want her to release another “sassy, fun” album so soon thinking they might still be able to get some pity buys in.

  72. NICKY August 24, 2010

    @ LADY




  73. Here we go with this b******* August 24, 2010

    @nicky wow that’s sad I really don’t know what to say I really pray that when your down and out that someone won’t look you in the eye to say ur such a fake b**** you don’t look sincere.

  74. O LeDoIt August 24, 2010

    Im loving Fantasia’s speaking voice in this clip!

  75. NICKY August 24, 2010

    @ HERE WE GO



  76. NICKY August 24, 2010




  77. dancegirl August 24, 2010

    how bout this: HOW MANY OF YOU MFs GAVE A S*** ABOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PRIOR TO CHRIS AND RIHANNA HUH? HOW MANY? Its hilarious that something many people go through everyday happens to a celebrity and the world stops..meanwhile i bet you that same night, some girls died at the hands of her abusive boyfriend but no one ever talks about them because they’re not famous. how many of you really gave DV a second thought BEFORE chris and rihanna? i’m waiting…even when charlie sheen, james brown,mel gibson, and a slew of others did, it wasn’t getting talked about until Chris and Rihanna. why start with them? This is why i say get over it cuz no one talked about it until it happened to Chris and Rihanna. i know people personally who have gone through Domestic don’t see the news blowing their story up. Not throwing shade at anyone on here but geez, people make it seem like it started with them. it was unfortunate, but domestic violence didn’t start with Chris and although sad to say, its not going to end with him. instead of bashing going at each other’s throats…figure out the best way to reduce and end DV.

  78. Rihport to me B****! August 24, 2010

    @Nicky get a fcking life if u dont like him why comment on something about him smh u must love him and it is something to shout about the song is off a mixtape n he still manages to get it to #1

  79. dancegirl August 24, 2010

    and @Nicky of course it looked like it was staged…that apology had his PR team written all over it.

  80. Its Me August 24, 2010

    Yall need to be worrying about Rihanna’s ticket sales instead of invading Chris’ post. It’s funny how I dont even know what he’s doing but yall hating asses do!

    @Nicky is delusional! Just let ‘it’ talk and maybe ‘ it” will go away …………….

  81. rob August 24, 2010

    people should pay for their crimes , f*** it lindsay, paris, weezy, t.i all went to jail and didnt actually hurt anybody , he beat the hell out of rhianna n gets community service where is the justice , no performance will apologise for that GTFOH

  82. Its Me August 24, 2010

    Where are yall getting airplay from?????? It clearly says R & B chart! Which is what his genre is!

    Try again…………………

  83. dancegirl August 24, 2010

    @Rob considering that paris, wayne, and lindsey were caught up on drug charges and ti was caught on gun charges…yeah, they went jail. i see what i saying but DV people don’t go to jail..atleast i never heard of one going to jail. if that’s the case, my father should’ve been in jail

  84. SMFH August 24, 2010

    @Rob so da fck wat eminem beat his girlfriend nd so did charlie sheen but nobody gives a f*** about DV till cb did it to rihanna its not even about DV its only becuss of the ppl who were involved in it and didny eminem say sonething like “imma tie her to the bed and set the house on fire” he was talking about kim but ohhh nobody says something about that huh ? chris is stilll talented and a great artist u cant take that away from him

  85. ILOVEXTINA August 24, 2010

    @dancegirl Chris & Rihanna are in the spotlight & everything they do will be on the papers the next day. We don’t really notice a lot of DV cases because the ppl involved in those situations aren’t famous & under the watch of the public eye

  86. Jazybelle August 24, 2010

    Fantasia is telling the truth lol
    LMFAOOO @ who ever bought up that rihannanavy mess try again boo

  87. Simply Phillip Brown August 24, 2010

    Alright! Yaw better learn to start forgiving others, trust me the day will come you will need someone to forgive you!

    Alot of us on these blogs , better be thankful, we are not celebrities. Could you imagine if some of our dirty laundry got out in the open!

    It is so easy to judge when we are not the one’s who are going through the problems.

  88. Lady August 24, 2010

    boo hoo hoo
    August 24, 2010 at 1:59 am
    ^^^the only reason he got coverage was because everyone was trying to figure out if he was crying crocodile tears or not. The discussions on those shows wasn’t about his performance, but about the CRYING. THe CRYING was the part that got all the attention of the media. Lots of them were actually clowning him.
    No he got big coverage from alot of places. I agree alot talked about his tears but gave props on the dancing thats one thing they didnt deny was his talent. But also alot of good news places didn’t bash him. Such as Good morning America. they didn’t bash him nor did they mainly focus on his tears so I don’t know where you get alot of them clowned him I know whats his face did but that was expected lol.

    Yesterday you were saying he was over. Now today you think its gonna take him years. I see you notice you can’t win with the arguement he is over anymore and came to your senses. Good job boo.

    His apology video was sincere but when your PR team writes your stuff its gonna sound a different way. Like how sincere does one look apologizing on a video anyway? You either take the apology or leave it but Rihanna took an apology from him already so why some of you leave the apology and still bash him is a mystery to me. Some of you say it took him over a year to breakdown and cry. How do you know he never cried about it before? See what ya’ll don’t know is some men they don’t wanna even let you know that stuff like that gets to them. He never wanted to let his fans down thats why he always kept his head up. Maybe to him crying at the time would have made it seem the media won and he lost cuz forever all anybody wanted to do is make Chris Brown breakdown. If you believe its fake thats your OPINION.

  89. Dan August 24, 2010

    Gorilah ~“Ohh I think that this performance has saved my career” Soory F*** that that is sooo distrespectfull to the Kind of pop MJ he used him for his personal gain which is f***** up. So dont come here talking about something you dont know about FOOLS!

    August 24, 2010 at 1:32 am

    I did not know there was such a word as Rihtarded…What dictionary are you using or is it that Your just Plain old Stupid, =/ Lol punks these days
    You asked the question.. What dictionary are you using or is it that your just plain old stupid? ( question mark after the sentence), you did ask a question. Now I’m guessing it’s the same one you used…. let’s start with Gorilah= Gorilla, Soory = Sorry,
    Distrespectfull = Disrespectful ….. I didn’t know there were such words as… Gorilah, Soory and distrespectfull, lmao, punks these days!

