Saweetie Drops New Single ‘Don’t Say Nothin’ / Unveils 6-Track EP ‘The Single Life’

Published: Friday 18th Nov 2022 by Rashad

Ahead of the long-awaited release of her serially delayed debut album, ‘Pretty B*tch Music,’ rapper-actress Saweetie is giving her dedicated fans (affectionately called #IcyGang) a musical appetizer in the form of the 6-song project titled ‘The Single Life.’

As first teased here, the effort not only comes as a way to tide fans over until the arrival of ‘PBM’ but also sees the GRAMMY nominee break her silence about a number of rumors that have plaqued her recently (including the suggestion that she cheated on ex-boyfriend Quavo with one of his friends).

The first single from ‘Single Life’ comes courtesy of the boisterous ‘Don’t Say Nothin.’

“Don’t you tell nobody we fu**in’ / Shut your mouth ni**a, don’t say nothin’,” she raps on the bass-buoyed song. “That’s what I get for kissin’ on these frogs / He got mad and told my business to the blogs.”

Stream ‘Nothin’ and its parent project inside courtesy of Apple Music and Spotify.


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  3. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) November 18, 2022

    Screaming……. Even this flop releasing an EP💅🏾 Normanly, what’s yo excuses?

  4. Detruth November 18, 2022

    So she admitted to cheating?

  5. Tulah November 18, 2022

    Yawn, we are at a cap of untalented female rappers. No more space for her. Stick with endorsements.

  6. Now Control This! November 18, 2022

    LOVE THE RNB CHILLED VIBE THIS WORKS FOR HER!! P**** needsssssss to be a single asap and HANDLE MY TRUTH!!!

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