Must See: Jessie J Blows The Roof Off With ‘Bang Bang / Burnin’ Up’ Medley On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Published: Tuesday 14th Oct 2014 by Sam

The time is finally nigh for Jessie J.

This week saw the star’s third studio album ‘Sweet Talker’ strut into stores following the blazing success of lead single ‘Bang Bang’ and its desert hot successor ‘Burnin’ Up’.

Promo has been the name of the game for the budding diva, whose campaign has seen her hit up many a stage in the US and UK since the Summer.

Yesterday night, however, saw J deliver her best performance yet on ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

Watch her must-see medley of ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Burnin Up’ below…


That was an award-show-tiered performance. Flaw-free-fire!

Your thoughts?

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    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!! October 14, 2014

      Taylors released an album chart! OMG OMG!!! SUPER EXCITED FOR THE ALBUM!!

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!! October 14, 2014

        I mean album song!

        I could die!! so happy

    • Musika October 15, 2014

      She’s really sunk to a new low. Being a promo pet to those 1D boys. She should realize that’s what she’s doing.

  1. Danny b October 14, 2014

    SLAY a bit Jessie J!!!

    One of the most underrated talents in the biz. She gives me P!nk teas. Just attitude and vocals for dayyyz. Gawd I love it.

  2. Keith October 14, 2014

    So proud of Jessie!!!!! But Americans will never get it..Bought the album, though!

  3. Davina October 14, 2014

    WOW!! Everything came together for that performance. Her styling was on point, the vocal was on point, the energy, the staging and it was choero nicely adapted for DWTS. 10/10. Will be checkin’ for the album fo’sure.

  4. Bey Stan October 14, 2014

    Love her!

  5. Dem Lessors October 14, 2014

    America embraced Iggy but this woman is still in limbo, I can’t!

    • First Lady October 14, 2014

      Her music SUCKS and she isn’t doing anything new that’s why we don’t care for her!!

  6. Radars77 October 14, 2014

    So GLAD To Finally see @jessieJ on U.S.TV!! LONG OVERDUE Amazing Performaces & THE ONLY HONEST JUDGE NEED MORE OF HER INCITE ON AMERICAN TV!! Same reason I feel in love with her on The Voice UK !! Would love to see her weekly on U.S.TV- VERY UNDER RATED PERFORMER.

  7. Del October 14, 2014

    jessie is the truth! This performance was great. I will be downloading her cd today.

  8. F*** Your Swag, I’m Dope. October 14, 2014

    I’m not surprised that the petty, loose bottom gay wads that post at TGJ would try to call out Snoop’s daughter in response to this; just to be fecklessly vindictive. This is why men need to fathers to their sons, because you swishy q***** put on display every day what can happen when a 3 year old boy has no dad and is too coddled by his mother who secretly wanted a daughter.

  9. First Lady October 14, 2014

    I heard her album in it’s entirety and it’s not good at all. She could blow up in America but it won’t happen until she finds herself and gets better material.

  10. JOHNVIDAL October 14, 2014

    Epic and fall-free-fire? TGJ can be so damn exaggerated sometimes. It´s like they just watched a legendary artist killing some of their epic and timeless songs on stage. It´s not the case since this material is just average.
    She did very good though. We know she can perform and sing live and all.

  11. Texas forever like bun b October 14, 2014

    Having a good voice means nothing in the industry. It never has. You have to have the entire package, and Jessie J does not. Her music is so damn whack. She’s not gonna happen.

  12. Brea October 14, 2014

    No but her new album is really great tho! the energy and vocals in this performance

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