Hot Shots: Beyonce & Jay Z Celebrate ’40/40’s Tenth Anniversary With Celeb Pals

Published: Tuesday 18th Jun 2013 by David

Beyonce and Jay Z rubbed shoulders with many a celeb pal last night, as they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the latter’s ’40/40′ Club in NYC.

Arriving at the exclusive spot after scoring a number of respective wins, the influential pair enjoyed the company of Kylie Minogue, T.I., Adrienne Baillon, Robert Kraft and former ‘Real Housewife of New York’ Bethenny Frankel.

Pics from last night’s fun below….



So, as fans anticipate the release of Bey’s fifth studio album, we ask…

What are you expecting from its sound?

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  1. Mya June 18, 2013

    Wow Beyonce looks really gorgeous

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 18, 2013

      Love this look!

    • dsgdxbxcnfdf547 June 18, 2013

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  2. LDN Chick June 18, 2013

    They look cute love Beyonces dress even Jay Z looks good in the top picture. And aww look at Kylie.

    • earth June 18, 2013

      Rihanna and Jayz take better pics together thou.

      no wonder he named his lil girl Blue and made beyoce sign a pre=nup he know he will divorce beyonce and marry a new girl…..I cant wait to see who he picks…….

      beyonce don’t love Sean she loves JAYZ….


      • Georgie June 18, 2013


  3. Jessie June 18, 2013

    The Elite

  4. meena June 18, 2013

    Beyonce looks good . cute couple.

  5. . : : h 2 o : : . June 18, 2013

    – Jay-Z : 4/5

    – Kylie : 4.5/5

    – Beyonce : 3.5/5

    And that dress is another “NO”, dear Beyonce. You need to ask Solange or Rihanna for help with that.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 18, 2013

      rihanna doesnt wear clothes!

      • HMCjunior June 18, 2013


      • KING B June 18, 2013

        LMFAOOOOOO!!! Good one!!

  6. . : : h 2 o : : . June 18, 2013

    – Jay-Z : 4/5

    – Kylie : 4.5/5

    – Beyonce : 3.5/5

    And that dress is another “NO”, dear Beyonce. You need to ask Solange or Rihanna for help with that.

  7. steph June 18, 2013

    Beyoncé & Jay Z. THE RICHEST & MOST POWERFUL COUPLE IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Queen B looks beautiful. King J look handsome. The Greatest Performer Alive & Most Legendary Rapper Alive. Jay Z been on his grid since 1990 WOOW




      • Jas June 18, 2013

        The fact that Beyonce is worth 400 million alone invalidates everything you just said lmfao. Just because Rihanna is being pimped by Jay and Roc Nation doesn’t mean that that rule applies to Beyonce….you need help smdh.

  8. RoyalKev June 18, 2013

    B looks amazing! Congrats to Jay!

  9. DOSSOME June 18, 2013

    Most Legendary rapper alive????
    Try MOST INFLUENTIAL RAPPER ALIVE because Jay-Z is no legend…

    Greatest Performer alive??
    OK since you want to believe that,feel free

    • DOSSOME June 18, 2013


      anyway bey looks good,so does kylie

      • FAF June 18, 2013

        Damn, u be hatin

      • Navy Sailor June 18, 2013

        Look at the pot calling the kettle black. B**** have several mother f****** seats miss FAF. 😆

  10. cake like lady gaga June 18, 2013

    Okayyyyy, this is news BEACAUSE?????????

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 18, 2013

      cause she is #1 Star in the World!

  11. DIGGER BEY June 18, 2013

    THE QUEEN looks so Beytiful! Lol @ the fake H20…why don’t u go and ask ur grandma how to suck co*ks good. I know she know. And the only thing Hoeianna can show THE QUEEN, is being a Worldly C** n My Mouth H**.

  12. . : : h 2 o : : . June 18, 2013

    You know I like Bey and think she’s a great live vocalist, a very good dancer, and one of a few who can do both together, but to say she’s the best performer alive is pure delusion.

    She’s def the best performer of this generation, but that’s it.. I don’t think she’s anywhere near being the “best performer alive”.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 18, 2013

      well get off this post and look for the best stripper who points the mike at the crowd for almost all her songs!!!!

  13. NΛVI June 18, 2013

    They look great #blackexcellence

  14. ERIN June 18, 2013


    • KING B June 18, 2013

      you mean KING N KING???

  15. . : : h 2 o : : . June 18, 2013

    @ Digger Bey


    Being a “C** in My Mouth” h** >>>>>> Wearing clothes from the last decade and releasing singles about social principles which no longer exist since 1980.

