Missy Elliott Talks ‘Iconology’ EP, VMAs, Biopic, Vegas Residency, Full Length Album, & More

Published: Friday 30th Aug 2019 by Sam

Missy Elliott is back – and not just for a minute.

The music visionary blazed the stage at the 2019 MTV VMAs, where she took home the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard honor. An award which itself followed her induction into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

Elliott’s salute arrived in tandem with new EP ‘Iconology’ and the video for its song ‘Throw It Back.’

Rather than a momentary resurfacing, the femcee – who hasn’t released a full length album in 14 years – is doing the promo rounds and is delving into her exciting plans.

Details below…

During her visit to Sway In The Morning, Missy opened up about her VMA showing, battling illness before, during, and after, Aaliyah, and spearheading a biopic about her life.

While her sit-down with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1 brought with it confirmation about the release of her long-awaited LP.

Interestingly, when quizzed on a companion tour, Missy revealed that she’d prefer a Las Vegas residency format – as it’d better accommodate the technological scale of her show. She went one step further to reveal that talks are already underway.

Exciting times!

After years of waiting, it finally looks as though it’s all systems go for Missy. And we couldn’t be more elated!

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  1. Only Facts August 30, 2019

    I love her. SHE is the epitome of an icon. Could you imagine her doing a joint album with Janet? Or even a collab with the current female rappers? I just love me some MISSY!

  2. Brent Christopher August 30, 2019

    as much as i truly love, appreciate & honor the ICON, Missy Elliott, the climate of today’s music industry isn’t suited for the style of music that she creates.

    Missy is creative, innovative & a trendsetter. however, to be successful in this day & time, one must FOLLOW trends.

    • Queen ?? Missy August 30, 2019

      Speak for yourself. I’m here for every bit of it. You can keep the mumbling rappers I’ll take dancing Missy over everyone else.

  3. Keith August 30, 2019

    A Missy residency done well would be a reason to go to Vegas again!!!! I would love to see Missy musically continue to do her own thing without an eye to sales. A full album would be a great start!

    • Queen ?? Missy August 30, 2019

      You didn’t watch the interview. She definitely said her album is coming.

  4. Queen ?? Missy August 30, 2019

    Just so humble without feeling the need to put anyone else down. I feel like Missy could bring all the girls together. Remake the Freedom song and show some unity.

  5. I hate blaccck n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** August 30, 2019

    Vegas will flop Missy gotta be honest.

    • Queen ?? Missy August 30, 2019

      Pfff. If JNo can sell anyone can.

  6. Gee August 30, 2019

    I love Missy spirit, wishing her all the best with all of upcoming endeavors.

  7. Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 31, 2019

    Wow she is so humbled and likeable ? People thought she was mopping them floors in her house and watching TV these past 14 years but you know she was ghost writing, producing for others and making baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag ????????? ???? Well Done to her. I don’t care if her new stuff doesn’t go to number 1 – why should she conform to being a follower to attain chart success? We need someone different on the scene right now – things are so stale ? The EP isn’t fire ? but she’s never disappointed with a full length album so I’m not trippin’ ???

  8. HavanaONana August 31, 2019

    I love the fun and good vibe Missy???

    ??Is it worth it, let me work it
    I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it
    I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it
    If you got a big ***, let me search you
    And find out how hard I gotta work you
    I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it??

  9. Beyhives August 31, 2019

    Missy, Lil Kim and Eve are the best female rappers out there!!!!

  10. Iconic September 10, 2019

    Missy is an icon!

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