Exclusive: Aubrey O’Day Officially Says ‘Goodbye’ To Danity Kane Drama

It has been over 2 years since Danity Kane broke apart and Aubrey O’Day is finally ready to let go of the past. The Pop singer is using her reality show, ‘All About Aubrey’, and upcoming album to give her fans a look at the artist behind all of the glamour.

However, before Aubrey takes the next step in her career, she has decided to address recent accusations made by her former bandmate Dawn Richard.

In an exclusive interview with That Grape Juice, Aubrey spoke out against Dawn’s claim that the other members of Danity Kane didn’t love making music the way that she did, citing it as a personal source of anger and frustration within the group.

“I think that her comment is a reflection of her negativity. I wish her and everyone else the best and I would definitely have to say that everybody in our group loved Danity Kane. There wasn’t any one person that loved it more than another” Aubrey explained. “Everyone fought the group’s battles as well as their own battles and it affected everyone in a very emotional way. I don’t think it’s anyone else’s right to decide who felt the pain of that greater than everyone else.”

Still, Aubrey has found a way to vent about the problems of the past through her music. “You’re going to get an amazing ballad called ‘Goodbye Heartbreak’ on the show and it’s about letting go of being angry or negative or anything that brought you 10 steps back” she revealed about the song which she gave her fans a glimpse of on a Ustream session last year. “It came at a very emotional time during filming and it was exactly what my heart was feeling in that moment. You’re going to be able to see me write, record and perform it live.”

Tune into the premiere of ‘All About Aubrey’ at 10pm ET on March 7th via Oxygen to learn more about Aubrey’s new album and the struggles she encounters as she forges her musical comeback.


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  1. Kyle February 26, 2011

    Send us the weekly link so we can watch it in UK =)

  2. DC3 February 26, 2011

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove her! She’s like the white Beyonce!

  3. John Hooder February 26, 2011

    There is something about this chick that shines bright….love her or hate her (I’ve done both) she is interesting as hell. I will be tuned into the show to see what she has in store. I hope she makes it so someone can truly make it after being trapped in Diddy’s f***** up world!

  4. Lem February 26, 2011

    Aubrey can sit to f*** down. She only wanted fame and never loved the music like Dawn did. F*** this Playboy ho. Dawn >

  5. JonathanGardnerTV February 26, 2011

    Yaaas Go Aubrey!

    I do love Dawn’s music – her new mixtape is hot – but I’m impressed by the way Aubrey is handling herself. She is doing the mature thing! I wish all the DK members the best 😀


  6. Shannon February 26, 2011

    Dawn is making minimum wage with Diddy…at least with DK we made minimum wage plus tips, strip tease much? Owwww!

  7. Dawn February 26, 2011

    Aubrey sit yo ass down somewhere with this negative nonsense! I’m not even a fan of either of these broads, but come on son…. I heard that Dawn interview and she said that they didn’t love “it”, like she loved “it”. That’s her opinion! When your group members are doing other stuff outside of the group and are willing to miss shows because of other things, it makes sense how someone could feel that the person missing shows isn’t as into the job as the others. People always need attention and I think this one is using this to dredge up attention for her show.

    I don’t think I have ever gotten the impression from Dawn that she was negative, and not from Aubrey either until this article…but that’s just me. Now, the other black chick in that group seemed really negative to me. But if it’s been 2 years and you are over it…why are you speaking on it?

    Anything to stay relevant, I guess. Anybody else feel like the only person continuing to build an image on this disbanded group is Aubrey? She’s even still working with most of the folks from MTB!…

  8. Dawn February 26, 2011

    What’s funny is that Dawn doesn’t even mention these chicks….EVER! lol, but Aubrey is always calling Dawn’s name for something. When people ask Dawn about the other girls, she always wishes them the best and says nothing negative about them….but here is Aubrey outright calling Dawn negative!!! WOW!!!! Catty much?….Aubrey words always have and still do contradict her actions. If you are over it and wish everyone the best, why are you negatively discussing people in interviews. Again, your negative words contradict the image that you are over it and wish her well. Silly girl…smh!

  9. Who’s Cedric? February 26, 2011

    I thought this was Beyonce at first glance! Lord forgive me. Dawn is a mess, she needs to SIT.

  10. Dawn February 26, 2011

    Clearly Aubrey’s career isn’t doing as well as she had expected on her own or she wouldn’t be doing a reality show. *shrugs* Everybody knows that reality shows are the easy way to gain notoriety without having to have an ounce of talent. Talent competition shows excluded, these “celeb” reality shows are just a way for people to make money without producing a viable product worth proper marketing.

  11. James February 26, 2011

    HANG IT UP AUBREY!!!! I agree with Dawn… I know I’m a outsider looking in, but from the outside it did look like Aubrey was more concerned about herself and not the group… Dawn was and still is HUSTLING in my opinion, and I do feel like she was the most talented one out of the group… That mixtape is FIRE!!! It is studio album quality material!!!