    Oh and I’m in no way “FAKE” . . I’ve already made it clear that I’ll say whatever I want, stan for whoever I want, critisize anyone I want and FLIP FLOP as much as I want.

    If the BeyHive are a stanbase where a man can’t even pull his tongue out from Beyonce’s ass just to express his opinion, then consider me OUT.

    • Hadley June 18, 2013

      But what does all that have to with these pictures? Chill out bro.

      • FAF June 18, 2013

        lmfao making excuses for RiFILTH… smh How is being a h** better than wearing classic clothes?

      • NΛVI June 18, 2013

        *grabs popcorn* now action!!!!

    • quetta June 18, 2013

      I guess you been wanting a way out and you found it.

  16. Hadley June 18, 2013

    Beyonce looks so pwetty! I love it! Dont usually like her choice in clothing but she looks so hot s*** and beautiful! Jays looking pretty dapper himself too. They are a great couple.

  17. rih rox June 18, 2013

    We see that wonky left eye. It’s much smaller than the right one. It’s due to botox.

    • MUSIC June 18, 2013

      We saw Rihanna’s beaten up black eyes…..




        …BUSTED HER LIPS her own fans sent the video to youtube…..HER OWN FANS


  18. rih rox June 18, 2013

    So the side sweep hair is to distract from the wonky eye?

    • MUSIC June 18, 2013

      It’s the way she’s smiling b****

    • I Will Adorn You June 18, 2013

      Omg the struggle to pick at something! Shes smiling at an angle what do you expect?

    • Jas June 18, 2013

      No, Rihanna only uses that method to distract us from her super dome of a forehead…too bad it never works.

  19. I Will Adorn You June 18, 2013

    LOVING Beyonces look. She looks fresh and white really suits her skin and bodys looking on point idk people will always hate regardless. And they will continue to live it up and make money regardless.

  20. Just to Say June 18, 2013

    Ugh they look so good. I have time for them more as a couple than individuals tbh. Beyonce looks very stunning also.

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 18, 2013

      i kno rite!

  21. Lydia June 18, 2013

    Jayonce <3

  22. rih rox June 18, 2013

    It’s not the way she is smiling. She wants to distract people from her wonky eye. Lying about the age thing has finally caught up with her.

    Go take a look at her standing next to pharelle.

    • Lydia June 18, 2013

      Why do you care so much though? You’re always doing the absolute most.

    • MUSIC June 18, 2013

      She’s not lying about her age

  23. Super Cisus June 18, 2013

    She looks old as F*** and her dress is ugly. Country b**** can’t dress for s***

    • Oh Yeah!!! June 18, 2013

      go look for a pic of ri-s*** then!

  24. Brandys Starr June 18, 2013

    Yes love these two Beyonce looks beautiful

  25. DIGGER BEY June 18, 2013

    Lmao at an Citranny stan saying someone is ugly bwahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha. Chile THE QUEEN asscrack >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Citranny face. Stay mad that she have to tuck those balls and that A cup is decreasing bac to boi n****** bwahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

    • Super Cisus June 18, 2013

      B**** you are the ugly one. Ciara’s face is gorgeous and modelesque. Beyonce is fat and tacky wit no sense of style stay mad you dying gonorrhea a*** having fagget

      • Jas June 18, 2013

        HAHAHAHA There isn’t anything modelesque about the Rock oops I mean Ciara.

  26. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 18, 2013

    she ” Beyonce” Looks Relaxed , Young and Fantastic.

    Love this look.

    the 3rd pic >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Oh kylie, I see you b**** , get Bossy. 😀

    Jay-z ….. well , he looks chic at least. 🙄

    guys, chill!

    @SAM :

    Personally speaking,

    I want:

    Deja vu sound/upgrade sounds u for uptempos
    Baby boy/standing on the sun/Love on top for summer.
    i miss you for ballads.
    Radio/sweet dreams sounds as fillers.
    Grown woman/crazy in love sounds for dance.
    I will be satisfied with that.

  27. DIGGER BEY June 18, 2013

    Damn! What a F*ckin BEAUTY! No wonder People Mag picked her as the Most Beautiful Woman last year! No wonder she was named the Hottest Female Singer of All Time! No wonder everytime VH1, BET or MTV do an Most Beautiful list or Hottest, she’s always #1! The woman Looks even Serve Slayage! Worthlessianna was rite! Her looks CAN DESTROY THE SELF ESTEEM OF ENTIRE NATION bwahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahhahaah. #DESTROYED WORTHLESSIANNA’S TOO

  28. Miss M June 18, 2013

    Beyonce looks fabulous dahling! And Jay is looking good too grey suits him. They are such a power couple.

