Ousted Sugababe Keisha Buchanan, has promised that her solo material will be, quote on quote, “fierce”. Buchanan, 25, signed a deal with Island Records following her now-infamous departure from the UK’s top girl group in September.

Speaking more about her future plans, the talented singer-songwriter ruled out a reformation of the original Sugababes line-up, despite former member Mutya Buena reaching out to her:

The star, who insisted that she has no hard feelings towards the current Sugababes members, admitted that she turned to former bandmate Mutya Buena after leaving the group.

“I’m happy, Mutya’s been very supportive. It’s been good to talk with her and have so many friends look out for me,” she said, adding: “We’re not forming another band, that is out of the question. But we are friends, of course.” {Source}

I’m really hopeful Keisha succeeds solo; I legitimately believe she can with the right material and handling. Moving beyond the whole ‘whose side are you on’ hoo-haa, Ms. Buchanan is immensely talented in her own right, hence it’d be great to have a genuinely talented talent at the top of the charts here. More power to her.

Your thoughts?

Peep this brief preview of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ video for their smash ‘Empire State Of Mind’. While the clip looks pretty good and the song is growing on me, I must ask, am I the only one who doesn’t get the hype about this song?

Your thoughts?

letoya regret

The run-away success of LeToya Luckett current single ‘Regret’ on the Billboard Hip-Hop & R&B chart (current peak of #12) apparently forced label Capitol to commission a video for the Ludacris assisted song, after they had pulled the plug on her ‘Lady Love’ project after quite dismal sales (the fault of which ironically is theirs IMO). Peep Ms. Luckett and Luda on the set of the video, which was shot recently in LA. The clip was directed by Parris.

letoya regret 3
letoya regret 4
letoya regret 2
letoya regret 5

Looks good…

Your thoughts?


‘It’ singer of the moment, Lady GaGa, is offering a lock of her hair with each purchase of the ‘Super Deluxe‘ edition of her latest release, ‘The Fame Monster’. The album, priced at a whopping $100, is a re-release of her platinum-selling debut ‘The Fame’ and will include 8 new songs, including a duet with Beyonce.

People have been saying that this chick was crazy since she first came on the scene with her Kermit The Frog and Hello Kitty outfits, and now I seriously believe it. First of all, who pays $100 for an album? Yes she’s offering a bunch of trinkets along with the record but unless there’s going to be a block of gold in that box, she is not getting my money.

I know artists have to go the extra mile to survive in the given sales climate but this is just too much. GaGa is certainly a gifted singer, songwriter and entertainer but she relies far too much on gimmicks to sell records. That’s a damn shame.

Tidbit: How can we be sure that we’ll be getting her actual hair with the album and not strands from one of her wigs?

Would you pay for a piece of Lady

GaGa’s hair?


Check out songstress Toni Braxton on the set of the video for brand new single ‘Yesterday’. At 43, she’s snatching wigs off many a chick with how great here. Stunning..

The Billy Woodruff directed clip is set to also feature R&B singer Trey Songz, who appears on the track’s remix.

toni 2
toni 4
toni sit and work lol

What do you think of the pics?


That Grape Juice faithful!

It feels so great to have That Grape Juice V.2.0 up and running – moreso the fact that the vast majority of you are loving it, as evidenced by your comments in our welcome post, along with the countless emails and text messages I received when it went live. The concept was conceived little under a year ago, with the actual design being worked on over the last couple of months.

Designed and programmed by the immensely talented Dustin Gary (with additional work from Tobbie and Lukau), the idea here was to make the site visually encapsulate all that the name ‘That Grape Juice’ lends itself to. Hence gone  was the dark colours (and MJ background lol) and in came what you see now.

As well as the design, I want to take the opportunity to shine a light on two of the new sections that are now live at your favourite site and mine:

About That Grape Juice

Ever wondered how the name of the site came about? Or perhaps you want to know a little more about Sam and co? New to the site, and want to know about our history? Click here to go to our ‘About That Grape Juice’ section.

Celebrity Shout-Outs

Your favourite stars know where to keep it locked!  Click here to check out this section to see who and who support That Grape Juice!


I kid you not when I say there is so so much you can expect from That Grape Juice in the days, weeks and months ahead. Let’s just say, we’ve been cooking up a whole lot behind the scenes during the ‘slow-days’ of recent months! Without hesitation I can say, though, that you can expect much more daily posts, exclusive competitions and awesome interviews (you know how we do!).

