Dua Lipa Weighs In On Christina Aguilera

Published: Saturday 11th Nov 2017 by David

The revered singer/songwriter Dua Lipa has thanked the ‘Beautiful’ Christina Aguilera for being one of her inspirations in a new interview.

Lipa, whose well-written and refreshingly honest Pop bops sees her stand above a number of her manufactured peers, has revealed that it was the rawness and realness of Aguilera’s art that inspired her to create art just as poignant.

Read her words below…

Via Volksrant…

Dua Lipa just loved to sing and discovered that singing was the one thing where she could shine, also because of her voice becoming more mysterious with a dark r&b side to it. She recorded some covers – preferably from Christina Aguilera. Dua Lipa: ‘Oh Christina Aguilera. Everything about her was so good. Her performances, her transformations, the way she reinvented herself every time. But especially her voice. I had the idea with all the other female popstars of that time that there would not be much left of them if you took away all the glitter and sparkles. But not with Aguilera. When she would take off all the glitter and makeup her voice would still be there. She was the one I looked up to above all.

Lipa’s estimation will undoubtedly find itself welcomed by Christina fans who eagerly await details on the new project she is baking for 2018.

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  1. mr.m November 11, 2017

    Who is she?

    • Killian November 11, 2017

      An authentic new music “it girl” who can really sing (unlike most pop girls) and write and she is just so original and refreshing,watch out for this one and listen to her pop jam “new rules” or my personal favorite “be the one”

  2. China November 11, 2017

    Christina Aguilera has a great voice, Its slightly Raspy now and not as clear and strong as it was during the Stripped Era, when she soared…..Loving me 4 me. Impossible with Alicia Keys. FUSS, Understanding. Christina has the wrong management, chooses the wrong side —– Embrace the RnB/soulful side and get back on those charts. Until then…….she’s …..old school

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