New Video: Azealia Banks – ‘Anna Wintour’

Published: Thursday 24th May 2018 by David

New video alert!

Paying homage to Janet Jackson‘s ‘The Pleasure Principle’ is Azealia Banks via her brand new visual ‘Anna Wintour.’

The video impacted the net minutes ago and leads the way for her new project ‘Fantasea II: The Second Wave’.

Ready to give it a spin?

Watch below…

The track has amassed 3.5 million streams on Spotify and peaked at #24 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Chart!

Your thoughts?

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  1. tesha May 24, 2018


  2. KodakRedd! May 24, 2018

    Just No. This ain’t Hip Hop. Who she tryna be? Frikken Crystal Waters?!! just label yourself as a House artist..all your songs are housy should NEVER come for ANYBODY that is an actual Hip Hop artist. Cuz you my dear, are not!!!..I am sure this is lit down to the gay bar….(radio not playing this mess!)The kids will vogue down to this, tho’!!?…

    • JasmineIsTrash May 24, 2018

      You are a moron…

      • KodakRedd! May 26, 2018

        The Moron is you…you TRASH!

      • KodakRedd! May 26, 2018

        And while you are at it, stop impersonating other people you low self-esteem havin bish!!!!..

  3. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. May 24, 2018

    Let me start off by saying that I really like the song, but I’m into dance music so she had me at the start. With all that said, in terms of the video, it was okay, she’s clearly not a dancer and I’m clearly strictly for the fellas because I was really tired of looking at her headlights. hahahaha.

    Overall, decent video and great song.

  4. Luke May 24, 2018

    Azealia is clearly very very talented. Who would have thought her voice was as good as that. She can rap and sing. She should refrain from all the arguments she has with other artists as it clouds and takes attention away from her talent, just like the nipple activity in this video clouds and takes away the attention from her dance moves.

  5. Cruz May 24, 2018

    These b****** overall they Laura’s they Winslow

    – Amazing lyric

  6. M May 24, 2018

    I know Anna Wintour is salty that this trick is using her name haha.

  7. Suicide Blonde May 24, 2018

    She’s simply superior to the rest.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

      Shut up B|TCH. Who the f u c k do you think you are to keep impersonating me. You ain’t nothing but a racist white trash peasant. You think I’m going to keep tolerating that. That ‘JasmineIsTrash’ account above is you. You are evil, vile, less than a man. I’m sick of you coming for me on here. Stay in your lane TRASH

  8. Gee May 24, 2018

    As I have said Azealia and her unnecessary antics overshadow Azealia the brand in the making.

  9. Gee May 24, 2018

    She should focus on House music that is where her sweet spot is.

  10. Faf May 24, 2018

    I actually like it the video appears to be an attempt to go viral bc there’s one scene like she obviously wants it to Have a look of the bob with the white t and the cut offs

    Unfortunately she pissed a lot of ppl off so it’s gonna be hard to get mainstream acknowledgment bc ppl look at her as a guilty pleasure

  11. Keith May 24, 2018

    I think Ms. Banks is talented…i just wish she would focus on the music and save her opinions for those who will actually try to understand where she’s coming from.

  12. Jason May 24, 2018

    For some reason, I don’t even mind the sub par dancing. This is a great song!’ She’s crazy, but the girl is Very talented!!

  13. you doing 22much May 24, 2018

    What in the low budget, Teyanna Taylor ripoff , 99 cent store bargin bin, nevermind free sample, go on ahead and take one is this? Return to sender

  14. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez May 24, 2018

    Two words – chicken. slaughter. Enough said. Oh and two more – stiff. nips.

  15. Sandra May 24, 2018

    She’s cut from the same cloth as Kanye, controversial comments prior to a p*** poor release.

  16. Doug May 24, 2018

    This is amazing! House mixed with soul and rap. Azealia at her best! Love the video and the song I still can’t get enough of!

  17. Mark111 May 24, 2018

    Black trash.

  18. XYZ May 24, 2018

    I hate this b****, but the song is hot.

    Her n****** on the other hand, girl, thats too much. We know they aren’t real

  19. WRTW? May 24, 2018

    The song and video are certified bops. AB is that girl.

  20. AnonymousTruth May 24, 2018

    She EFFIN slayed this , the girl can move aswell I’m not sure why so many people are saying she can’t dance ….this wasn’t meant to be no crazy ciara type choreo….. it was more subtle . For me she hit every move on beat and looked dope AF . I really want this to push her back out to the masses .

    • Faf May 24, 2018

      It’s meant to be viral type of choreography basically there’s room for ppl to make their own iterations that’s why the outfit is so simple

  21. Tori May 24, 2018

    Isn’t it hard to sell music when no one likes you or believes in you Ms. Banks, and I ain’t talking bout Ashley.

    • Fancy BISH May 25, 2018

      I only know Ashley lol ?

  22. Ropeburn May 24, 2018

    GTFOH tryin to ride on Queen Janet’s coattails! The only time anyone ever talks about this washed up h u s s y is when she’s actin like a psycho on Twitter. And I don’t care how “talented” she thinks she is, she can’t keep servin up the same damn house beat for six years and expect her career to go anywhere.

  23. RealTalk May 24, 2018

    She slayed me. ?

  24. Yolanda May 24, 2018

    I was actually bopping throughout the entire song.

  25. DanYiel Iman May 25, 2018

    I actually like this song & her vocals are EVERYTHING!! ?

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