Janet Jackson Responds To #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay Support

Published: Wednesday 14th Feb 2018 by Sam

Janet Jackson‘s name was thrust into headlines Super Bowl Sunday when fans opted to protest Justin Timberlake‘s Halftime Show gig by trending #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay on Twitter.

As widely reported, Jackson and JT were involved in the now infamous “wardrobe malfunction” during her 2004 Super Bowl showing. His career went unscathed, while the diva’s was affected immensely. And adding insult to injury, he was then invited back as if nothing had happened.

Ever classy, Jackson said little – other than that she wouldn’t be performing at the ‘Bowl (despite mass speculation).

A few weeks on, she’s seized the occasion (Valentine’s) to express gratitude to her supporters…

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Happy V-DAY 💖 #JanetJacksonFanAppreciationDay

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With the Super Bowl in rearview, Janet is gearing up to hit the road again after only just wrapping up her ‘State Of The World Tour.’ She’ll be headlining both the Essence Music Festival and Panorama NYC this Summer.

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  1. Just_blaze February 14, 2018

    Awwwww janet…. ared now come back and slay us.

  2. Renzo February 14, 2018

    Beautiful queen! Can’t wait for some new music as well we are waiting and get her back!

  3. Cough Cough February 14, 2018


  4. G7Pat February 14, 2018

    Queen. Now bring on the documentary n new music

  5. Michael Bosket February 14, 2018

    Janet Jackson is to legendary ?

  6. China February 14, 2018

    OMG, i was expecting a corny britney show and JANET slayed that stage, totally killed it, best show ever

  7. Jasmine February 14, 2018

    She is so classy and attractive and talented and legendary. Old Madonna could never exude the natural classiness and attractiveness Janet oozes out.

  8. RoyalKev February 14, 2018

    Janet is my heart! For her to fully be aware of how hard she slays, she takes nothing for granted and remains humble! I adore this woman!

  9. Mark Davidson February 14, 2018


  10. Keith February 14, 2018

    Glad she took a minute to acknowledge her supporters. Hope she is resting and taking care of herself…

  11. Retribution February 14, 2018

    We love you Queen!! Forever and always.

  12. Retribution February 14, 2018

    By the way, Justin Timberlake’s flop album is on par to sell 40,000 copies next week and drop to #3 while Black Panther Soundtrack will be #1. When you do people wrong, karma always comes back to but you in the a$$, one way or another. I’m glad he is getting his for treating Queen Janet like he did.

    • XYZ February 15, 2018

      His tour still sells out, though

      • SMH February 15, 2018

        Lol it still hasn’t yet though.

    • TheNewKidOnTheGrape February 15, 2018

      Didn’t he sell the tour before all the his album release and the superbowl ?

  13. Boytoy1814 February 14, 2018

    Living Legend!!!!

  14. Rihfan February 15, 2018

    Her nose looks terrible ???

    • ??? February 15, 2018

      lmao looks better than rih’s did after chris brown was done with her lmfaooo

  15. DanYiel Iman February 15, 2018

    Imo I can’t with either of these artist….

    • ??? February 15, 2018

      lmao and nobody cant with that roach you stan lmfaooo

  16. Cynthia McNamee February 15, 2018

    It’s great to have such a amazing person back on the top again she earned every bit of it had a great time at the LA concert. She is the Pop Queen of all times. Love ❤ you Janet

  17. Meena February 17, 2018

    She sound like MJ. Oh my goodness

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