New Video: Cassie ft. Rick Ross – ‘Numb’

Published: Tuesday 2nd Apr 2013 by Rashad


Have you been sleeping on model-with-a-mic Cassie?  Well, her ‘RockaByeBaby’ mixtape looks to change that.

Due April 11, the forthcoming digital mixtape features a “who’s who” of rap including Fabolous, Meek Millz, Too Short, Wiz Khalifa, and moreAs if the aforementioned are not enough to distract prospective listeners from her nonexistent vocals, the ‘Me & U’ maestra calls upon the Biggest Bawse Rick Ross for the set’s official first offering ‘Numb‘.

Its visual, which hit the net earlier today, has been earning some interesting reviews from viewers.  What’s yours?  Tell us below:

No matter how hot the beat, how hot the vocal arrangement, Cassie’s lack of star quality always seems to shine through.  Technology has its limits we suppose.  This should’ve been Ricky ft. Cassie and not the other way around…

Like so many of her offerings, the potential was there.  But, then she started talk-singing…and well…disappointment ensues.

Your thoughts?

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  1. King B>Rihanna April 2, 2013

    she best just stay riding Diddy d***. This b**** does not even have talent in her p****.

    • Monstarebel April 2, 2013

      Ewwww your so mean… i think shes dope (:

    • Mark111 April 2, 2013

      She even showed the world her p**** and no one still didn’t care.

  2. Lovebird April 2, 2013

    NOPE, Got basic b**** written all over again. Try again…

  3. Monstarebel April 2, 2013

    omg that pic is so s***!!!!!! Cassie is a bad ass b****! & also i love this song, im starting to like cassie alot im here for her this year

  4. Bow Down B****** April 2, 2013

    I mean, the beat and the verses are pretty good. Is she singing? NO….Should she stay sucking Diddy D***? YES…cause that’s the only way she’s gonna be able to afford studio time for her “career”

  5. RiRi Baad April 2, 2013

    B**** get off Rihannas swagg..

    • BEEN ON!!!WHO GONE TAKE ME OFF April 2, 2013



    • Ferris April 2, 2013

      You’re a certifiable IDIOT. If anyone is a “swagg” copier in this situation, it’s Rihanna imitating Cassie. Everything about Rihanna over the past year or so has been a Cassie bite.

      • ahector April 3, 2013

        Imitating cassie?? How?? Rihanna was already setting trend before Cassie and got a new make-over before Cassie. She is trying to be bad like RiRi.

  6. my forehead tho April 2, 2013

    I’m actually glad the music industry slept on her. She’s a sign that the industry is changing for the better, even if it’s changing slowly.

    *Plays Adele’s 21*

    • Bad Bytch April 3, 2013

      How so? More old fat singers?

  7. lexi April 2, 2013

    i always say girls should try and promote, but sorry cassie i think you should stick to modeling. Its a hot beat though and ross verse is good.

  8. lexi April 2, 2013

    i always say girls should try and promote, but sorry cassie i think you should stick to modeling. Its a hot beat though and ross verse is good.

  9. Nickinickinicki April 2, 2013

    THAT GRAPE JUICE really need to stop hating on Cassie.

    She is not the best singer. Everyone knows that, even she does.
    But she has the star quality & has what it takes to be in this industry. Every voice doesn’t have to be amazing for you to be a performer.

    She CAN sing. She CAN dance. Her music is DOPE.
    Right now she’s more exciting than your typical mainstream music, top 10 charting pop s*** NicKatyGaga puppets.

    Queen Beyonce even praised her on her own website. TGJ can suck Floptina’s d__k.

    • BEEN ON!!!WHO GONE TAKE ME OFF April 2, 2013


    • dev April 3, 2013

      She can sing? When? She can dance? Where? I’m yet to see any of those events without her looking like a mess so i’m hoping you will supply some youtube clips to back up your theory.

      If she has the star quality why hasn’t she blown up? She was on a Nikki track and that still didn’t boost her career.

