New Video: Beyonce – ‘Spirit’

Published: Tuesday 16th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Viewers who tuned in to Tuesday’s (July 16) ABC News special, ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight,’ were not only treated to previews from the highly anticipated live action remake of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ (in theaters July 19), but also received the gift of a rare Beyonce interview.

The 37-year-old is hot on the promo trail in support of the film (in which she portrays ‘Nala’) as well as ‘The Gift’ – the album she curated inspired by the Disney classic.  Chatting with Robin Roberts, Bey dished on how the movie’s African ties acted as a muse for ‘Gift,’ which is not only rich in sounds native to the Motherland but also features a kaleidoscope of artists from the region.

And, as if the rare sit down chat wasn’t enough to send fans into a frenzy, the special closed with the first look at the music video for ‘Spirit’ (the first single from ‘The Gift’).

Did you miss it?  Look inside to see the highly anticipated clip, which features a cameo from daughter Blue Ivy:

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  1. God July 16, 2019

    Loved seeing all black people in the video. Beautiful.

    • C July 16, 2019

      Why aren’t there white people? Or Indian? Or Latino? Inclusivity would have been nice to see.

      • Jasmine🙋🏿‍♀️David🙋🏿‍♂️Sam🙋🏽‍♂️& Rashad 🙋🏾‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 16, 2019

        Because they’re in Africa, shooting an African movie about African culture.. so they have all Africans. Duh 😂

      • Bey Best July 16, 2019

        There are white, Indian and Asian people in Africa. Dummy.

      • The Disrespectful Poet July 16, 2019

        “Latino” is not a race; it is an ethnicity. You can be black and Latinx, Afro Latina, for example. It quite likely said demographic is represented in some capacity here as a result of the African Diaspora.

        Race and ethnicity are not the same thing.

      • Holliewuudd July 16, 2019

        Umm I thought they shot this in the grand canyon…not Africa

      • Jasmine🙋🏿‍♀️David🙋🏿‍♂️Sam🙋🏽‍♂️& Rashad 🙋🏾‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 16, 2019

        @BeyBest oh there are white, Asian and Asian people who live in tribes in the deserts of Africa!? Mind linking me the receipts. Oh ok. Didn’t think so, hun. Like I said. You’re trying to find a fla in this flawless video and there’s just nothing to say about it but it’s perfect. You’ll just have to be upset 🤦🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️

      • Jasmine July 16, 2019

        Shuit it TRASH. Only race baiting scum bring up race. Bey don’t need crackas in her video. Crackas need to BOW DOWN to the queen. They do not get to be in the Queen’s videos. They can go fetch her some water!

      • Jasmine July 16, 2019

        Shut it FAKE Jasman aka TJG’s Resident F.aggot. There are white Africans and Indians in Africa and that includes in the deserts like in Durban. I know u don’t travel past your local soup kitchen so u can learn a thing or two from me the real Jasmine who is really a sophisticated global woman with a lifetime of cultural experiences and observations.

      • Jasmine July 16, 2019

        This video is lovely. Jasmine likes it!

      • Jasmine🙋🏿‍♀️David🙋🏿‍♂️Sam🙋🏽‍♂️& Rashad 🙋🏾‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 17, 2019

        Sorry TROLLmine the Durban people are of African descent but of Indian nationality. Essentially Africans who live/migrated/were born in India. They don’t even live in Africa 😂😂😂😂😂Ethnicity vs Race vs nationality is a very simple concept to grasp…. for some, anyway 😊

  2. Jasmine🙋🏿‍♀️David🙋🏿‍♂️Sam🙋🏽‍♂️& Rashad 🙋🏾‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 16, 2019

    THis video is EPIC. Slay Bey!

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN July 16, 2019

      Watching this you can tell her sister has an influence on her. The was beautifully stunning!

    • Jasmine July 16, 2019

      It’s the same overrated sh%t for a whack song you fa*got% eat up

      • Rosy July 17, 2019

        The song is dry like beyonce wig no emotions she masking the song with colors and outfits called distraction and these people know the song sucks and her voice is horrible as nahla

    • Jasmine July 16, 2019

      Jasman stop pretending to be me. Ur efforts are in vein. I am still here aint I u f.aggot! Nothing u can do to remove me from this site so sit va I and appreciate me since u are just a Jasmine fan. The Royal Highness Jasmine is here! Bow Down!