  90. Lady August 24, 2010

    Obviously from this video if its anything to go by whites don’t have an issue with him. And the ban on his music has been lifted on many stations actually. And if the whites that deal with radio havent lifted the ban on his music most likely the whites still mad never played his music anyway cuz he is an r&b/pop artist he wouldnt be on a station with the likes of Ke$ha really….

  91. Rated x August 24, 2010

    OMG people is still on the rihanna is a victicm crap?
    let it go rihanna stans itsNOT THAT F****** SERIOUS….

    what proof do u have that chris beat the s*** of of her? the damn pic..
    the bish look like she had a black eye…

    keep doing u chris B..b****** always gonna hate on s*** that has s*** to do with them.
    i swear the rihanna stans act like he beat their mama, sister, cousin asses..

    and i guarantee u half of these twits on here complain how brown is a woman beater, be the first ones to get in a man or woman face, but be the first to cry victim when they get their asses beat.

  92. @TT4Breezy August 24, 2010

    1. I have yet to see his apology to Goat cuz I honestly don’t believe it happened the way most ppl believed it did but *Ye shrug* ppl seem so cool and comfortable with Jay-Z playing on their radio/doing shows when he himself was caught on tap hitting a girl (with men around that were cautious to stop him) and Gucci Mane for fighting with a woman at a club (but that chick was getting her hits in!) and even Tiger Woods wife, she got the pass cuz he cheated..yeah, ok, I guess it depends on the reason..

    2. Of course ppl will remember his Michael Jackson tribute..the only ppl that could raise a disapproval on his performance is A. The Jacksons, but by the expression on Jermaine’s face when he introduced Chris, seems they loved the idea and his performance including the ugly cry:) and B. MJ Fans/ other lames that stay hating cuz your fav aka RihGoat is a fail when it comes to making a presence on stage..

  93. Rated x August 24, 2010

    and didnt rihanna say an interview that she doesnt like p**** ass dudes, she only likes dude who gets rough, who tells her what to do?

    like i said before bish got mad she saw text and started s***, and chris finished it..
    so she though well im gonna f*** up his career and cry domestic violence, and u know try to get some pity sales while am at it..
    kill two birds with one stone…


    but payback is a b**** huh…cause the bish tour flopping, her last cd only got 1 hit, damn karma a b****..

  94. Rated x August 24, 2010

    thank u….how can people be on jays d*** like hes god or something when he was caught on tape slapping a lady inn the face/

    but i guess since that lady not famous like rihanna it doesnt count..
    like some other moron said in a previous post, since eminem wife kim is not famous like rihanna, him beating her ass, and writting a song about killing her is not important, because shes not famous..
    therefore eminem gets a pass

  95. Rated x August 24, 2010

    tiger woods wife gets a pass because he cheated..that what some of the delusional stans saying…
    and that women can hit men, but when the men hits them back, hes a woman beater

  96. Robier August 24, 2010

    At least people are finally speaking of Chris. They were scared to mention his name before

  97. DION-ISH August 24, 2010


    SMH….Just Shut Up!


  98. DION-ISH August 24, 2010

    @RATED X

    I Agree that Domestic Violence whether male or female is absolutely horrible and wrong and its a severe matter….BUT

    Jay-Z intentions w/ that women was what again? Were they in a relationship? Jocking around? Groupie? Did he flat out punch her in the face? IDK if there’s photage i would like to see before i judge. But all i know is if he Beats Beyonce then it could basically be a OVER for him!

    And Your Right, Chris Brown was dating Pops Princess, An International star….It was going to get coverage esp since Rihanna was Beaten to near death and left in the car abandoned. She Could’ve died, but lucky a neighbor in the area called the police and got her help. I Mean AND it was on the night of the Grammys were BOTH were scheduled to perform.

    But My only concern was that Rihanna was ok. I Could care less what Chris Brown’s future would be like or anything, but i wish him the best. but his fans Making excuses for his actions will get him nowhere at all.

  99. Lady August 24, 2010

    Well anyways it seems Rihannanavy went and did something rihanna related. So back to Chris Brown. Heard he was in DV classes earlier today. I love to hear about young men doing what they need to do and taking their life seriously. Get it CB!

  100. Geronimo Deuces August 24, 2010

    i like tasia and im a number one cb fan so i am supporting both of them

  101. Jazybelle August 24, 2010

    Anyway people really need to let the whole A** Whooping situation go.

    They both moved on Chris is getting his carreer on track (like it or not) and Riri is doing whatever she is doing…(no shade ,I just dont care enough to keep her on my mind.)

  102. Lady August 24, 2010

    I don’t make excuses for Chris’ actions. I just won’t bash him or try to put him down because that won’t get him anywhere that won’t help domestic violence. Also not to be mean or anything I understand he beat Rihanna but not to near death. If it was to near death or even close to death she would have been in a hospital over night.

    Also ya’ll going on how Chris didn’t go to jail. Well duh it was his first offense on a clean record so his punishment is pretty fair. Plus the blacklash and all the hate he got from everyone is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

  103. DION-ISH August 24, 2010


    Well it sure Seem like you Keep Her on your mind a lot (no Shade) *Rolls Eyes*


    I Dont Either, but when SOME of his fans try and make excuses for him and mention somehow that it was Rihanna’s fought, thats just plain ignorance. And ok, He beat her til she was no longer conscious and left her there.

  104. JAZ0195 August 24, 2010

    I agree with the rihanna stan that says NICKY needs to get a life if you don’t like him stay off of his posts and thank you for being honest.

  105. JAZ0195 August 24, 2010

    I will say that even though I like chris brown more than I do rihanna it really makes me mad when people say she deserved to get beat no deserves and please stop making excuses for his actions and this is coming from a chris brown fan.