  12. Dawn February 26, 2011

    Is Aubrey for real???? Is she really talking about Danity Kane mess 2 years later?….I hope she really is saying goodbye to the drama, because everyone else said goodbye when the group ended….2 YEARS AGO!!!

  13. omg February 26, 2011

    @funny and @huh exactly i was stunned when aubrey said that if all aubrey fans would look at dawns interviews she dont mention them at all and not because of negative stuff because she moved on. And when they do ask her about danity kane she always say something nice like the girls are brilliant and they all will be successful and she wish them the best. I saw that interview and dawn said they didnt love the music like she did because thats all that dawn cared about was the music not the fame. I was warming up to aubrey but after this idk. Dawn is making more money then she ever did performing at awards shows and featuring on nellys album and writing for people and being in dirty money i think she doing fine @shannon lol.

  14. Dawn February 26, 2011

    Why is Aubrey even commenting on someone else’s opinion? It’s just that, her opinion! Clearly Dawn struck a nerve with her comment. Hit dogs yell the loudest…. next —->

  15. ffffflllllllllllllllllopppppppppppp February 26, 2011

    goodfor her

  16. Say that S*** AUBREY February 26, 2011

    Aubrey! Girl. Just focus on you coz your about to BLOW THE F*** UP.

    I hope Dawn learns to love others as much as she loves herself.

  17. Yellow Gorillah February 26, 2011




  18. omg February 26, 2011

    i never was a fan of aubrey but she was ok in my book. But to say that she is over dk and say that smh. And its true aubrey was about her self and dawn was about the music. I wish aubrey success but im still team dawn. And its sad to say but dawn and aubrey will forever be put against eachother with their fans smh.

  19. KD February 26, 2011

    washed up white trash.

  20. I only read the 1st part February 26, 2011

    1st Aubrey & D where always open about being triple threats.
    2nd Shannon and Aundrea have and always will be ALL ABOUT the music so for her to say that!! Sometimes its easier to blame others than it is to look in the mirror at your own flaws

    It’s such a shame. Dawn needs chose her words wisely because every time she opens her mouth about other people her”positivity” mask keeps a slipping she needs to stop twitter preaching and find her some redemption.

  21. Elly February 26, 2011

    I Love Aubrey O’Day her Honesty speaks volumes louder than any of these hoodrat’s words ever could! I am very excited for her show and her album ( i will probably buy 3 copies!) I have been a fan Since MTB and have followed all of her work since then (thank god for google news LOL) I loved “Never Fallin”, “I Got It” with Donnie Wahlberg, “Party All The Time” with Shanelle from Young Money, “Physical” which i pray is on the album, “Do Yo Dance” feat Cupid, “Automatic”, Hitchhiker” and I LOVE “Goodbye Heartbreak” it has been such a great help with my recently physically abusive ex-boyfriend… She is a tremendous person full of life and resilience…she truly is a Phoenix…one who fell to the fires but from the ashes was reborn much more powerful and wiser than before. Keep up the Great Work Aubrey O’Day you are alot of people’s beacon of hope…stay mighty!… and hurry your delicious ass up with the music I WANT IT NOW! LOL

  22. CRAMPED February 26, 2011

    F*** you, Aubrey.

  23. 2BAD2BME February 26, 2011


  24. 2BAD2BME February 26, 2011


  25. Mely B February 26, 2011

    @James, Kaela, Funny & Huh

    Agree with all of your comments. I still have those seasons of Making the Band on dvd and Aubrey’s overly entitled a** got on my nerves then and this comment just nauseates me. Back when she was trying to make the band she seemed humble and hardworking – although moderately talented in my opinion. The only thing that made her stand out was when she stood up to that deranged “housemother” – I never felt that her singing or dancing ability was as good as or better than some of those other girls (especially the ones that were competing during the second audition phase).

    I’m Team Dawn because she is a talented chick who is hustling for a place in the music industry. Aubrey is a wanna-be marginally talented chick who wants fame – I don’t wish failure on anybody so if she is using this show to hustle and get back into the industry, good for her…but I will not be watching.

  26. WonderLand19 February 26, 2011

    Dawn was right what she said. Aubery didn’t LOVE the group as she would miss shows to be doing her own thing. Plus, if she really loved the group then she would not have done side projects that outshined/damaged Danity Kane. Real talk.
    The only reason shes talking is because she’s got a new reality show out and she needs the buzz. Whos being negative now?
    I used to love Aubrey in the early days but i drew the line when she posed for play boy.
    Plus, she should have waited untill danity were GLOBAL to start promoting herself.
    Shes just hating on Dawn because she’s moving on and havin top 5 singles around the world. Aubrey should focus on herself and STOP making DK fans pick sides.No one apart from Aubrey and D.woods are doing that.
    Aubrey is a WASTEMAN. Real talk.

  27. Dawn February 26, 2011

    This is all just media foolishness! lol…these grown ass women need to start acting like grown ass women! If you have moved on, then don’t speak about it. Love yourself and focus on what you are doing and saying. I’m sure that the other chick won’t even respond to this nonsense, as well she shouldn’t. I don’t care about a Dawn fan or an Aubrey fan. Folks taking sides like these chicks care anything about them. Aubrey is always quick to stir up something and then denounce it as negativity and say she is done with it, playing the martyr. If she was really done with it, she wouldn’t even dignify the statement with a response.