  3. ChrisFresh July 16, 2019

    Would think it would be more of the movie.. being its for a soundtrack

    • Danny Bey July 16, 2019

      I’m so sique of y’all. The movie is literally all up in in it. Sit down and stfu. This clearly wasn’t for you. You must be white.

    • Jasmine🙋🏿‍♀️David🙋🏿‍♂️Sam🙋🏽‍♂️& Rashad 🙋🏾‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 16, 2019

      Why would you think that? That’s silly. If you want the movie, go see the movie. You’re just finding something to hate about cause there’s nothing else you can say about the video. It’s FLAWLESS

      • Jasmine July 16, 2019


    • Beylover July 16, 2019

      Why would put MORE OF THE MOVIE in the video?

      That would defeat the purpose of people buying a ticket to go and see it! Some of y’all are so THIRSTY to find something negative to say towards anything Beyoncé does y’all FORGET TO USE LOGIC 🙄🙄🙄

  4. Beylover July 16, 2019

    Visually I wouldn’t expect anything less from Beyonce!

    6 Emmy nominations, New video, new movie, and new album…. ALL IN THE SAME WEEK! Queen Bey is showing OUT…. HATERS STAY MAD!

    • I hate bllccck n whyyyte July 16, 2019

      Business is business, don’t mean it’s going to sell

      we just do not think that she can sing anything like Whitney Houston. Her voice is filled with mucus on the song you can hear it. … ewwwww.

      • Bey Best July 16, 2019

        No lies told

      • Bey Best July 16, 2019

        Beyoncé sounds like a pageant girl who attempts to imitate a gospel singer when she sings ballads.

  5. Bey Best July 16, 2019

    Great visuals. Smart of her to chase an Oscar as a songwriter (because she will never as an actress). The video is definitely Solange-inspired but nowhere near being contrite and nonsensical like Solange’s videos. Beyoncé is an exceptional visual artist.

    • C July 16, 2019

      Lol stop playing

  6. C July 16, 2019

    Ehh! Nothing special sorry Beyoncé. You bore me… you look nice tho

    • Jason July 16, 2019

      You probably didn’t watch, but have nothing better to do than be a hater!

  7. Mike July 16, 2019

    I’m so unmoved! The song is Bella boring and the video I thought would be more about the movie but of course it’s more about Beyoncé. I’m just so turned off by how this whole Lion King thing has become about Beyoncé and not what the movie represents!

    • C July 16, 2019


    • biancacook July 16, 2019

      yeah im turned off from the movie because of this.

  8. King of Kingz July 16, 2019

    😍👑 #QueenTingz 🐝🐝👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Jasmine🙋🏿‍♀️David🙋🏿‍♂️Sam🙋🏽‍♂️& Rashad 🙋🏾‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 16, 2019

    This is one of her best videos. This is so fitting for the movie, beautifully choreographed, great scenery, vivid coloring and beyonce looks sitting, OK!!! This just makes me want to see the movie even more now!

    • Jasmine July 16, 2019

  10. biancacook July 16, 2019

    i actually liked both video and song, perfect for a soundtrack. the posing and laying in the sand was not needed, she coulda left that out, but other than that good stuff.

    • Oh plz July 16, 2019

      Agreed. Stunningly beautiful, but the shot with her laying sexily on the sand was unnecessary and inappropriate.

  11. Bey Best July 16, 2019

    Watch Beyoncé get nominated for Oscar as a “songwriter” for this song, she performs this song and the BeyHIVe and Black feminists write think pieces about it citing racism.

    The Donald Trump 2020 effect…

  12. Janay July 16, 2019

    I enjoyed the cinematic view and the choreo. It would have been great to see longer choreo scenes in the middle – or if each choreo was longer than they were filmed except for the neon yellow/lime and blue choreo scene in the end of the video.