  106. Geronimo Deuces August 24, 2010

    i will support you tasia just dont go back to antwan

  107. Lady August 24, 2010

    Idk what happened. Cuz there are three sides to every story her’s, CB’s, and the truth. I’ve already heard 1 side of that story though so…..
    But anyways I do believe that Rihanna wasn’t completely innocent but that still doesn’t excuse his actions. I’m not gonna say that its alright that he hit her back. This is just all my opinion though. I believe everyone should just keep there hands to theirselves and I believe this was two stupid young people in the car who let a situation get out of hand.

    And LOL at the fact a rihanna stan told Nicky to get a life. Thats when you know you’re doing too much.

  108. Oceanmate August 24, 2010

    @yellow gorilah, Smmfgdh, and Nicky aka You Small, Demented, Torchered Souls along with the rest of you none forgivers. Please get yourselves some help, so that you can get better. It is openly obvious that you are a Sociopaths. You’ve acquired a piece of charcoal instead of a heart. This post is about Healing and yet that part of your brain is blocked. You see your selfs as Revenge and yet Redemtion is crying out the loudest, for you!

  109. Jazybelle August 24, 2010

    Ok hun go check for a RiHANNA Post and look for a comment by me …i’ll wait.

  110. Lady August 24, 2010

    August 24, 2010 at 3:55 am
    I will say that even though I like chris brown more than I do rihanna it really makes me mad when people say she deserved to get beat no deserves and please stop making excuses for his actions and this is coming from a chris brown fan.
    Exactly. I can see if they think she hit him first. Well if that is true she didn’t deserve to get beat and its still not alright it just means she is to blame too. But some fans are just delusional. I don’t like when people make excuses for him either. Its like he took responbility and owned up to it so there are no exucuses to be made.

  111. Rated x August 24, 2010

    let me get this straight..jay z slapping that woman is justified because she wasnt his wife/girlfriend?
    are u serious with that crap..i dont give a fugg wo u are keep ur hands to urself..

    where in the hell did u read that rihanna was left for dead in the car? please enlight me..
    because she only spend less than 2 hrs in the hospital..common sense if ur ass got beat to a pulp and ur left for dead in a car, why would ur doctor let u leave the hospital after 2 hrs?
    and I think what u most people are basing ur opinion on what happen is on the pic that rihannas people released..
    nobody can sit here and say chris didnt kick her ass, yes he did and he was wrong for that.
    but to sit here and say rihanna is the victim and that chris just snapped and beat her ass, while she sat there and did nothing, thats bunch of crap.

  112. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @ Rob,

    All the people you just named are repeated offenders, Chris Brown was a first time offender that is why he did not go to jail.

    Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan where on probation and they where repeat offenders breaking their probation.

    T.I was already a convict felon from a previous conviction and so was lil Wayne, they already had been to jail before.

    Chris Brown this was his first offense, so he is on a 5 years probation, just like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan was before they went out and repeated a new crime breaking their probation.

    Chris Brown is doing the mandatory time he should be getting for a person who has never committed a crime before. Most DV don’t do a day in jail if not more than 3 days in jail, with out any conviction and the woman is more seriously beat up than Rihanna.

    If Rihanna hated Chris Brown she would have testified against him, but she did not even want to be there and she got back went him, that is why the judge ordered the stay way order for the both of them.

  113. JAZ0195 August 24, 2010

    For the person who said deuces isn’t number one he just announced it why would he lie to his fans?

  114. DION-ISH August 24, 2010



    Rihanna has no reason to pro-claim innocence or anything of that matter because point blank she was beaten un-conscious and unless she had a knife to his head..I Dont see his reasoning? An Argument over a text message? Keys thrown out the window? (And there was no solid statement or proof that she touched him) sooo he basically beat her out of anger over a typical relationship issue?

    But Again, I in know way what to down Chris Brown or his Career, I REALLY want things to get back on track for him BUT i dont like when his fans try and blame Rihanna for the situation…She in know way should feel like its her fought.

  115. Hello! August 24, 2010

    Rihanna was not beaten to death. Yes she was beat, but he did not try to kill her. And I’m not making excusing for him.

  116. Rated x August 24, 2010

    she admit in the real police report, that she saw the text, and he kept denying it, thats when she hit him in the face repeatedly..and he snapped..

    and didnt rihanna admit in the 20/20 interview that she was in the hospital for only 2hrs, and she was NOT unconscious..

    so rihanna herself admit that she wasnt beating to death and ur on here claimming she was? does that make since?

  117. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    Last time I saw Rihanna her hair was cool aid red and she looked like bozo the clown. She was happy and the night was along ways from her mind.

    So if yer fans want to stay in that car that night you guys go right a head, and I know longer give a good f*** about a person who sings with an woman beater.

    Eminem beat the hell out of kim, beat her to a bloody pulp and she did spend more than two days in the hospital not 2 hours. Eminem even pulled a gun on Kim threatening to blow her head off, why she was on her knees crying in the streets in front of witness.

    Rihanna don’t care about DV, because she did not give Kim any thought when she song with Eminem she only thought about her career and having a number one hit!

    Eminem wrote a song about killing Kim. You guys need to stop with that Rihanna pity party because know one is buying it, unless you are getting paid by Ms. Fenty.

    Rihanna has gone about her life with Matt Kemp, poor fellow.

  118. babychris August 24, 2010

    so much love fantasia I hope chris see this reallly touch my heart of what she said

  119. Lady August 24, 2010

    I’m not about to make excuses for his actions once again. But I believe with young people they over re-act and things get out of control. Thats exactly why he is in his DV classes and stuff to learn how to act in situations like that. I believe that whatever it is they both have a part in what went down but RIhanna didn’t deserve to be beaten no one does. Its not right and I won’t make excuses for him. I just don’t believe she is innocent. Did she deserve it though? No. Whatever she did her being beaten isn’t right. I dislike it also when people think it was okay for him to beat her. And I see what you are saying there is no proof she touched him. You’re right we still don’t know the full story though. What I also don’t like is when people say it would have alright to hit him. I don’t know the full story once again I just believe everyone should keep their hands to themeselves male or female. Violence by either male or female isn’t right. I still see it as both of them probably f***** up that night. But still no excuses should be made.

