Celebrities & Social Media Respond To ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

Published: Friday 4th Jan 2019 by David

Lifetime‘s groundbreaking exposure of R. Kelly‘s sexual predations kicked off yesterday evening with the first chapter in its ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ series.

Now, as the world learns more about the true extent of his perversions, celebrities have weighed in on what they saw alongside viewers who used social media to dissect and discuss the insanity.

Read below…


Kelly, who threatened (but failed) to file a lawsuit against Lifetime, is yet to respond.


The docuseries was created by the filmmaker Dream Hampton and stands as one of many Kelly-based projects set to air within the next year as part of efforts to lift the lid on his abuse of children and women.

Did you tune in last night?

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  1. DanYiel Iman January 4, 2019

    Sadly the world let a r*****/p******** scotch free over his music being so admired…??‍♂️

    • Jasmine January 4, 2019

      All of them grown women knew what R. Kelly was about before they got with him. If you know a man is a snake, you Persue him and then he bite you that ain’t nobody”s fault but your own cause you knew they were a snake before you got with them.

      The stuff about teenagers dating him is all hearsay because no one has claimed to be underage yet when they dated him. It’s salacious drama that is sensationalized for TV ratings.

      Where are the interviews with the alleged teenage victims. Those are the only ones I care about and want to hear from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • King of Kingz January 4, 2019

        ?PREACH ??????????

      • Cristal January 5, 2019

        The documentary did interview those that were having sexual relations with him as minors. Only one said she lied about her age, the others said he was fully aware of their age and continued with the relationship anyways being fully aware they were minors.

  2. Meme January 4, 2019

    Can’t wait to see this.

    But my question is, if we weren’t in a #metoo type culture, would all these ppl and m celebs still be supporting RKelly? Absolutely. All these folks like John Legend been know He was dirty. It’s just trendy now to be vocal about not supporting sexual assault.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 4, 2019

      Trendy or “woke“? Is this really a question worth asking when the impact is that if the #metoo movement had not happened his conduct would probably never have received so much attention, and as a result further instances of children being drawn into his scheming may have continued. Celebrities have the power of speech and visibility, they’re using it for good – let them be.

      • SMH January 4, 2019

        You missed the whole point of the comment. Celebrities had the power of speech and visibility for YEARS, all the while knowing for YEARS that R Kelly is a predator- yet they stayed quiet until the #metoo movement made it trendy to speak out. So “trendy” is the correct term to use, definitely not “woke”.

      • Jasmine January 4, 2019

        Sorry but I disagree SMH. Present day, there are still far more celebrities that refuse to comment on R. Kelly or support R. Kelly than those that are against him. The reason is simple: LIBEL. You CANNOT risk being sued for defamation of character or libel just to attack someone unless that person has been convicted of a crime under a court of law. You can skate around it, make jokes about it, imply it, but you cannot outright make a libelous comment unless you are open to being sued. What John Legend did was risky and stupid! The others have nothing to lose…they are lawsuit proof because they have photos of them working or dating R. Kelly to back up their stories or they are broke like Jovante Cunningham with nothing to lose.

        In the 90s plenty of celebrities spoke on it but the general answer was “I hope it’s not true” when asked about the rumors. Remember, we are talking about rumors and accusations here not convictions!

  3. Samantha Mumba January 4, 2019

    Rapists like this man deserve to be behind bars I said it again and again he is getting away with r*** just cause he’s famous!
    She was abandoned by her parents, by the industry and by everyone. At least her memory is kept by her fans and multiple people who are talking about the abused committed to her!


    • Jasmine January 4, 2019

      I love Aaliyah”s music. We don’t know the full story! Trust me this media lynching is far worse than jail. For statutory, most states treat is a misdimeanor so you are talking about fines and minimum jail time if at all. This media lynching will be 20x worse than that. The shame, humiliation, brokeness, coldness, isolation, fear of the bigger skeletons coming out, extortion, etc will be worse. Where there is smoke there is fire. This documentary is just smoke. We have not heard from the underage teens yet but they are coming. That’s who I want to hear from. His fan base, including me, will disassociate if just one former teen comes forward. If they got those interviews the documentary should have began with them first!

  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 4, 2019

    I‘m not particularly religious (more spiritual) but if God is real maybe he took Aaliyah so that she would not have to endure these disgusting revelations. RIP Aaliyah ?

  5. CHINA January 4, 2019


  6. King of Kingz January 4, 2019

    Lifetime is disgusting for trying to make Aaliyah the poster child ‘& centerpiece for all this s***. She’s not here to give her side of the story & if she never said any of this happened nor her own damn family or close friends then why do they continue to use her name. They have zero respect for her, her family or her legacy. Her family should sue as well. They didn’t even have their blessing to do that wack ass Aaliyah movie. If Aaliyah never said she was a victim nor her fam why keep tryna male her one & speak for her?? They doing all this s*** for ratings. Majority of them women were in they late teens & voluntary (allegedly) messed with him thinking he was gonna give them a record deal or just wanted to live lavish. Then they find out he’s a f*** n**** & jus wanted to smash, 20+ years later they wanna talk s*** for a check, smh. The social media world wants to play judge & jury now & that’s crazy. We’re going back to the old days where they had the Salem witch trials & anybody who was accused of being a witch was automatically guilty & hung smh. Lifetime is about to get tf sued out of them cuz the whole thing is deframtion of character. Where is there documentary of Hugh Hefner’s ass or Harvey Weinstein ?

  7. SMH January 4, 2019

    R Kelly still has a career for the same reason Chris Brown has one-female and gay fans don’t care what you do, as long as they like your music and they think you’re cute. Sad but true.

  8. pat January 4, 2019

    now they dragging jay z for lurking on beyonce underrage….whew chi….twitter is on fye today

  9. eric January 4, 2019

    It takes a collective effort to expose what R. Kelly is accused of, and that’s the reason why an individual like John Legend would not dare stand up and point a finger at R. Kelly years ago unless he has personally taken on the task of gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses willing to stand with him. To speak out against someone without proof is libel and it’s really not smart when you consider the consequences and repercussions.

    • eric January 4, 2019

      And you all are so wrong for attacking Aaliyah’s mother and deceased father. R. Kelly presented himself as a trustworthy person. He had not yet become a giant s– symbol. It was years later that his tour manager says he saw signs of a relationship and that R. Kelly reassured him nothing was going on. R. Kelly was good at that. In their secret wedding, Aaliyah would not have appeared scared and uncomfortable (in the tour manager’s words) if her parents were ok with them having a relationship. Aaliyah’s parents did NOT approve, which is why the marriage was quickly annulled and all personal and professional ties were severed.

    • Jasmine January 4, 2019

      I agree 100 %

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