‘Shadows & Diamonds’: Elijah Blake Pours Details On New Single And Debut Album

Published: Tuesday 10th Mar 2015 by David

R&B newbie Elijah Blake used a selfie to spill new details on his forthcoming album this week, taking to Twitter and Instagram to reveal that the album’s first single is to drop in two weeks.

Good news for his fan base, ‘The Eligiance’, below…

Currently featured in Keyshia Cole’s  BET  series ‘Keyshia Cole: All In’, Blake shared:


Two days later, the ‘Vendetta’ singer took to Twitter to share the message below:

New Vibes New Squad New Single New Album “Shadows & Diamonds” – Officially ready to Go.. New Rules.

It wasn’t long before his announcement prompted excited responses from his fans. They quizzed him with…

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.48.39

Blake will drop his debut LP after he’s said to have found management-mates in ‘Sugar’ servers Maroon 5 and after his debut EP ‘Bijoux 22’ birthed the single ‘XOX’ featuring Common.

The cut has sold over 250,000 units in the US since its release in 2013.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lina March 11, 2015


  2. Skyfall March 11, 2015

    Once romantically linked to Pop princess Rita Ora

    You just had to throw her name in there. Why am I surprised that they “used to talk” lol she’s talk to every man in the industry and still haven’t got a new lead single for her new album.

    • Slayrita LegendOra March 11, 2015

      But can u blame her sis. He’s hawt.

  3. Chaka Yonce March 11, 2015

    No boo. They dated. No coincidence they’re both at roc and that he’s one of the 21 guys the other bloggers said she got down with

  4. Mark111 March 11, 2015

    Hahahahaha, 2 years later and him and Rita are still new artists? Lol
    By the time he releases his album, the other guys will be back gearing up for their next album.
    I think what messed him, Rita and Luke James up is that they didn’t let their music do the talking. Right out the gates they were called greats and the best thing since sliced bread with nothing to show. They’re lost, they have jo sound, no style and no direction.

  5. TheElusiveLamb March 11, 2015

    Ummm, what’s going on in this thread? -_-

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* March 11, 2015

      Yesss lol calling out the trolls

  6. Sherry March 11, 2015

    How long has this guy been “coming”? I don’t see it for him, sorry.

    • FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

      OKAYYY! There is never a delivery after all the built up hype around this guy, I dont get it. And then his looks aren’t all what people are saying either. He needs to stay behind the scenes and just continue to write for other people

      • Alanah March 11, 2015

        I have to disagree with you sis. He has been releasing music. He’s put out three eps in two years and did go on tour with Melanie and Bridget K. I think the problem is that he doesn’t do enough / any promotion for his music so the pre-hype is major but then the post-hype is non exstant. Luckiily for him he’s good looking and has a very good voice so it’s only a matter of him getting his act together if he wants to get on the same level as August or Tinashe.

      • Sherry March 11, 2015

        @FC – I agree boo. This is the only site that hypes him up. He has a nice voice and is decent looking, but the way some of these stans hype him up, you’d think he was Michael Jackson or somebody.

  7. Alanah March 11, 2015

    ElijahBlake is hot but he’s gonna have to come hard if he wants to really kill with the album. He can sing and makes good songs but I didn’t get any personality from him until I followed him on IG which is a problem cos not everyone is gonna do that. I feel like he’s a super nice guy who’s so much about making music that he doesn’t bother with trying to be a celebrity but he has to find a balance if he was to sell albums.
    Anyway, he’s attractive and can sing and has proved he can write so I’m here for him.

  8. FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

    Hes boring me! All this “Hes coming” talk…… Wake me up when he “arrives”.

  9. madbrax March 11, 2015

    slap the d*** on my face!!!

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