  120. DION-ISH August 24, 2010

    @RATED X

    Um The Real Police report stats otherwise sweetie, because she nor CB ever claimed Rihanna Hit Him First…Were’d you pull that BS

    And Plz Show me the video/ and or quote of her saying that? because POLICE who arrived at the scene stated that Rihanna was very much so un-conscious


    If Rihanna didnt care she wouldnt have done what she did to save womens lives…Eminem Wrote a song about his experience w/ domestic violence and has turned his life around for the better and gotten help? Who The F** got you pressed?

  121. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    I don’t hate Rihanna but people like Dion-ish, and Rihanna Navy, make you hate the chick.

    I mean all this talk about her getting beat up make you very insensitive about the Chriana incident.

    I know longer have feeling about the whole incident, I feel numb about the whole ordeal. I never condoled what Chris Brown did but I still remained a fan even more so. I knew people where going to stray away from him and not give him a chance. The more you guys talk about it, the more it becomes old news.

    Regardless how the Rihanna fans feel, it’s over and we can’t change the pass, and some of us will remain Chris Brown fans. I’m glad Rihanna as gone on with her life and I hope the two stay away from each other, and I pray Chris Brown gets better and find him a nice girl.

  122. Lady August 24, 2010

    LOL at Justin Bieber making the Top 10 on the sexiest MEN list when he is a 16 year old boy. What kind or r***** put him on there? Thats a shame. Thats the only person I don’t agree with on that list. He is a cute little kid but you can’t put him or even consider him to be on a list with a whole bunch of grown men. Think of all the grown ass women looking at this list and running across Justin’s name….thats just wrong lol.

  123. Heaven August 24, 2010

    If I read all that bullsh*t I’d cut my wrists. He’s moved on, doing well…living life. If you don’t want to…so what. psssh.

    He’s on 106 tomorrow, fans…lmao!

  124. lottie dottie August 24, 2010

    Chris said it himself a thousand of times, “THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT I DID!!!” He never made up excuses for his actions, but some of his fans are and it’s not right. All Chris asked for was forgiveness. It is your choice if you want to forgive him or not, but don’t get mad at others and call them stupid and delusional because they chose to forgive.

  125. Geronimo Deuces August 24, 2010

    poor matt kemp i read somewhere that his career is going down

  126. Lady August 24, 2010

    But why does this situation even matter anymore? Everyone is trying to move on already. When I heard about Chris being in DV class earlier today it made me smile cuz many men young and old would not be taking it seriously even if its required. I pray for him I really do. I see his potential in trying to change. This is just one experience in life he had to learn from. Anyone can turn their life around. I honestly think he’ll be fine. For one he knows if he pulls this s*** again he is done. Also since this was his first offense and he took classes after and is also at a young age his chances at change are that much higher. Unlike men such as Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson above 35 and repeat offenders and such.

  127. Bluekid August 24, 2010


    If Rihanna didnt care she wouldnt have done what she did to save womens lives…Eminem Wrote a song about his experience w/ domestic violence and has turned his life around for the better and gotten help? Who The F** got you pressed?

    So are you saying Eminem can get his life together after almost killing his wife and Chris Brown can’t and why can’t he?

    Chris Brown is turning his life around and he is going to classes for his DV and anger management. I’m pretty sure when the stay away order is dropped Chris Brown and Rihanna will be friends, but that is it. Rihanna doesn’t hat Chris Brown you do!

  128. Lady August 24, 2010

    Can’t wait to see Chris on 106 tomorrow! I heard it will be packed and alot of TeamBreezy will be there. Can’t wait. I know he loves seeing his fans 😀

  129. Jazybelle August 24, 2010

    Just to make everything clear I as a chris brown fan think Rihanna was the victim
    her F***** up face,Chris Pleading Guilty ,the restraining order….Chris phisically abused her.Thats all.
    What Chris did Was Wrong and Im glad is getting Help and did’nt get in troubles since.
    But I won’t force myself to feel concerned about the whole situation that happened between THEM. I like Chris Music (always did) and dont give two s*** about Rihanna’s (as usual).Call me insensitive but they are not my familly why should I care that much??

    The incident was between Chris and Rihanna AND the Law .
    Your Personal situation with domestic violence has nothing to do with chris or rihanna for that matter.

    Hell Im sure Shanequa Who lives in your neighborhood is currently getting her a** beat .but of course you dont care cuz she is too ghetto/ cant dress for s***…stop being so damn Hypocrite People,whether you care for DV or you dont.

  130. JAZ0195 August 24, 2010

    @LADY I agree with you about justin bieber and I also think taylor lautner should have been number one on that list he is wayyy hotter than Rob pattison IMO

    Can people please stop talkink about the inccident it’s over.

  131. JAZ0195 August 24, 2010

    @JAZYBELLE Co-sign

  132. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @ Dion-ish

    Name one woman Rihanna life she saved and tell me when she went to a DV facility to talk to woman?

    Tell me what DV class for woman did she attend?

  133. DION-ISH August 24, 2010


    i did nothing but defend a statement made against rihanna by a cb stan. #overit


    that was mel gibson’s first offense as well, and the gf seemed a lil shady…why would she not go to the police yet release those videos for money? but thats another story. lol

  134. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @JAZYBELLE Co-sign

    I love the way you put it, ROFL! LMAO!

  135. babychris August 24, 2010

    if MJ was here RIP rest his soul but if he was here he would been so proub of chris because he did the best performence tribute to him and nobody couldn’t do the mj tribute better than chris brown and when he broke down omg tears couldn’t stop falling in my eyes people should really give chris another chance he really hurt he beg for his fans to forgive him and I’m a real fan i still love chris and I’m always gonna love him no matter what and I’m believe him when he said “i let yall down once I promise i wont do it again” chris is really learning from his mistakes and i believe and trust him that he wont let us down again

  136. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @ DION-ISH

    Mel Gibson girl friend is a no body, not a somebody like Rihanna, she did what she did to stay alive, so many young ladies have came up dead, now if anything happen to her, they will arrest Mel Gibson.

    Shady are not she did what was right for her and if she would have call the police with real evidences, she would have probably came up dead.

    I bet JayZ has beat the hell out of Rihanna, but know one will ever knows about it and she will never tell because it’s JayZ.