    Thank you for sharing this video on FB.

  13. Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) July 16, 2019

    Look at the ART!

  14. Clarkson July 16, 2019

    OMG what an epic video. So grand, so over the top. She’s one of the few musicians who still give us grand huge budget videos.
    Now I love the song.

    Vma predictions for beyonce
    Best choreography
    Best editing
    Best direction
    Best cinematography
    Video of the year

  15. Natasha Williams July 16, 2019

    She is the definition of let me be Great!!

    • Pedonika July 17, 2019

      More like the definition of illiteracy

      • Bey Best July 17, 2019

        That would explain what Natasha meant.

      • Jasmine1999 July 17, 2019

        Why do you call yourself a p******** ?

      • Jasmine1999 July 17, 2019

        Why do you call yourself a p e d o phile?

  16. Meme July 16, 2019

    This is what I’m talking about. Hats off. I’m here for it!

  17. Lorelei Williams July 16, 2019

    Beautiful Love it

  18. stan July 16, 2019

    it’s a beautiful video

  19. Raquel July 16, 2019


  20. Neimon July 16, 2019


  21. Keith July 16, 2019

    The video is beautiful…the song is…well….still horrible

  22. lucy fur July 16, 2019


  23. Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) July 16, 2019

    This music video is the reason why the Grand Canyon was temporarily shut down y’all. Aren’t you proud to be Black? Homage to goddess Oshun & Yemaya!

  24. Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) July 16, 2019

    What was so inappropriate about it? She was covered from head to toe

  25. Oliver July 16, 2019

    Unbelievable 😉 amazing. Queen thing only . Let’s wait for awards season 😆 6 Emmy nominations already . Haters I want you to keep your job making my queen more relevant and watch her slay the life of your entire favorite existence . Haters any of ur favorite in front of beyonce on a stage and let them melt and crumble .. that is an awesome vid . MTV vidéo award bonjour Im coming

  26. MessyBoots July 17, 2019

    The music video actually fits the Lion King theme so props for that. Cinematography is stunning. It actually reminded me a little of Janet’s Together Again, which is never a bad comparison. So, yes.. this song/vid give me 90s vibes when you could still enjoy new music or videos without all of the the noise/comments of social media in the background. Those were the days.

    • WHERE IS SHE July 17, 2019

      It doesn’t fit at all. The difference between Africa and the US deserts is just so bad. Gimmick video.

      • Dc July 17, 2019

        But she’s passing it off as Africa how fake

  27. Gurlwepa89 July 17, 2019

    Visually stunning but the record itself is underwhelming.

  28. Bravo!!! July 17, 2019

    👏 👏 👏 👏 Icon & legendary 👸…. At first didn’t care for the song and was glad it was for a soundtrack. The video comes along and pulls everything together..

  29. Naïme July 17, 2019

    She became a real piece of trash since ST. But I have to say the video is beautiful. Nice to see her covered up for change. Unfortunately, the Beyoncé from 2003-2012 is dead and buried, that woman HAD everything to be the biggest star on the planet (And by biggest I am talking about her materiel, music, movies opportunity, and great vocals ala Cadillac records). Too bad she is now respected just for her wealth and her position in the industry.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate July 17, 2019

      But does your comment detract from the fact that she has more experience and talent behind her now that she did in 2012 though?

      Y’all wrote off Gaga too after Joanne and then she slayed people’s existence with a return to vocal ballads. Beyoncé has many long years in the industry ahead of her and plenty of time to drop vocal ballads albums, stripped down concert series with vocal collaborations, jazz and gospel inspired themes etc.

      But she is still young and doing Trap when she is 50 isn’t gonna cut it. She is smart because the music she’s been making the past 3 albums is converting the casual listeners and younger demographic in addition to retaining the older audience – so people continue to grow with her securing her bag for the future. 💰💰💰💰💰😎

      • MessyBoots July 17, 2019

        Except, IN REALITY… everything Bey has done since 2012 has made her an ever bigger star than she was at that time.

