Billie Eilish & Sam Smith Perform On ‘iHeart Living Room Concert’

Published: Monday 30th Mar 2020 by Sam

Billie Eilish and Sam Smith were two of the Pop superstars on-hand for the ‘iHeart Living Room Concert’ that aired on FOX last night.

Joining the likes of Mariah Carey, Elton John, and Alicia Keys, the pair participated in the virtual extravaganza to raise money for those affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Grammy darling Eilish was joined by brother/producer Finneas as she belted ‘Bad Guy,’ while Smith performed ‘How Do You Sleep?’

Watch them in action after the jump…

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  1. Only Facts March 30, 2020

    I can’t wait for the BROmance living room tour! I hear Camila’s father will be in the background working as the lighting engineer and will be seen eating hungry man TV dinners throughout the show. CANNOT WAIT!!!

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 30, 2020

      Dumb àss
      She slayed her segment.
      Elton john invited her to perform in this loving room concert

      She killed it
      She performed an acoustic guitar version of my oh my and sand dababy’s part also

      Why didnt elton John invite normani?
      What is she gonna perform?lol
      She doesnt even have vocals.

      • Only Facts March 30, 2020

        ?????????? Is your a** jealous of the ? that your mind creates? I cannot. Take your medication

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 30, 2020

        Another L

        U are projecting ur issues on me but that’s not gonna solve them

        Nìgga u need help.
        U create fantasies in ur head and u start believing they are real

        U better see a doctor.

        Elton John put on a massive online concert last night featuring Lizzo, Camila Cabello and Billie Eilish

        Queen elton knows talent and recognises talent
        By now u should know Elton, if u ain’t shìt he will tell u.
        He loves Camila cabello.

        Why wasnt miss normani main pop girl of 2020 invited?
        Lol no vocal having trash

    • Only Facts March 30, 2020

      You are pained now that it’s confirmed Dua is going to demolish Camilas sales ?? Camila is the only one suffering the sophomore slump! Bye pussyboyyy! Go take your medication!

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 30, 2020

        You will take the L with your meds in some few days.
        An album that didnt hit number one on iTunes and apple streaming service.

        U are insane.
        U will take the L and those medications.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 30, 2020


  2. I love big black c** March 30, 2020

    Boring af Billie emoish embarrassed herself once again. She looks she just get wake up by her mom. A mess?????

  3. Sumthin bout his manners March 30, 2020

    Neither of these flops can sing
    Camilas the true vocalist.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 30, 2020

        Even in the uk

        Camila debut album outpeaked dua lipa’s debut

        Camila debut album peaked at number 2 in the uk and number 1 in the us

        Dua lipa debut album peaked at number 3 in the uk and number 27 in the us

        Camila has alway and will always be superior.

      • Only Facts March 30, 2020

        ClarksNUT, it doesn’t matter where your first album debuts! Gaga’s first album didn’t hit the top 5! It’s the second album that matters! That’s why they call it the sophomore slump that many suffer. The second album is supposed to significantly outperform the first! Idiot!

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 30, 2020

        When I say u are sick in the head and u need a doctor u think I’m joking

        Camila has 2 number 1’s
        U said number one songs dont mean shìt

        Camila’s debut album hit number one
        Now ur saying debut hitting number one dont mean s***

        Camila opened the Grammys
        U said opening the Grammys dont mean shìt

        Camila won two Latin Grammy awards
        U said winning latin Grammy awards dont mean shìt

        U see why ur insane?

        Dua lipa doesnt have a debut number one album, Camila cant relate
        Dua lipa doesnt even have a top 20 debut album. Lol

        Dua lipa doesnt have a number one song, Camila cant relate.

        Now cry for it
        U so excited but u will still take ur L
        Calm down. ?

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 30, 2020

        “Gaga’s first album didn’t hit the top 5! I”

        Lady gaga’s debut album the fame , peaked at number 2 on the billboard 200

        U need to see a doctor
        U are insane
        U make up these fantasies in ur head and u start thinking they are reality.

        Hold the L

        Dua lipa debut album peaked at number 27.

      • Only Facts March 30, 2020

        You idiot! The fame debuted at #17! Yes it eventually peaked at 2! But it doesn’t matter where the first album lands, it’s the SECOND album that defines your legacy hun! Look at all the main pop girls – their second albums were their biggest: Britney with oops, Gaga with BTW, Katy with Teenage Dream, Adele with 25, I could go on and on. Camila isn’t the star you think she is.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 30, 2020

        “Gaga’s first album didn’t hit the top 5! I”

        These are ur words not mine

        Ur argument is void cause u dont know what ur talking about.

        U are not stable mentally
        Take ur meds call ur doctor.

        “It doesnt matter where the first album lands”

        Ur crazy
        U only get 1 debut album and it is a prestigious record for ur debut album to hit number 1.

        Ur trying to down play having a number 1 debut album cause Camila has that to her record.


        Ur crazy
        Dua lipa, ur main pop girl didnt even reach the top 20

        U need help
        Go and see a doctor.

  4. Gee March 30, 2020

    Sam did a good job, however Billie was not a good look. I did like her performance at all.

  5. Gee March 30, 2020

    I appreciated Sam’s performance, however Billie’s performance I did not like at all.

  6. Chileplease March 30, 2020

    It’s sad they couldn’t find a single dark-skinned person to sing. A perfect representation of what’s going on in popular music these days…smh

    • Only Facts March 30, 2020

      Say it again for the people in the back! As much as I love Adele, sometimes I wonder if she had dark skin, would she sell like she does? Or Taylor? No shade, but food for thought.

  7. PinotNoir March 30, 2020

    See how not nauseating-looking he is without tasteless makeup and resting bïtçh face?

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