    People react differently in difference circumstances with different people.

    Rihanna gave it no thought to react on the situation with Chris Brown, I could guaranteed she would have not reacted the same way with JayZ.

  137. Rated x August 24, 2010

    chris never revealed what really happened that night, so saying he never said rihanna started the fight FAIL..
    20/20 interview, Diane sawyer asked her “were u unconscious that night”?
    rihanna looked straight at the camera and laugh and said NO, i dont even know where they get this stuff from, i was only in the hospital for 2 hrs…

    so now u gonna tell me what really happen that night, even thought rihanna stated otherwise?
    get the f*** out of here
    sweety all u have to do is gonna on tmz, they have the real police report, they were the first ones to released rihannas pic

  138. Rated x August 24, 2010

    if u gonna stan for rihanna and bash chris for stuff, make sure u have the right info boo

  139. Geronimo Deuces August 24, 2010

    Call me insensitive but they are not my familly why should I care that much??


  140. Rated x August 24, 2010

    August 24, 2010 at 5:00 am
    @ Dion-ish

    Name one woman Rihanna life she saved and tell me when she went to a DV facility to talk to woman?

    Tell me what DV class for woman did she attend?

    i wanna no too..

    that little kid is on a sexiest men list..dude is 16…dude didnt even go through puberty yet..
    maybe we should call chris hanson?

  141. Soulful Roses August 24, 2010

    DAMN…I’m always missing stuff.

    But anyways, I see the delusionals are out. Damn shame…

  142. VA STAND UP!!! August 24, 2010

    SMH! It never ceases to amaze me how these post get. All off topic and sh*t! Damn!

    Rih stans….why are ya’ll so pressed?? Half of ya’ll can’t even spell or put a damn sentence together to save your lives. I can’t wait for school to start back up cause some of ya’ll really need to be in class. SMH!

    Anywho, I have been side-eyeing Fantasia for a minute now with all her recent drama involving a married man but I appreciate what she had to say about Breezy. Also what the others in the video had to say as well. It’s funny how some of ya’ll are trying to act as if Fantasia was the only one who spoke up, and Black people are the only ones who will embrace him when clearly there were white men and woman in that video all saying the same thing..”He DESERVES a second chance.”

    It is obvious a lot of people feel that way because ‘Deuces’ is climbing the charts , Billboard Hot 100 and r&b charts. Meaning: A) major radio stattions are playing his music again & B) people are calling in to request his music helping it climb the charts. ‘Deuces’ is sitting pretty at No. 5 on the r&b charts and is expected to take the top spot from Usher.

    Check out of all of the covers on Youtube of not only ‘Deuces’ but songs from ‘Graffiti’ and his mixtapes. There are dozens of videos of white people covering his songs. His audience reaches outside the realms of BET and urban radio. The internet is a powerful tool in getting music out there for people to hear, and if people like what they hear they will support it. As long as he keeps making good music and let his talent shine, he will get his second chance!

    You all just can’t give credit where credit is due, but since half of you can’t even spell I wouldn’t expect you to be able to think logically.

  143. Jazybelle August 24, 2010

    Whoever put Justin Bieber on that list need to get Fired lmaoo

  144. DION-ISH August 24, 2010


    Chris Brown did a tribute performance to MJ plenty of times including the MTV VMA’s and World Music Awards So ALIVE he has seen CB’s tributes.


    Your Saying Jay-Z has Beaten Rihanna but nobody knows?!?! … i Cant. Sweetheart how old are you?! And Rihanna was un-conscious when the neighbor found her and called the police who took Rihanna to the hospital, While CB had Ran off.

    @RATED X

    Please Give me a link to the video and the vid’s number as to when she said that. Plus when someone is un-conscious they have no knowledge as to what went on afterwards…so why would she say that, unless she was covering for CB?

    And Im NOT bashing CB, Stating facts to his dumb a** fans….There’s a difference.

  145. DION-ISH August 24, 2010

    @VA STAND UP!!!

    Nobody attacked CB until one of his fans attacked Rihanna, as always. Period.

    And Um…. Im White and what does that have to do with anything?? Im Confused?

  146. Lady August 24, 2010

    Well that wasn’t really my point lol. Just saying his chances of change are higher than some of these 35-45 or something year old men who are repeat offenders. Thats all I’m saying.

    Also I’m not saying Rihanna wasn’t a victium. i don’t know the full story. Its just my opinion. Regardless I still think he was wrong. But we should all move on and forgive(doesnt mean you have to forget really).

    Yes they really do need to be fired. The boy is 16 that is not a man. When you are looking at a sexiest men list I wanna be able to see s*** men….not cute boys…*sigh* I can only think of the r***** staring at his pic….he should NOT be on there.

  147. Rated x August 24, 2010

    as a matter a fact how old r u ? because ur reasoning an u making s*** about what happen that makes ur ass sound dumb and young as hell

  148. JAZ0195 August 24, 2010

    Rih stans….why are ya’ll so pressed?? Half of ya’ll can’t even spell or put a damn sentence together to save your lives. I can’t wait for school to start back up cause some of ya’ll really need to be in class. SMH!

    LMAO So true

  149. Secret Voice August 24, 2010

    I luv Fantasia.she seems so sweet but she needs to cut some of the dead weight out of her life.I only wish her the best!I agree with her when it comes to what she said about Chris.

    Now when it comes to theses devil a** Rih-Ho Stans,I expect them to be the evil azzes they are and trust and believe they take right after that funky s**** they rep! I can’t stand her and I can’t stand her stupid evil a** Stans!

  150. Secret Voice August 24, 2010

    “these” not theses

  151. DION-ISH August 24, 2010


    I Agree

    @RATED X

    Im 22 and i hardly understood your last sentence…O_o

  152. VA STAND UP!!! August 24, 2010

    people should pay for their crimes , f*** it lindsay, paris, weezy, t.i all went to jail and didnt actually hurt anybody , he beat the hell out of rhianna n gets community service where is the justice , no performance will apologise for that GTFOH

    All the people that you mentioned already had previous charges and convictions.