  28. DoRightAndKillEverything February 26, 2011

    she has only been about herself , she was selling s** in DK not that i’m complaining i just dont think it was the image the group wanted and as a GROUP, there needs to be some type of give and take and clearly aubrey just wanted to take it all

  29. I only read the 1st part February 26, 2011

    Anyone ever felt it a coincidence that: I got the link to this article from my twitter today. Same day Aubrey mentions her other DK members success, 1st time she @ Dawn Richard, and the same day she follows D Woods and Melissa on Twitter (still no follow for Dawn though).

    Hmmm! Nope neither did I.

    When does her show come out again?

  30. Dawn February 26, 2011

    This is all really sad! These type of interviews is why the “fans” can never really move forward, IMO. It just further encites the drama and fans the flames. As far as I am concerned, they should all keep each other’s names out of their mouths…eventhough I never really hear Dawn mention their names *Kanye shrug*.

    But anyhoo…Aubrey should just focus on what she is doing and worry about her and her image. I thought she didn’t care what anyone thought of her?…clearly that is not the case when she chooses to go aound debating other people’s opinions.

  31. Dawn February 26, 2011

    I’m neither team Dawn or team Aubrey, but I’m pro REAL…and Aubrey isn’t it to me! From the way that I have witnessed them behaving and portraying themselves in the media, I am prone to believe that Dawn is the more mature, less negative of the two women, IMO. I just listened to the interview and she never really says anything negative about the other girls in that group. The comment that Aubrey is responding to here isn’t really that bad. She said that she didn’t believe that her group members were all in like she was, what’s wrong with that? She didn’t go any further into details or calling them names or questioning their character…she said that her new group members seem to be all in like she is. I’m still trying to figure out what the big deal is?

  32. DA TRUE STORY February 26, 2011

    TO THE AUBREY HATERS…U ppl let Diddy brainwash ya’ll along with Dawn..Aubrey was not dumb..she knew Diddy was trynna get over on them and she had to do her own grind to make cash/success..And once Diddy noticed Aubrey was smart & Dawn was jealous cuz of Aubrey’s success, Diddy knew it was a perfect time to sabotage the group, seein that some of the members could be successful without him..and that hurt his ego..So on the low he promised Dawn her own thing, which she loved..And now look wat happened..No group left and Dawn is a backup singer for Diddy & the Supremes..I wish Aubrey the best..


  33. Missunderstood February 26, 2011

    @Sad and @Really

    You might want to change your email address 😉

  34. Missunderstood February 26, 2011

    Not on anyones side. I just miss Danity Kane as a whole….but I will admit that D.Woods, Dawn, and Andrea were my favs 🙂 And speaking of Andrea, I hope she releases new music sometime soon because she had the best voice in the group, IMO

  35. Dawn February 26, 2011

    Aubrey’s doing what she does best….stir up drama to create a buzz, IMO. She is promoting a show and any and all attention, good or bad, she is trying to get to make more people interested.

    I’m gonna go on record saying that Dawn is the more positive of these 2 women. Why, you may ask? When a video hit ustream a few months ago, with Aubrey and Aundrea talking smack about Dawn…Dawn didn’t run around trying to respond to it and “clear the air”. She could have, but she didn’t and its because she didn’t feel the need to feed the nonsense. She isn’t attention seeking….and I think that speaks volume about Dawn’s character!

    So Aubrey fans can keep thinking that she is taking the high road and doing what is right, but what’s right and mature is moving on with her life. Don’t feed into and respond to any perceived shade, just be the bigger person and rise above it. However, it looks like Dawn has mastered this skill already 🙂

  36. Dawn February 26, 2011

    So….is Aubrey gonna respond to every statement Dawn makes? Damn Dawn, pat yourself on the back for having this much power over that chick!!! *hi-fives Dawn* 🙂


  37. cammy February 26, 2011

    If Aubrey was as successful as her few fans claim there would be no need for a comeback. It was hard for her after the breakup and gave her a much needed reality check. You think she did peepshow because she thought it was a great opportunity? She did it because it was one of the few offers she had. I just wish the chic would admit that she just wants to be famous, a hollywood socialite and cut the crap with trying to pass herself off as an artist. Leave DK where it is in the past and move the hell on.

  38. Noobie February 26, 2011

    This is all stupid! Aubrey, Dawn…does it really matter? The group is over, so why doesn’t everyone just move on already? They all have new jobs and new things going on….so why even worry about the past?

