Ciara’s ‘Level Up’ Officially Certified Platinum

Published: Tuesday 16th Jul 2019 by Rashad

As Ciara herself proclaimed, her hit, ‘Level Up,’ has proven itself ‘yummy’ indeed as consumption of the tune via streaming and digital downloads has given it just the boost needed to get to the RIAA’s Platinum level.

Released July 17, 2018, the song – lifted as the official lead single from her 7th studio album, ‘Beauty Marks’ – went on to make its mark on the Billboard Hot 100 by peaking at #59 (her highest placement since 2015’s ‘I Bet’).  Now, just two months after the announcement of its Gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America, Cici can make room for yet another Platinum plaque on her wall.

Details inside:

The news comes as Cici is reportedly hard at work preparing to bring ‘Level Up’ live to a city near you on the ‘Beauty Marks’ tour.  Click here for dates.

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  1. Jay Jay July 16, 2019

    I’m happy she at least gets one or two RIAA certified singles each ERA.

    I think she should release only EPs going forward. 5 tracks maximum. Visual for each track. Keep the tracks dance heavy with current sound.

    • Jasmine July 16, 2019

      This song would have done better with better lyrics. This was supposed to be her comeback song and it peaked at 59? I thought it charted higher than that. Oh well. Still not bad for Ci-Error.

      • Jay Jay July 17, 2019

        Eeehh billboard positions don’t mean much to me. It performed well on iTunes and did well on YouTube and it got a platinum plaque. Sound like a comeback single to me

      • Jasmine July 17, 2019

        I agree I think Billboard needs to hold more weight to pure sales than streaming. If a song performs well on iTunes digital purchases it should hold more weight than all this free streaming nonsense.

  2. I hate bllccck n whyyyte July 16, 2019

    every ho wears them skinny thigh high f*** me boots, her picture was very misleading..

  3. JUST SAYING July 16, 2019

    Congrats to her! “I bet” was the ONLY RnB to go platinum in 2015 and people still shaded her. My dream producers for Ciara would be MikeWillMadeit, Timbaland, & Missy!

  4. JUST SAYING July 16, 2019

    Wait where the HATERS at? Y’ALL QUIET AS F***!

    • Pedonika July 16, 2019

      Here we are.

      Going platinum like a year after release LMAO!!!
      Viral hit my ass! How’s her album doing? Has it been certified plastic yet?

  5. The truth always comes to light July 16, 2019

    Hmmm… y’all can post this but don’t post her album sales! Chillleee… keep that same energy with other artists! I wouldn’t be surprised if her husband is paying y’all in the blogs to only report positive things on her cause we ain’t seen y’all or no blog post a peep about them album sales! Her album sold less than 3k copies make it make since to me….

    • KIng z July 17, 2019

      No one has posted about them
      Because the sales – like her – are irrelevant lol

  6. IceNFireXspitxFacts July 17, 2019

    WOW!!! Queen Ci still gettin gold and platinums every era collecting them bags running her own label being her own boss owning her masters collecting every dollar from every song she ever put out old and new while being independent and on several different covers of magazines booking stages left and right music being used on commercials, Nfl, Nba and so on this is what i call being blessed ignoring the doubters and believing in yourself i love how a unproblematic queen keeps her haters so bothered keep it going and NEVER give up until you say your finished let them talk because at the end of the day they hating but they watching tho.

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