    Lindsay, Paris, Lil Wayne ALL violated their probation! Meaning they did something wrong, got caught, punished, put on probation and then did something stupid again, got caught and then went to jail! They were given their second chances and then they messed up while on probation!

    Chris was never even charged with a Domestic crime. He plead guilty to ASSAULT, not battery. Assault is the INTENT to cause harm or danger to someone, while BATTERY is the actual act of hurting someone. He plead guilty to assualt which is the lesser charge! Rihanna never filed charges, and she signed the plea deal meaning she agreed to the terms and conditions of the plea deal! If she, the ‘victim’ wanted him to do jail time for what he did to her and her only, she could have refused the plea deal and it could have went to trial.

    Chris was a first time offender with NO previous charges of ANYTHING!! He got the typical sentence that a first time offender would get in the state of California. Each state has it’s own laws when it comes to DV and assault charges!

    Furthermore, he got 5 years probation. for a first time offender with no priors whose victim did NOT file charges and signed the plea deal, 5 years probation is actually a stiff sentence. If he violates his probation, like all the other people you mentioned, THEN he goes to jail! Clearly he meeting all the terms and conditions of his probation because at ALL of his probationary hearings he was praised by the Judge. So until he violates it, then no jailtime for him! Get over it!

  153. JAZ0195 August 24, 2010

    This post is a mess

  154. JAZ0195 August 24, 2010

    @VA STAND UP Co-sign and lmao at the second paragragh you wrote.

  155. Lady August 24, 2010

    August 24, 2010 at 5:49 am
    This post is a mess
    Chris post are always a mess lol. Everytime I need a laugh I come to one. The comments on this site are usually so messy but so funny.

  156. Geronimo Deuces August 24, 2010

    good night yo’ll im done for the night

  157. Rated x August 24, 2010

    what has “HIS DUMB Ass FANS”, said that u need to correct them?
    all u have to do is go on TMZ, and go on utube and ull see where rihanna said she was never unconscious…why should i do all the work for u, im not the one on here whos in denial..
    so now rihanna was covering for chris?
    do u know rihanna personally boo? where u in the car tonight?
    is she payin u for all that ass kissing boo?
    i hate to see u all up in cooch for free

  158. Rated x August 24, 2010

    so now u have comprehension problems?

  159. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @ Dion-ish

    Have you heard the 911 tapes I haven’t?

    And you said some one found her unconscious, I never saw them on Nancy Grace, TMZ, Show Bizz to night, Jane, a matter of fact know one has came forward not even at trail, so who paid this persons off from not talking????

    And why the police did not take a report from that person?

    Dion-ish that night sound shady, keep talking!

  160. Rated x August 24, 2010

    22 huh…
    wow i thought by 22 most people use common sense..
    i guess not

  161. Tasha Mack August 24, 2010

    How old are you guys ??? Really grow up enjoy the music and keep it moving you dont know these people personally STOP D*** RIDING !!

  162. Secret Voice August 24, 2010

    I am so sick of Rih-Ho stans talking about Chris Stans making excuses for Chris,yet you ignore the fact that h***** infested trick started the fight and eventually lost the fight. There is nothing for that ho to forgive and she knows that! I would have slapped the bytch upside the head just for all that damn exaggerated screaming she did! I can’t stand a fool that starts mess trying to play the victim!

  163. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @ Geronimo Deuces

    Good night Deuces 🙂

  164. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    HI Secret Voice LOL 🙂

  165. Secret Voice August 24, 2010

    Hi Bluekid! I hope all is well!

  166. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @ Secret Voice

    Yea! Gurl these Riho fans are something else real ritards LOL!

  167. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 24, 2010

    Anyone else notice Fantasia’s speech is a WHOLE lot better?

  168. DION-ISH August 24, 2010

    @RATED X

    No. You Just dont know how to put a sentence together correctly…Thats All.


    Its in the OFFICIAL Police Report…A Fellow neighbor in the neighborhood found Rihanna in the car un-conscious and called the police..who took control of the matter.

    If you’ll like you can find out for yourself. I Will no longer spend time on this matter…The Only Reason i came to Rihanna’s defense was because of a Chris Brown Stan. So Goodnight.

  169. Lady August 24, 2010

    ~TeAM WeeZY~
    August 24, 2010 at 6:13 am
    Anyone else notice Fantasia’s speech is a WHOLE lot better?
    YES! I defiently noticed. I remember watching her reality show and they were talking about basically how slow she was and needed to go back to school I think….I guess she took that advice.

  170. SMMFGDH August 24, 2010

    The ignorance found in this post. Especially the people saying “they would done ______ to Rihanna”. Calling her names like RihGoat, and Rih-Ho.

    It amazes these same people who will cry and moan about people not being able to judge Chris will be the first ones to down Rihanna and call her names but when people do the SAME thing to Chris, they wanna get their panties in a bunch.

    @Bluekid is obviously a psycho and not worth arguing with.

    The incident is OVER. And Chris plead guilty to what was IN THE POLICE REPORT. End of discussion.

  171. Lady August 24, 2010

    How about we stop judging all together 😀 I like that idea. I have my opinions on the situation but hey who am I to judge either of them. They are young and have alot more years to live and alot more to learn. This post is just a mess. And some of you are just a mess.

  172. Lady August 24, 2010

    Anyways Deuces #49 on iTunes 😀 It was just at #51 earlier. Good job TeamBreezy! And remember Chris is on 106&Park tomorrow to promote Takers(not sure but he might be with Michael Ealy…again not sure…) make sure to watch! I was watchin today when T.I. was there and everytime someone mentioned Chris Brown they screamed….they better scream for Christopher! Lol…jk.

  173. Rated x August 24, 2010

    Michael Ealy is one s*** mofo…
    i dont watch EBT, but ill dvr that ish just to see him…
    of course theyre screaming chris name, dude is foine too,,
    not as foine as Michael Ealy….
    let me stop, lol

  174. Rated x August 24, 2010

    fyi pleading guilty doesnt necessarily means u guilty…

  175. Rated x August 24, 2010

    August 24, 2010 at 6:31 am
    How about we stop judging all together I like that idea. I have my opinions on the situation but hey who am I to judge either of them. They are young and have alot more years to live and alot more to learn. This post is just a mess. And some of you are just a mess

    cosign 100%
    the stan just doesnt want to admit rihanna is also responsible..
    we dont know what happen only god and both of them knows..
    until then both are guilty of puttin their hands on each other

  176. Rated x August 24, 2010

    u obviously cant read boo, dont go blame me for ur shortcomings….