  39. Elly February 26, 2011

    I think it’s funny that all the Dawn lovers don’t re-examine their own comments because if you think Aubrey O’Day isn’t over it for responding-….Well really think to yourselves… if Dawn was really over it and didn’t have anything Negative AT ALL to say…then she wouldn’t have mentioned her old group at all …PERIOD STOP LOL . it’s like lil kids saying oh well Aubrey’s saying something about it….Well you fools there wouldn’t be a response period if there was never a statement. Let all be at peace they are both talented women , but if you re-read Aubrey’s comment she just said the comment represented Dawn’s negativity which saying someone else loved something less than you is somewhat negative if you are all in the same group working for the group…..”I don’t think it’s anyone else’s right to decide who felt the pain of that greater than everyone else”…. remember back in MTB days Aubrey was the most outspoken for fighting for the group …. she fought for music they actually liked and wanted on the album when the other girls remained silent…

  40. Dave February 26, 2011

    None of y’all know them, or what happened inside of the group, so i don’t believe you all are open to say who loved the music more, or either of their opinions being right. I’m interested to see what Aubrey has cooked up, even though I don’t really care for her.

  41. O_O February 26, 2011

    The only this that shocks me is why TF is Aubrey following Dawn’s career (and a interview very few knew existed) so attentively! O_O


  42. Hello February 26, 2011

    Wow, at the comments on this post! lol….

    I like both of these girls, but Aubrey should just let go and let GOD! If Dawn is really throwing shade then her karma is coming. Why spend the energy to dispute her comment? I think Aubrey cares more than she wants to admit about what people think about her. If she is gonna be in that industry, she has to get a tougher skin and let some of this stuff just roll off her back, because it really makes her look petty and catty!

    With that said, I have to commend Dawn on not falling into the foolishness. She made a comment and moved on…don’t think I have ever heard her dispute comments made about her by others. Actually, she always says something like “well that’s their opinion, so… ” maybe Aubrey should adopt that philosophy

  43. Kita February 26, 2011

    Can the “fans” just stop fighting over this nonsense already? It has been 2 years for goodness sake! Both of these women are talented and were apart of a group that you all once loved, or you wouldn’t be commenting or taking sides. Like who you like, and move on. I think they are both entitled to their opinions, even if they disagree. I am not gonna dispute or defend either of their oprinions….neither is any better or any worse than the other, IMO. I will say that they both seemed to be in better places now and I wish the both of them the best of luck with their future endeavors.

  44. omg February 26, 2011

    one last thing and i swear im done. Aubrey must really be fishing for interviews seeing if somebody talking about her. Because dawn said that in a mini interview in the back of a CAR all the way out in LONDON in a interview that wasnt even passed around to alot of people. And the topic wasnt even about them. The interview asked what is the difference from being in dk the dm or something like that. Dawn also said she dont talk about danity kane because she want to leave it how it was GREAT she dont diss those woman at all.

  45. O_O February 26, 2011

    I kid about the stalker stuff.

    Anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that the HEAD member of danity kane has officially said she is over it maybe her stans will allow Dawn to actually start enjoying “life after Aubrey”…I mean life after Danity KAne. It’s not like Dawn, D Woods, Shannon and Aundrea havent been trying to build their lives since 2008.

  46. omg February 26, 2011

    @elly the thing is DAWN DONT TALK ABOUT THEM OR EVEN MENTION THEM!!!!!!!!!. Read my last comment.
    @dawn everything your saying is true but chill lol

  47. omg February 26, 2011

    0_0 head dk member -_- most popular yes head member -_-. Call me when hear a dk song when aubrey song more then one verse two the most…………………………………………… Ill be waiting very longer then that.

  48. Sigh February 26, 2011

    why so many comments? …lol

    It seems like the fans should take their own advice about moving on and commenting on unnecessary comments and let it go. It’s been over for a while and both of the girls are still in the industry, so we will see and hear different things from/about them—its no need to start a Dawn fans vs Aubrey fans argument everytime there is a blog about them and something they said, IMO.

    DK was awesome and it is missed by many fans, but it’s time to support who you support and let all of the rest of it go. None of us know what really happened, we saw an edited spliced together version of conversations that made us choose sides based on how we perceived it. Just because you have a favorite, doesn’t mean that you have to attack the other girl or their fans!

  49. LOL February 26, 2011

    My name says it all!!

    LOL at this post and the comments for such irrelevant folks!!! Bwahaha….

  50. MrIncredible February 26, 2011

    I’m rooting for Aubrey. Love her or hate her I think she has more of a shot at success out of anyone from DK, even Dawn. While Dawn has a pleasant voice, she is unattractive and boring… aint nobody gonna be checking for her solo.

  51. i’m a lying goat (screw that cancer charity event) February 26, 2011

    This average non-talented little s**** has a reality show? LOL….. Proof positive that anyone can have a damn relaity show irrespective of talent and/or ability!

    Yo Aubrey Beyonce told me to tell you to stop jocking her so hard! You are hugging her ass tighter than Joe Camel!

  52. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ February 26, 2011

    @I only read the first part

    Well maybe you shouldn’t do that too often because Dawn wasn’t speaking about Shannon and Aubrey. She was talking about Aubrey and possibly D. Woods.