That said, we are always eager to hear from you all – ‘the That Grape Juice drinkers’, as someone said to me the other day lol. What would you like to see on That Grape Juice i.e. new features? The return of particular older ones that you really liked? Increased coverage of certain artists? Etc. We want to hear from you! Hit up the comments section below with your thoughts and suggestions.


A tad off-topic, I’d really like to thank the following for their support in getting the new site up and running in one way or the other (queue award speech lol): God (all day, everyday!), my mother and father, my beautiful sisters, Dustin, Tobbie, Lukau, Sean, Kwame, Leon, Jonelle, Antoine, Clifford, Hilario, Joanne A, Alistar, Glynn, Trent, Sandra D, Jamell, Dare, Nathan, Jade, Seye Iizsik and Courtney over at Crushlabs. Thank you.


Your suggestions?

Check out the first episode of Monica’s new BET reality show ‘Still Standing’. Having just finished watching this, I will most definitely be watching again. Thankfully absent is the the tomfoolery which seems to pervade most reality shows these days. With Ms. Monica being such an immense talent, I’m really hoping this is show catapaults her back to her deserved position – on top. Good stuff.

Your thoughts?

Watched the show already? Hit or Miss?

cb comeback

Controversial star Chris Brown made his stage comeback, his first since the ‘incident’ 8 months ago, at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse 09 concert in New Jersey. Peep Chris’ performances of brand new single ‘I Can Transform Ya’, as well as ‘Take You Down’ below (apologies about the crappy video quality):

Say what you wish about him, but the boy sure knows how to put on a show! After watching these, as well as the positive reception Chris’ new material has been receiving, it appears he has been given another lifeline. It’ll be interesting to see the first week sales of his 3rd studio album ‘Graffiti’ (due December 15th) – which more or less will be arriving in the allocated release window it was given pre-ChRihanna-gate. Anyway…

What do you think of the performances?

A long list of celebrities (from A to Z-list) came out the simultaneous premieres of Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ which were held in various cities around the world. Venues included New York, Los Angeles, London and a several others. Peep the action below:


Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, and Marlon Jackson (from left to right) were there looking rather sharp I must say.


Jermaine Jackson and his wife on the other hand…At least his outfit distracts us from that hair. Can’t miss out on some camera time can you Jermaine?


Jennifer Lopez rocked the carpet in this stunning black number. Is it me or aren’t a lot of the women in the game wearing black lately?


Will Smith was the life of the party as usual. Gotta love this guy!


Former ‘American Idol’ judge Paula Abdul made it to the event as well (clearly without the help of a stylist).


Finally, we have Vivica A. Fox, who was also wearing black (see what I mean!), looked sexy in this little (and tight) number.

What do you think of the looks?

UK media darling Cheryl Cole stopped by T4 over the weekend to perform her record-breaking #1 ‘Fight For This Love’, which has become the year’s fastest selling single (if you are thinking ‘WTF?’, trust me you are not alone).

As much as I’ve played the cynic when it comes to Cheryl’s talent (or lack of), it’s hard to deny a hot performance when I see one. Questionable vocals aside, I really enjoyed this one, with the song becoming quite the grower. What Ms. Cole lacks in vocal ability, she appears to make up with her all-round fierceness. That said, it’ll be interesting to see what how she fares with her future releases once the X-Factor ends, as reviews of her debut LP ‘Three Words’ have been almost unanimously atrocious. Ouch.

What do you think of the performance?

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welcome to new That Grape Juice

Welcome to the new and improved That Grape Juice!


While, I’ll be giving you guys a much more detailed account of what’s to come shortly, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to That Grape Juice’s new resident Assistant Reporter….Trent! By no means your typical run-of-the-mill contributor, Trent – to put it simply – encapsulates everything That Grape Juice has become over the last 2 years – opinionated, reliable, professional, but above all entertaining! He’s a LAMB too, which should be interesting LOL LOL. Check out Trent’s introductory post below!

In the meanwhile, let us know what you think about our hot new design!

Your thoughts?

welcome to new That Grape Juice

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, That Grape Juice would like to present to you….. me… Trent!

I reside in the sunny (and HOT) twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago (that’s in the Caribbean by the way). I’m a Communications major in my final year at university and I’m in love with the field of Entertainment Journalism. That passion for writing is what lead me to the blog-o-sphere (yeah, I made that word up. Copyright!) and eventually to this incredible site.

I know I can bring a whole new perspective to the site and take things to a whole other level. So how about a tall glass of “grape juice” with a hot plate of Trini cuisine?!  I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you!