  177. DION-ISH August 24, 2010

    @RATED X

    You Need Help Doll, Goodnight.

  178. Lady August 24, 2010

    I might be slow but what does EBT stand for? LOL. I don’t really watch their ish either I sometimes watch 106 and I had to watch it today cuz T.I. was there they were showing alot of love for Chris and he wasn’t even there! LOL! Glad he’ll be there tomorrow. I heard alot of TeamBreezy is gonna be in the house! Oh no Chris might get dragged into the crowd or something lol….I also heard the place is gonna be crowded.

    @Rated X
    Yes Michael Ealy is s***! And him and Chris play brothers in the movie! I love them! And Chris and Michael Ealy’s curls SLAYED the Takers premiere LOL!

  179. Rated x August 24, 2010

    EBT is basically a term we used for the ghetto hoodrats and for people who got no shame in showing their asses..basically black people(my people), who sit their asses home all day and receives food stamps..
    so BET is the ghetto hoodrats of black television..
    its hard to explain boo

  180. star August 24, 2010

    I give Chris his props for even coming on stage because of ignorant people that could have and did shout stupid ish. I also give him props for an album not even an album, a mixtape, and singles to get on the charts. Everybody is entitled to an opinion but you dont know the whole story or situation to even open your mouth. I was mad at him but i cannot say ish really. I wasnt chillin in the car or nothing. wounds dont heal quick, it takes time…I am still a fan and im more aware of t*** violence and trying to help. Not trying talk bad about rihanna but i wished she could have did more for the women groups that actually supported her instead of just getting imterviewed
    . I am a fan of hers too. Im glad she is doing good. Its about time for him to have his life back…wouldnt you want to be forgiven for anything wrong you did?

  181. Rated x August 24, 2010

    they play brothers..dang i wish my a** was still living in NY..
    ull see my ass cheesin in the first row..
    dang michael ealy is 35?
    dude could be my daddy..
    yep ill call his ass daddy alright…
    let me stop before i give myself a heart
    now i need to see that movie,just for his foine old ass

  182. Lady August 24, 2010

    @Rated X
    Lol. You crazy. Make sure you go see Michael Ealy’s fine ass in Takers August 27th lol.

    Exactly I’d never hold a grudge at someone who messed up and is trying to get one more chance cuz I know I’d hate to be not forgiven and bashed at the mention of my name for a mistake. Its really patheic how someone is still upset and holding a grudge over this…smh.

  183. joshj August 24, 2010

    I Just Gota Say Some Of You M************ DELUSIONAL As HELL…..No Matter Who This Blog Posts About Rihanna Comes Up…..and U Silly Pretend Haterz Throw Shade At Her Just Sad….the Girl Is On Her Way To Legend Status Keep It Up Haterz thanks For keeping Her Relevant…. Secretly This Blog Is Dedicated To Rihanna I Know It!!!

  184. Julie August 24, 2010

    Fantasia is so sweet! I agree with everything she just said.
    I think Chris deserves a second chance and he has my full support. <3

    And btw, she is NOT messed up because of her overdose. She obviously has a lot of difficulties going on at the moment but she is still such a lovely person with an amazing voice. 🙂

  185. Hermelllaa August 24, 2010

    to all the people hating on CHRIS BROWN wtff seriously get over yourselves! he made a mistake his SORRY! rihanna is over it gets a new man in the same year but yous NEED TO GROW UP!

  186. vegasgirl August 24, 2010

    I read all the comments and I hate to do this but no one has seen the final OFFICIAL police report, we have all read a police affadavit used to obtain text/phone messages from that evening, which was dated from that evening or the day after. Police would have still had to conduct a full investigation ( interviews,evidence,etc). I really don’t want to join an arguement , yes he pled guilty but the public has not seen the police’s version of events from the incident ( the final OFFICIAL police report, which probably contains alot of what was in the affadavit). Unless someone has seen something else online? I just hate exageration and false facts in general.

    Anyway, I’m glad Fantasia is better and speaking publically ( she is still my favorite American Idol).. It’s good she is telling her story instead of allowing the media to shape her story by exaggerating and fabricating things to continue to feed their version of the story.

  187. KD August 24, 2010

    Didn’t bother to listen…I mean really what thing of value would a suicidal train wreck have to say, someone get this chick some painkillers and sleeping tablets stat.

  188. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @ KD

    Are you not suicidal you self?

    @ Dion-ish

    Never did I read a separate report of what the neighbors said, like in the Tiger Wood incident, where the neighbors where on TV giving there version of what happen.

    Like I say, every body wants their 15 minutes of fame, so where is the neighbor that called the police and why haven’t we heard his/her version of what happen that night?

    Where is the 911 call?

    To many loose ends and to many questions not answered.

    When Rihanna fans stop the name calling so will we and not all Chris Brown use name calling, just a few of us and you proved a point with your post Rihanna fans are Ritards!

  189. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    I bet Rihanna people paid that neighbor a lot of money, because know way would he/she would have excepted a dime from Chris Brown.

    One day this event will come and bite Rihanna in the a** and will rectify Chris Brown.

    Rihanna fans are the only one that keep bring this story up, over and over. Chris Brown fans never bring this incident, up just the RihRih fans.

    Dion-ish think bring this s*** up will change some bodies mind, its been almost two years and nobody is giving a damn aright about now. It happen so lets move on, Rihanna has and as long as Rihanna fans keep the shade up on Chris Brown calling him out of his name, so will some of the Chris Brown fans like me will continue to do the same.

    Rihyodel, Rigoat, Riho, RihRih, Ribitch, Riflop, Rimix, Rihflopanna, Rishit,…etc….

  190. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    Getting back on subject, Fantasia sound good and I hope she is getting her life together, she has a person who love and needs her very much her child.