  53. ChEeRfUl CyNiC XD February 26, 2011

    lol I thought it was Beyonce with that hair

  54. zk February 26, 2011


  55. JhonnyOday February 26, 2011

    You know what. It does not matter to me.. but i will always be on Aubrey’s side rooting for her.. I dont even want to comment cuz ill cuz some of you idiots out.. Dawn Made an opinion.. so Aubrey Responded with an opinion.. so shut the f*** up..

  56. omg February 26, 2011

    i said i wouldnt comment again but @zk made me laugh and a little annoid. the truth is in the air and in our faces you dont have to lie and say crazy things to defend your favorite just accept it and continue to support her. Well watch her show but you aint got to lie craig you aint got to lie.

  57. MISHKA February 26, 2011

    @”i’m a lying goat (screw that cancer charity event) “


    Oh no you DIDN’T Lmao !!!

    As for Aubrey and Dawn, I’m #TeamBitchPlease!

    The lost of Danity Kane is not just theirs, it’s ours too! We thought they were gonna be the Spice Girls of America, we blinked our eyes for a second and they were already done.

    They have moved on to different things, good for both of them. We don’t care about this unnecessary catfight.

  58. Anyhooo February 26, 2011

    These CAPS are killer on the eyes. Quit that s***!

    Aubrey was born to be in the spotlight, singer is just one avenue to her inevitable stardom.

    In all honesty EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US will be watching this show so who are we kidding? Aubrey has IT! whatever IT is that makes us care enough to watch and as talented as Dawn is she just does not. At some point Dawn should start enjoying and exploring other aspects of her talented arsenal, not soloist. Everyone can be successful in different ways and Dawn could be an incredible successful fashion girl come writer come producer just to name a few.

  59. arlisiamonique February 26, 2011

    how can she call Dawn negative? Dawn was fighting for a five member group, AFTER the other 4 deserted her, and DK…Aubrey clearly misconstrued her words, and probably on purpose. But, I guess all that collagen has gone to her head and probably done some brain damage. This is exactly what will be on her show. “DK was my life…Dawn f***ed it up”…blah b;ah blah. Save that sh*t. if she still has to rely on the group, singing their songs in her club appearances, then that’s obviously the only way she can remain relevant..while Dawn has moved on. Jealous much?

  60. Anyhooo February 26, 2011

    And zk aint lie one bit. But that s*** happened YEARS AGO!!! Everybody is getting on with their lives and I suspect the success or lack of success of each project will serve as some classic reality tv story of redemption for some and rebirth for others. lol

    Good luck to all involved.

  61. Royalkev February 26, 2011

    One thing about Dawn, she continued to grind and stay focus on making music even through difficult times. Give credit where it’s due. When DK was no more she was writing for Day 26. She hung around until Dirty Money was created. Even now she’s doing her solo mixtape, so you can see Dawn’s hunger. She’s always been that way! If anyone can say anything I’d give her that respect. She’s never appeared to be negative. I will say though, that Aubrey is a beast and those of you that don’t know much about her have to see her in action! They’re both extremely talented women.

    *All New*Check out: Thepagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  62. omg February 26, 2011

    show me an interview where dawn brought up dk herself and when she answer the question she say more then she wish them the best or said said something negative. How you going to say dawn didnt care about dk when her and aundrea was they only one who came back fighting for dk show me in any episodes who dk interview where dawn said or showed jelousy. Tell me not if dawn was in it for the music and not the fame. Aubrey fans are delusional open your eyes and see that dawn didnt do s*** to break up the group and im not saying that because dawn is my favorite open your eyes and and mid and see the truth its in yor face. Dawn is a writer and thats all she did for diddy when they got fired she got fired to and was almost homless for 6months and was sending tracks to diddy thats how she was picked to be in dirty money because she was dedicated to the music and did what she could to continue to do that.

  63. omg February 26, 2011

    @royalkev i agree aubrey is very talented but her antics overshadowed that. I just wish that aubrey fans would open their eyes

  64. Get Over It February 26, 2011

    Bwahaha at all of this!! Neither Dawn or Aubrey are at home worrying about this damn post. Why are you all on here fighting about who is more relevant and who is going to be more successful? Are either Dawn or Aubrey gonna cut a piece of those checks for you hardcore “fans” defending their character? NO

    Also, success for everyone is different, so yes both girls will eventually achieve what success is for them. And because they both are driven by different things, their idea of success is going to be different. So its silly to sit here and argue for either of them. Dawn wants to be respected for her craft and talent….Aubrey wants fame and stardom, so each will go about it differently. Just chill already! sheesh…., but it’s entertaining as hell though to read, lol!

  65. Royalkev February 26, 2011

    @ OMG, I agree… and I like Aubrey! She’s a star, but right now she’s in the wrong. I still respect Aubrey for being the main person that had the balls to speak up against Diddy and the house mother, when everyone else was afraid to. She has a mind of her own and she’s usually very outspoken when she need to be. Lately, maybe she’s letting some bitterness cloud her better judgement. It’s something personal there in this whole equation. I think Aubrey’s insinuated that Dawn was doing something underhanded to coerce Diddy into breaking up the group and keeping her on board. It’s sort of implied that Dawn had to put out or something(on DK’s reunion show from MTB). I don’t know! … but Dwoods seem pretty adamant about something too(I couldn’t stand her), but there’s an issue somewhere! Aubrey is just having an issue still with how it all went down.