        4 was considered a big commercial disappointment by BEYONCE standards coming off a huge era w/ I AM Sasha Fierce. I remember folks writing her ‘revelancy obituary’ ‘during that time. 4 was in fact the last time you saw her do traditional promo, roll out dates, interviews etc

        She would then reverse course both critically and commercially with her groundbreaking self titled release and Lemonade. If anything, music critics respect her more now than they did pre 2012.

  30. WHERE IS SHE July 17, 2019

    FLOP. The video can’t save the song from being flop. Still sounds like an unmastered B-side track from one of her recording sessions 8-10 years ago…

    RACIST video. Only black people. Doesn’t represent variety. Where are the PC liberals now? If a white musician would shot a video only with white people they would organise protests.

    Having an Africa-themed video shot in the deserts of the US makes the video very POOR.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate July 17, 2019

      Oh your comment tickled me. 😂😂😂😂😂

      And this is why YOU are part of the problem. You can’t even let a minority group celebrate their heritage without injecting your white MAJORITY into the mix – like you are ENTITLED to play apart in a minorities celebration of their own heritage – the delusion – like F.O.H. Clown 🤡 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Roar July 17, 2019

        Back people aren’t a minority in Africa… Why isn’t there diversity in this music video? Are we to believe there’s only black people in Africa? Are others not welcome?

      • Shayla Queen July 17, 2019

        White people are a minority in Africa. Can they celebrate their heritage in the video? Why aren’t they being represented?

      • WHERE IS SHE July 17, 2019

        You are just repeating the racist agenda.
        The video was shot in a US desert, nothing African heritage celebration is there… 😀

        And I’m sorry to inform you, but there are lots of types of people in Africa, not only black people… white people, Arab people, Bedouin people, and many more… they are not represented in that video. If a US film or series doesn’t represent every race and ethnicity, these “liberals” (more like far-left “PC” people) make protest everywhere….

        And since when is PINK dresses on men are part of the African heritage? LMFAO you looser

      • XYZ July 17, 2019

        Actually, I do get the point somehow. You know, whites these days have to think about every single minority existing and how to integrate them in their Videos (blacks, latinos, gays, lesbians, fast people, hin people, young people, old people, pansexuals, transexuals, giraffes with a Piercing, people who Think they dont have a gender, cats, dogs, you Name it). And whatever they do, there will be a Shitstorm anyway. And as much as I think that it is necessary that we celebrate diversity and should include minorities, I get the point that its frustrating that whites have to Think everything through, while blacks most of the time do not include any other race in their projects (movies, videos etc) and that seems to be totally ok. I mean, if you look at some “black” movies you think that there are just Black people on the whole Planet, they are like white movies in the 50ies. Not even latinos are existing in that Universe

    • Dc July 17, 2019

      Agree she’s soo black this all Black now hmmmm Capitalizing on weak minded blacks we see through this

  31. XYZ July 17, 2019

    Great visuals, the song is still boring though

  32. Roar July 17, 2019

    Omg Beyonce coped Taylor swift wildest dreams video.
    She copied the pose did, while wearing a yellow dress.

    • Shayla Queen July 17, 2019

      Wildest Dreams is all OVER this! Beyoncé never did have any originality though.

  33. Man July 17, 2019

    A whole entire Solange video

  34. Dc July 17, 2019

    Y’all can’t see through this fakeness now she woke everything all black Africa all the time soo fake

    • Shayla Queen July 17, 2019

      While still bleaching her skin 😂

  35. Ronna July 17, 2019

    Loved it

  36. ROCK July 17, 2019

    I’m trying so so hard to like this song.

  37. ROCK July 17, 2019

    I think i know what is going on.She wants to be in total control of her music and probably choose the songs.But she is not creative.She doesn’t have an ear for a hit song.This song is so boring I can’t even listen to the end of it.I was expecting something.i didn’t get it.I am a fan and i really really want this woman to have a worldwide hit on her own but it has not happened since 2011.It’s been one bore fest after the other.Then she tries to cover it up with epic videos but we all know that in the end music is for the ears not the eyes.She needs to go back to the producers that gave her the hits.Being woke doesn’t mean releasing flop music all the time

  38. Leverne July 18, 2019

    Just amazing

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