      I have to be honest. Cassie & Ciara is everything thats wrong with the industry, i dont rate Rihanna or Nikki, but when i imaging either of these two trying to “sing” either of their songs i just know they would sound wack. I like Ciara’s Body Party but the more i listen to it the more i realise that she really, really cannot sing at all! and should’ve given the song to someone else.

      • FAF April 3, 2013

        @dev “Body party” was most added at Urban, doll. Her voice sounds great you’re too consumed w/ Cheese grater grunt growling goat voices to understand what R&B sounds like!

      • Dev April 3, 2013

        Okay, so, Brandy, Fantasia, Jill Scott and Luke James to name a few sound like goats and dont make r&b? Or is it that in your world where Rihanna only exists you assumed that who I like? I’m guessing that’s who you’re referring too? You need to take yourself and sit down, way down instead of coming on here with your foolishness.

      • Mizz Ashley April 5, 2013

        Lol u hater!! Obviously something keeps telling you to listen to Cassie’s songs i mean why would you waste ur time and listen??? She sure as hell dont need ur support anyways. Keep hating, ibut remember it wont bring u even close to where she is.

  10. BEEN ON!!!WHO GONE TAKE ME OFF April 2, 2013


  11. Sideeye April 2, 2013

    She has the voice of an angel. The next mariah in the making.

  12. LTM April 2, 2013

    I don’t understand Diddy’s plan for her. She isn’t going anywhere with this mess. The lyrics, production, and video are all basic. Why is it that he can hire the top directors, producers, and songwriters for himself and book decent promo for himself but when it comes to his artist they get low budget s***? No wonder Bad Boy hasn’t produced a successful act since Danity Kane. Cassie is a decent dancer and she’s beautiful. Britney Spears is proof that you can make a successful career with those tool as long as you have the right people behind you. Cassie could’ve been huge if Diddy bothered to spend as much on her as he does himself. Oh well.

  13. QUEEN MINAJ April 2, 2013

    i tried to save you cassie
    but you are just blah.

  14. Drew April 2, 2013

    The songs okay nothing special, but Balcony was a better song though. Too bad music video wasn’t made. I wish she would change her hair back to the way it used to be…she was so pretty that way.

  15. Mark111 April 2, 2013

    Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnn. I get why Ciara is trying, she was on top at one time (and name is still going around, she’s still top 5 in urban music.) But Cassie, you had one hit, one. People don’t even know your name. I seen a show on youtube and they said Cassie and the people was like “Who’s that? We don’t know a Cassie.” And the music guy played the Me and U song and they was like “Ohhhhh, her.” That’s BAD! You see why Rihanna drop her 2nd album less then 6 months from her first one. She bad a huge hit, but the hit shadowed her name, it wasn’t til Umbrella when people actually knew Rihanna by name Vs the Pon De Replay girl.

  16. hector April 3, 2013

    Heck no. She is stealing Rihanna’s bad gal Persona. Smoking and acting up like a thug?? Girl get ya own swag..

  17. hector April 3, 2013

    bytch sit down and stop copying Diamonds video.

  18. Stans Make Me LOL April 3, 2013

    Pretty face, but no talent… end of story

  19. Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

    She is hotttt but so dull. And she doesn’t even sing, she talks.

  20. lol April 3, 2013

    the lyrics to this song are ironically accurate… her music does numb my brain, but not in a good way.

  21. LAX April 3, 2013


  22. FAF April 3, 2013

    She has style but talk-sings and this vid leaves much to be desired. Her mixtapes tho >>> “Balcony” “King of Hearts” “Sometimes” are some of my faves

  23. denise black April 3, 2013

    love the swag of the song by cassie and rick ross hot hot hot sizzling hot smooth brain music

  24. I&I(bare badniss) April 3, 2013

    Her voice is so irritating on this song, no passion, no feeling in her presentation, nothing. Its like she was bored with it and frankly i was bored. This could be a winner if she showed so much more effort. She’s an effortlessly gorg gyal tho.

  25. Music Soul Harmony April 3, 2013


  26. Bad Bytch April 3, 2013

    Cute song and cute video, I like Cassie

  27. RIQUEEN April 3, 2013

    I heard this a couple days ago anyway its ok i guess.

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