    *All New*Check out: Thepagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  66. omg February 26, 2011

    @royalkev yes aubrey is a star and she will do big things like ALL of them one day but she is ok in my book. Mtv chopped and edit everything up everybody think aubrey was the only one who stood up for herself they all did and you can tell by the edits that they did. But they knew when when not to say something that is their boss. Dk break-up was a big misunderstanding.dawn was writing for diddy and singing on demos and harv piar gave aubrey wrong information and she ran with it without asking dawn herself and that is where the communication was to blame. Diddy did not want ppl to know he had a album coming out but aubrey blasted out on live tv and diddy was mad about that and he was also mad about aubrey image so those are strick against her. Diddy wanted to work the problem their so he wanted everybody to be honest and that is what dawn did. D.woods and shannon could had come back but they didnt. All is left is dawn and aundrea who is going to support that so he ended dk for good. I did not make any of this up its right infront of our eyes if we look at their interview the show and use common since and not based it off our favorites. Dk break up was a misunderstanding that got out of hand.

  67. jay February 26, 2011

    i love her, i think that this is going to be really, good because she was always good to watch on making the band, my favourite!

    and she is just tooooo HOT!

  68. Is it just me? February 26, 2011

    I have a feeling Aubrey is going to drag out this Danity Kane drama on her reality show and it will be interesting to see what Dawn will show on her reality show as well. In conclusion, Its not about who is right and who is wrong I just think both ladies have mention how they are over DK and the fans should let it go but by reading what have been said they need to take words of advise from themselves because 3 years later they both have something to say and its not very positive. How do you expect someone to move on and you haven’t? All this shows is 2 females who are very week and needs to humble themselves because they are both looking 2 faced right now.

  69. PINK FRIDAY H** February 26, 2011

    Thats my girl…

  70. Gabs February 26, 2011

    They would have been more successful together than apart. I miss DK. They should have worked it out. Sad. Aubrey is so trashy and is tanning way too much ew

  71. SMH February 26, 2011

    The reality is that Dawn was loyal to Diddy and not the other members of DK. Now, she’s a back up singer and Aubrey has her own reality show, so I guess neither one is where they thought they’d be five years ago. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Aubrey will probably be more successful than Dawn because she knows about hustling and Dawn is content to sing back up for a guy who hasn’t been hot in years.

  72. omg February 26, 2011

    @smh i disagree i think they both will be super successful. Even though dawn is singing back up(which many fans refuse to admit) she still is doing what she loves to do and she is the fan favorite people still know who she is and she is getting new mainstream fans so i think dawn made a godd decision staying with diddy. I dont believe in that “it” factor mess. Everybody who follow and support dawn know that she is a funny,silly, and humble person. Beyonce is quiet but when she go on stage she turn it out just like dawn so *kanye shrug*

  73. D February 26, 2011


    THIS THIS THIS is the reason Aubrey voiced her opinion recently Dawn did a interview with Vibe regarding her mix tape. Aubrey has every right to express her feelings regarding DAWNS words of MAYBE on her own behalf. Y’all so quick to judge…

    Vibe asked Dawn:
    Do you ever look back at that situation and feel like the only one that really made it?
    I don’t think that I’m the one to have made it. I think everybody makes it in their own way. Maybe Aubrey made it because she had a chance to escape that she wasn’t happy in. Maybe D made it because now she gets to do the music that she likes. Maybe Day 26 made it because they got rid of the person they felt was dragging them down. Maybe Que felt like he made it because he got away from people who didn’t want him to be apart of it. Everybody has his or her own happiness.

    DEAR I only read the 1st part
    Aubrey had Tweeted Diddy & Dawn after the LTTP cd had came and congratulated them on the music she really liked it. Also sometimes when you follow a lot of people on twitter it’s easier to unfollow them and re-follow to bring them to the top of the people your following so you can click on their profile and see their time lines, people do it all the time you must not follow a lot of people lol

  74. Janelle February 26, 2011

    Alright Miss Aubrey O’Day!!!!!!!!!!! Aubrey is a star. Always has and will be. She have more stage presence and is hella interesting than Dawn. Point Blank Period. Aubrey belongs on the stage while Dawn belongs in the background like writing and producing. Danity Kane was an amazing group with sooo much potential, but they weren’t on that notice level like Destiny’s Child and The Pussycat Dolls. I know and everybody else know why Danity Kane broke up: DIDDY AND DAWN. It really make no sense why he would break up DK, his biggest act on his sorry ass label besides himself, when there is NOBODY hot on his label out there today besides Dirty Money. And all those comments about Dawn is a hustla, B*******!!!! Aubrey is the only one who fought for Danity Kane to Diddy throughout Making the Band. Dawn didn’t even fough for her group in the meeting either. She blamed the groups’ problems on the rest of the girls while Aubrey’s point of view came from management and Diddy. Which was the truth. But he blame the goup breakup on Aubrey’s image. How the f*** does image overule talent. I just don’t understand that. Diddy and Dawn were and are both selfish and liars. I just hope Aubrey can get over Danity Kane and the drama and really focus on herself and her promising career as a solo artist and maybe an acting career as well. She have soo much talent and potential to let it go to waste.