  29. rih rox June 18, 2013

    There is way too much competition for this flop to release anything right now. She probably won’t release anything other than snippets till 2015.

    • MUSIC June 18, 2013

      Beyonce has NO competition

    • Jas June 18, 2013

      Beyonce’s only competition is BEYONCE b****!

  30. DIGGER BEY June 18, 2013

    Lmaoooo @ Super Citranny….U mad bwahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahha. Yessssssssssss C*nt! Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth bwhahahahhahahahahaahhaahahahahhahahahaha. Like I said, THE QUEEN ass crack>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Citranny Manly Hard Face.

  31. Loyalty June 18, 2013

    Beyonce looks gorgeous but I see a potential boob slip in the 4th pic lol. Both her and Jay look very chic and Kylie looks cute although I didnt like the hotpants she was wearing in the other pics.

  32. Lou June 18, 2013

    The top picture is everything!

  33. fatusankoh June 18, 2013

    looking good bey and jay my favorite couple god bless them for life bey dress is to die for long live queen bey king jay thax Sam for posting

  34. rih is now a legend; youngest person to sell out stadium June 18, 2013

    LOL LOL While rih keeps making historih, bey is hiding out, with her old fashioned 1999 looks. How dated does she look? She is stuck in 2001, She wore a similar thing back at the grammies 2001.

    No single from Beyonce? No album date? No 2nd leg tour? LOL , she will fade out like Mariah, but at least Mariah has a world breaking legacy to rely on beyonce does not.

    • MUSIC June 18, 2013

      LOL at Rihanna making history. Guuurrrrlll stop You are too funny

    • Bey Fan June 18, 2013

      Hiding out??? This woman is on tour…lmaoo. There are always 2-3 years gaps between her albums… she doesn’t put out an album every year…

      Trust me, she’s not hiding, You see her everywhere.

  35. DIGGER BEY June 18, 2013

    Lmao I bet Rih Rox hasn’t washed that filthy nasty a*** yet but the c*nt has found time for THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEN! I can’t….. lmaoooooooooooo #THE OMNIPRESENT BEYONCE


      you must be a lesbo you are obessed with Rih Rih ass.

      b****, that is the same p**** JAYZ sucks and Beyoncé kisses him after HE WAS WITH RIHANNA.

      jayz still sucks rih rihs p**** and buy her cars and jewelry.
      …… I can’t….. lmaoooooooooooo

      • Lou June 18, 2013

        He/she is talking about the commentator trolling this post

  36. rih rox June 18, 2013

    Her dress is to die for? Gross, it’s ugly and ill fitting.

  37. Iz (Queen Adele) June 18, 2013

    Beyonce looks V Pretty. Her & Jay are so cool.

  38. Navy Sailor June 18, 2013

    Oh beyonce, that dress does nothing for you. On the other hand, I love a man in a well tailored suit <3

  39. Aquarius June 18, 2013

    She looks stunning. The dress really brings out her beautiful complexion and shows how svelt shes looking and Jay Z actually looks great aswell.

    Congrats on 10 years of 40/40 thats impressive.

  40. Taylor swift stan June 18, 2013


  41. Taylor swift stan June 18, 2013

    Watch out people beyonce gonna steal your ideas/videos next

  42. Pour It Up June 18, 2013

    She looks pretty. B****. Moving on…

  43. Bey Fan June 18, 2013

    She looks soooo good…. great skin, beautiful complexion …not sure how I feel about the dress… maybe if i saw the shoes.

    Jay looks nice

  44. King B>Rihanna June 18, 2013

    Look at Beyonce snatching HOPES, DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS in this look.

  45. ADMIT IT June 18, 2013

    She working RiRi side part hair stlye hence why RiRi changed her hair..bey have no shame…good for her though i guess…

  46. DIGGER BEY June 18, 2013

    ^^^^^^ B**** bye. R**** didn’t event side part hair styles. KING B been rocking that style. R**** is the one copying off THE QUEEN. #B**** BYEEE

  47. Georgie June 18, 2013

    She looks gorge

  48. TheHive June 18, 2013

    The Queen!

  49. MISHKA June 18, 2013

    They are too cuuuuute!!!

    And Jigga is all kinds of sprung lately, Bey ain’t go nowhere though lol

  50. KINGBREEZY June 18, 2013

    Beyonce Have So Much class Non Of Her Goods All Out

  51. quetta June 18, 2013

    Bey lookin so f.cking fierce that she got her own ex members mad!

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