    I wish Ms. Fantasia the best and she has my support and this post wasn’ t about R…….

    This post was about Fantasia voicing an opinion on Chris Brown. Than all the shade came in from the R….. and ruined the thread has usual when Chris Brown name is mentioned.

    God bless you Fantasia!

  191. kody August 24, 2010

    point blank chris brown still has way more fans than rihanna and deuces is doing way better than flopstar101 and tehamo they mad because chris is back they in denial yall some losers

  192. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 24, 2010

    God bless you Fantasia and I hope you can get your life together. As for her statement about Chris yes he made a mistate and he should be given a second. Also I love what the people being interviewed was saying about Chris.

  193. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    Hey, Plain and Simple and Kody! 🙂

  194. Keesha August 24, 2010

    August 24, 2010 at 2:05 am



    If you would have watched the video, you would have seen mostly if not all white people, and all women for that matter, except for one man speaking about Chris’ tribute and the fact they were all talking about everyone making mistakes and everyone deserving second chances. It seems to me that many white people have and are starting to “forgive” Chris (and I put forgive in quotations because it is not even our place to forgive him, the people whose place it is, God and Rihanna have already forgiven him) or rather us realize what he has done and say, hey no one can go back and change the past, NO ONE, and therefore all we can do is hope that he is taking the steps needed in order to get his life back together. That’s it. And if you can’t do that, and you think that he is not remorseful and that there is no career of his to check for, why are you even on here??? You, @Yellow Gorilla, @Boo Hoo Hoo and the other five haters come on here constantly talking about how you think he has never been sincere. I mean if you don’t think that he is sincere after his BET performance, then I guess you never will find him to be sincere. I’m done talking to haters. From now on, I’ll laugh at your guy’s posts and then scroll past because you guys are pathetic.

  195. Keesha August 24, 2010

    And one more thing to @Nicky, No one said to forget what Chris did. @Lady said it the best. Only a fool will forgive AND forget. A fool will also NOT forgive NOR forget. But a smart person will forgive but NOT forget. I know most people are smart and will do the latter, unlike you.

  196. truthfully August 24, 2010

    This video just makes me smile…God bless everyone in this video.

  197. rob August 24, 2010


  198. 3364445 August 24, 2010

    I liked Chris Brown’s performance (MINUS the crying). An artist must be professional at all times. If you fall down, pick yourself up and keep singing. If you feel like crying, choke back those tears and CONTINUE to sing. MJ did that often when he sang ” She’s Out of My Life” which was a very SAD song. He would hold back the tears until the end. Chris should have done the same, but it was an overwhelming moment so *kanye shrug* I’m just glad that he tributed MIchael BEFORE his death & got to speak to him since he idolized him.

    To the CB FANS/STANS: If you think the Rihanna stans and haters are bad here, you haven’t been on *The Superficial* blog. That guy HATES Chris & MJ with a passion. It’s pathetic

  199. sheesh August 24, 2010

    “Rihanna Stans! n0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0! wait!,stop!,ow!, my back!”

  200. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 24, 2010


    Sorry I was out What’s up

  201. K August 24, 2010

    I really cant wit these comments…rotfl, yall really are messy
    I reall cant understand how irrelevant things involving chris or rihanna comes up in the comment section that have nothin to do wit the actual post…smh

    How do we go from this bein about Fantasia commentin on Chris performance to comparin tour sales, album sales, singles placements on the billboard charts. Stop the name calling on both sides and focus on yourselves cuz this is getting out of control and its been almost 2 years now. Move on already cuz chris and rihanna have… stop tryna pull and drag both artists back to a time they both regret deeply.

  202. Lady August 24, 2010

    Well Rihanna’s name came up cuz one of her stans mentioned “#RihannaNavy” and what not so thats how that started. Anyways did someone just say Rihanna is on her way to legend status? I can’t with that. I don’t think Rihanna is a flop but just because she has a good amount of number 1s doesn’t mean she is legendary it takes so much more than that and saying she is a legend as of now is an insult to real legend who have accomplished so much more. No shade not saying she sucks but come on now. Thats why Rihanna stans often get called delusional…..

  203. Lady August 24, 2010

    Now how exactly do you beat someone up WHILE driving without crashing the car? Thats why people like you need to realize the report we saw is NOT the official police report. Cuz explain to me how he would drive while punching or whatever without losing control of the car? It just doesn’t make sense. Thats why that report never made sense to begin with. If anything he pulled over and beat her. But for one if someone is driving and trying to hit you at the same time they aren’t gonna be very successful at doing so. The person not driving has a better chance of getting hits in then the one that has control of the wheel. Also r*** is actually considered a crime while I don’t think domestic violence techanically is. R*** and domestic violence are two different cases. So thats why on a clean record his punishment was pretty fair. You can argue all day how unfair it is but meanwhile thousands more women are getting beat by men that REALLY should be locked up.

  204. cherie August 24, 2010


    Domestic violence IS considered a crime. It can fall under “intimate partner assault”, “felony assault” etc.

    BTW, I’m NOT a CB hater

  205. Bluekid August 24, 2010

    @ Rob

    It sounds like you where in that car, American and the world wants to hear your side of the story what really happen that night, do please tell us blow by blow detail.

  206. LILI August 24, 2010

    I agree with the video!

  207. Lady August 25, 2010

    My bad then. I knew it was felony assult. My only thing is people still don’t get that with his clean record before that and this assult and the fact he did a plea deal him not going to jail is actually expected.

  208. jonberry August 25, 2010

    I don’t give a sh*t what a hater has to say about Chris. If you don’t like him why click on the link and come here leaving a bullsh*t comment?

    A) Oh that’s right he has a new movie coming out TAKERS (in theaters Friday, Agust 27)and it will be extremely successful!

    B) Oh that’s right he was voted #13th most SEXIEST MAN of 2010 by Glamour Magazine!

    C) Oh that’s right Deuces is the #1 song.

    Oh, now I see why the haters crawl out of the holes in which they normally dwell!

    P.S. LOVE YOU FANTASIA! Fu@k Nancy Grace and the American media spreading nothing but their usually EVIL & HATRED!

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