  75. omg February 26, 2011

    i know that interview but what did dawn say about aubrey that is so negative. And im not judging at all im trying to let people see the truth.

  76. omg February 26, 2011

    @janelle its your opinion but you know what you are saying is beyond bs.

  77. imo February 26, 2011

    I saw that cab interview and my first reaction was, “who is dawn to say that the other girls weren’t as passionate as she was”. Naw, the other girls weren’t an a** kisser, back stabber, and under diddy spell. In one way, I can see dawn doing what she had to do to keep a job, but the way she allowed diddy to use her to make it seem like the other girls were wrong, was WRONG! dawn’s story is never consistent about the groups break up. Dawn been in two high profile groups and she is still trying to get put on. Give it a rest, people in and out the industry are just not that into you boo. Your writing is wack, your solo songs are wack, you are wack and boring. She’s not making any money with DM and they flop like no other with all that promo..Karma is definitely a bytch

    I’m not team any of them, but like said, they were all bigger together, than apart.

  78. X’s and O’s February 26, 2011

    Call me J.Cole ‘i like my money Dirty like Diddy & Dawn’ no pun intended SHADY that’s why the sunglasses is on. If Brey wanted to be Bey she would of got with Mr. Sean John. Then he’d have a real reason 4 ‘coming home’….. Tell me one thing Aubrey’s done wrong. i’ll tell you, it won’t be long b4 you’re singing one of her solo songs. She’s on Fyah, she can’t be tamed nor controlled, all you haters are attracted to the burn in flames, so i understand why you cant leave her alone. It’s a lil funny Dawn throws some smack right after Aubrey get’s a show. Then Aub’s defends herself and your’e all Pink Friday no it’s Black Friday h**! But this aint Lil Kim or Nicki, just Danity Kane a family that became torn. So do yourself a favor go buy LTTP & watch Aubrey’s show, then go get her CD…… Just give these artist some love, leave the past in the past & let the future move along.

  79. omg February 26, 2011

    @imo hahahahahahahaha -_- ya mad?

  80. D February 26, 2011

    OMG it’s negative because in the first question she was asked this.

    Vibe question: You mentioned being in a girl group before, as we all know. What is current opinion of one of those girls, Aubrey O’Day?
    I don’t have one at all. I wish all of them the best, but I can’t say that I have one, not in a negative way. I don’t know anything that’s going on with her, so I couldn’t make an opinion about something that I don’t know.

    Then in the next question she’s gives an opinion disregarding what she said in the 1st question. it’s Mos Def negative when the question asked was about her not anyone else or their “happiness” for that matter. really who does that?

  81. imo February 26, 2011

    omg, I’m not mad, you are, that’s why you were so quick to respond HA!

  82. Janelle February 26, 2011

    @OMG Nah its truth

  83. Is it just me? February 26, 2011

    @D Your getting it all wrong this is not about wrong and right, this is just two females who are very two faced and weak. In this industry you have to have tough skin and communicate properly understanding what you say can affect your brand. Dawn once stated in a paragraph when ask if she and Qwanell Mosley formerly of Day26 were engage and she said ” I feel that’s between him and I to know” but later on said ” you would find out on my reality show” If you are a fan or just a viewer never take anything seriously from these celebrities because soon you will be connecting the dots reading the interviews and will release something dont add up and will realize how fake they are.

  84. T-Sparkz February 26, 2011


  85. D February 26, 2011

    Is it just me?

    The only point i was trying to make is that Aubrey has every right to give her own opinion based on the comments Dawn made. People are getting on Brey for not letting ish go. But that wasn’t the case at all she wanted her truth out there. that is all.

  86. omg February 26, 2011

    @d because dawn said aubrey wasnt happy in it she is being negative. If you remeber d.woods said that they all talked about and they said they wasnt happy so…….. AND YES I AM MAD BECAUSE YALL NOT GETTING AND YALL GIVING ME ESCUESES AND BS ANDNOT THINKING. I am quick to respond give me a real answer

  87. omg February 26, 2011

    i meant to put a ? At the end of negative @d

  88. D February 26, 2011


    lol no silly it’s because she said in the 1st question she didn’t have an opinion then she went ahead and commented and it wasn’t a fact or else Dawn wouldn’t of said the words MAYBE she wasn’t happy cause etc etc. who is she to give a maybe about someone elses life? Honestly it wasn’t her place to say anything, not how many years later… the next question asked was directed at her personally & had nothing to do with no one else…. the question that did have to do with Aubrey she had no opinion. i don’t understand why you don’t see this.

