André Leon Talley Talks Possible Eviction, Pay Inequality On ‘Tamron’

Published: Thursday 6th May 2021 by Ryan

André Leon Talley is getting candid.

To promote the upcoming paperback version of his 2020 novel, ‘The Chiffon Trenches,’ he appeared on the ‘Tamron Hall Show.’ However, the discussion turned toward his possible eviction and the pay inequality he alleges occurs at Vogue.

More details below…

Talley has been engaged in a legal battle over his Westchester, N.Y. manse, which was initially purchased by former friend and Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus and husband, Anthony Yurgaitis in what Talley believed to be a rent-to-own agreement.

However, sixteen years later, the couple claimed that the fashion icon owes them over a half-million dollars in rent on the home originally purchased for just over one million dollars, and wants to evict him. Talley has fired back with receipts that claim he has paid over $900,000 to date, as well as making capital improvements to the home.

While the legal battle has prevented him from saying much on the situation, he did tell Tamron:

“As James Baldwin once said, everything in one’s life depends on how that life accepts its limits. I will not be limited. I only can hope for the best outcome that this place that I call my sanctuary will be my sanctuary.”

In the same interview, he went on to discuss the alleged pay inequality that exists at Vogue, saying:

“I just found out two weeks ago from someone of authority that women at Vogue—high, high-rate fashion editors made close to million dollars. I never made that much in a year.”

“I made almost $300,000. But people on the same level, maybe they were doing more work in the fashion photo shoots, but they were making $900,000 a year. They don’t make that anymore; but this is this is what comes when you live in America. When you’re a Black person, you have to wake up and you go, ‘that’s a double standard.'”

Watch Talley dish in full on his possible eviction, pay inequality, and more below…

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  1. Iwhyyyte n bllacc May 6, 2021

    Working for vogue was a dream job, all those perks, exposure, did vogue tally it up out his check.. Vogue may paid others more maybe they brought More to the table.

  2. Damn May 6, 2021

    This is sad. If he had purchased a NYC condo of his own years ago instead of renting someone else’s mansion, it would now be doubled the value and he’d have the financial security that he needs at his age. I suspect he won’t win this lawsuit. It’s sad to see that he didn’t know his worth, which is what led to his inaction and poor decisions. That being said, he still should be able to leverage some good side hustle money off of his name alone.

    • Cia May 11, 2021

      I agree. 16 years later and he’s paid 900K for what he believed was a rent to own mansion in Westchester County? That mansion is worth much more than the 1 mill. None of this makes sense to me. With his long career in fashion, he had to be earning enough to buy an apartment in NYC but appearances and desiring opulence one can’t afford prevails. He is a victim of poor financial decisions here. I hope he comes out ok.

  3. Roberta FlackSabbath May 6, 2021

    He rented a rental property without a contract of any kind.
    Nothing on paper. Rent-to-own without a contract. No way.
    How smart can this entitled queen be?

  4. Cara May 7, 2021

    Horsesh!t. No editor makes a million dollars a year — not at Vogue, not anywhere. That’s laughable. I work in publishing.

    • Nauticawest May 12, 2021

      Sorry, but Conde Nast paid its Vogue fashion editors HUGE salaries! Andre is NOT lying about the salaries. You’ll have to dig deep, but I found roundabout figures close to what Talley was alluding. Vogue Magazine was THE fashion bible in publishing and paid its top employees six-figure salaries, along with INTEREST-FREE loans for real estate. GO ahead, and dig for this info…’s there!

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