  89. omg February 26, 2011

    @d no i see what your saying but i think your nitpicking because the way she was saying “maybe” wasnt like an opinion it was more like a…….i dont know the word for it but ill just use “exspression”….to get her point across,because as i remember both d.woods and aundrea said they were not happy in it and now dawn said it. Dawn didnt even say she didnt have an opinion about it she said she didnt feel like she was the only one who made it. She think they all willbe successful in their own lanes

  90. zk February 26, 2011

    omgosh people are hating HARD! first of all im dont lie, aubrey dont lie.. and second of all i NEVER said i had a favorite like that. yes i like aubrey the most, but i do LOVE, and i meen really LOOOOVE DAWN, AUNDREA AND SHANNON. not the biggest fan of D.WOODS, but thats another story..
    i think it rude for dawn to say that the other girls didnt love music as she did.. cause shes saying it in a way that seems like dawn is the best, dawn has the most passion and so on. like i said i love dawn, but i dont like that shes defending herself all the time in a way where she makes the other girls look bad. like it all their fault.

  91. imo February 26, 2011

    and another funny thing. When aubrey and d.woods were doing things outside the group, dawn became a little salty, because no one was checking for her. Now that she’s the more popular girl in DM, she’s been doing her own side line things, but for some reason it’s okay now. lmfao, aubrey and d.woods were trying to eat just like dawn is doing now. Dawn’s been out for 5/6 years and still has that “I’m a new artist vibe”. nobody like snakes

  92. omg February 27, 2011

    i didnt have a problem with aubrey doing side things and dawn said she didnt either they all did side things if you was checking for it and saw it. Its only a problem when it gets in the way of dk and dk is suppose to be 1st priority who audition for a play know you just came out with album and you have to tour. Dawn said she didnt think they loved the MUSIC not DANITY KANE but the MUSIC like she did their is probably more to that statement then we know i dont think she would say that just to say that. Like dawn said she loved dk and she gave it a name why would she tear down something she loved and put so much into.

  93. Is it just me? February 27, 2011


    You cant compare Danity Kane and Dirty Money because everybody who has been following Dirty Money knows this is a one time thing for Diddy album Last Train to Paris and its a platform for Dawn and Kalenna future solo careers. The thing with me I dont care if Aubrey or D.Woods were outside hustling but when you start missing shows when your main focus should have been Danity Kane and I’m sure they both Dawn and Aubrey have been salty about what they did outside of Danity Kane with either Aubrey being all over the media and Dawn being recognize as the star, talent and the one Diddy wanted to work on his album while they were still in Danity Kane.

  94. FYFYFY February 27, 2011

    Aubrey is a C***

  95. Kahari February 27, 2011

    Dawn did shade the rest of the girls stating that “they didn’t love it as much as I did.” Peep the interview with bandmate Kaleena in the Youtube link—-> http://youtu.be/qYCg6fUBiqo?hd=1

  96. kekeluvsu February 27, 2011

    @elly and KAhri

    I couldn’t agree with you guys more. Ppl are so quick to take Dawn’s side because she has been the one in the spotlight the most since DK broke up. that’s doesn’t mean she didn’t shade the rest of DK because she did a few times. And D. Woods has put out 2 mixtapes and she has been on shows to actually sing some of her singles but does anybody say anything about that? NO. B/C she is doing it on her own without the help of a big label. Aubrey was ALWAYS the one fighting for the group when nobody else would open their damn mouth and stand up to Diddy’s b**** ass. So i say GO AUBREY DO YOUR THING!!!!!

  97. Bijan March 3, 2011

    Aubrey is pissed b/c Dawn is calling Aubrey out with everything Aubrey is trying to hide.
    Aubrey doesn’t give a f*** about music, she just cares about fame. And Aubrey wants people to watch her show so she’ll twist Dawn’s words to get attention.

  98. jojo March 4, 2011

    Audrey is completely right…why can’t Dawn live by her own words-“to let it go”? Dawn needs to be happy and sing her beautiful heart out in that lovely music she is making, and STOP putting the other women down. Dawn , if you want to talking about Danity Kane -why don’t you call them and make-up. I love and enjoy all the ladies , but if Dawn keep talking like that …they will never get together for a reunion. “CUT IT OUT DAWN” – your ugliness is showing.

  99. hayleyh March 6, 2011

    i hope she does make it as a solo

  100. O_O March 6, 2011

    Yeah Aubrey’s so over it that every time Dawn or Dirty money got some shine or some TV time she’d be all up on twitter preaching about “good people and bad people” and “Go Danity Kane”. They are both MAJORLY INCONSISTENT, incredible hypocrites, and probably far to obsessed with beating each other than anything else. The major difference is that Aubrey has the prettier, attention grabbing, mainstream acceptable, media savvy more likable packaging and Dawn lacks the confidence and personality to make us care enough.

  101. star March 12, 2011

    Dawn knew the entire time she would be leaving danity kane and her and puff evil self blamed it on aubrey. I think dawn is slick she has been around puff to long. When he ditch her and she is broke and ashy i bet shell be happy to reunite.

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