Hot Shots: Willow Smith In Teen Vogue

Published: Saturday 5th Feb 2011 by Trent

Yesterday we provided behind the scenes footage of Willow Smith’s spread in Teen Vogue. Now the finished products of the photoshoot have been released. See more images below:

What do you think of the pics?


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  1. YOOS February 5, 2011

    Go Willow, cheesy but good.

  2. MISHKA February 5, 2011

    Yo Trent did hear that your beloved’s last video “S&M” is a complete rip-off of Dave LaChapelle artwork ?

    Willow is such a cutayyyy

  3. b**** please February 5, 2011

    Oh God I hope she can read and write cuz she’s just too young to be doing these things….no shades but concerned.

  4. Racci February 5, 2011

    Girl has huge hands.

  5. GangsterA February 5, 2011

    she looks cute love the pics the nails are hot

  6. ole skool February 5, 2011

    so ovah this little gurl

  7. hp February 5, 2011

    rihanna style

    beyonce talent

  8. KAT DELUNA FAN February 5, 2011


  9. Aryo February 5, 2011

    is it me or does she have mostache?? lol

  10. Beystanbish February 5, 2011

    That last outfit looks like something her dad would had wore in his heydays

  11. hjjij February 5, 2011

    She bores me now.

  12. Sugaranice February 5, 2011

    I think her parents are talented…but now I’m questioning there parenting. I think Willow is too young for this..what if she doesn’t blow up and become the superstars her Parents are?
    Rejection for child stars over time makes for disastrous behaviors as adults.

    I’m just surprised knowing what they know about the business they would allow their child at at the tender age of 9 to be subjected to it. ??

    A lot of stars children do get into the business but the one’s that make it seem to get into it a little bit at a time..a bit part here or there space out ..nothing major.

    Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson
    Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler
    Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie

    just my opinion for Willow’s sake I hope she makes it.

  13. youcansaywhateveryoulike February 5, 2011

    this girl is too cute……u ppl make too much of other people’s business your concern and its the 21st we’re way past that as a society, leave it up to her parents and her to decide what happens if she doesnt make it damnit!! and being a global superstar may not be their ultimate goal, maybe she plans just to gain that willow minority….sheesh

  14. youcansaywhateveryoulike February 5, 2011

    21st century i meant….we’re way past those days where it is ok to be all up in people’s business….

  15. ~RiCiBey(Breezy)~ February 5, 2011

    Werk Boo 🙂

  16. Sugaranice February 5, 2011

    @youcansaywhateveryoulike obviously your name has no meaning LOL!!

    I was merely stating an opinion not all up in there business! When you say we are way past that has a society…where do you live?

    We still have war, poverty, slavery, drug addiction, and any other foul and vile thing you can think of!!

    I’m just saying!!!!

  17. Anna February 5, 2011

    She is so cute!;) Werk honey her next single drops in 2 weeks

  18. lola February 5, 2011


    You sound like a dumbass! How the hell are the Smith’s parenting and what Willow does is not the public’s business? They put their damn business out there by talking about it in articles and allowing this child to be a singer in the music business. I can’t believe you typed such an idiotic comment. Everyone has opinions, maybe you should try getting a good education so you can learn how to not be so biased when writing a comment.

    Willow is extremely too young for this business. This is absolutely ridiculous. Now she’s featured in fashion magazines? These pics are awful and of course they are not raunchy but they are a bit inappropriate for a little girl because of her hair and those clothes. Those clothes scream “I can dress however the hell I want and therefore, can do whatever I want!” Why would any parent want their child to be in this industry that is basically now-a-days soft p***? You have so many singers and rappers talking about s** and having s** in their music videos and these are supposed to be her peers? Plus, who in their right mind would want their child to listen to Willow Smith and be inspired by her? She’s so young, so she can’t sing about heartbreak, life experiences, relationships, or struggles to help others.

    The only people who praise this girls are immature idiots who wish they could be a superstar! LOL. Nobody said she didn’t have talent, it’s just the age. Even 16 year old singers are too young to be in this business. They are restricted to what they can sing about and how they can act. Example, Miley Cyrus, and end up wilding out!

  19. EDWAKKA February 5, 2011

    SShe’s not a teen.. is in Teen Vogue….. so teenage girls who are self-conscious are going to think they have to be that skinny? Also kids that age shouldnt be subject to such ego inflation :0/

  20. Nichole February 5, 2011

    @ Lola. You sound like a complete and utter fool.

    What Willow is wearing, and her clothes are completely fit for a young 10 year old girl.

    I normally agree with you on some things, but this time around, you really need to sit your ass down and take a breather.

    You always come off so angry, and bitter in your posts.

    Anyhow. Willow is doing just like Kelly Rowland by doing a number of magazines, and promo shots but there is still no album.

  21. Nichole February 5, 2011

    ^^I meant what Willow is wearing, and her hairstyle is fit for a 10 year old girl.

  22. little kimberly DAMNIT February 5, 2011

    Yall make too much out of something that ain’t that serious. Whip my hair was a hit and it wasn’t ALL due to kids her age. U got grown ass adults rooting for this girl and checking for her so the comment about her not being able to sing about heartbreak and whatever the hell else is totally irrelevant. & Who is anyone to say who is too young for the business? Sounds more like jealousy, if u want to be in front of a camera then pursue somethin. Stop trying to knock the little girl for wanting to be somebody. At the end of the day, the pics are cute and that’s all its suppose to be.

  23. Tami February 5, 2011

    Lola you need help.LMAO. There is NOTHING wrong with being in the entertainment industry young.In fact many of our favs started young.What’s wrong is that some of these kids don’t surround themselves with the right people or their parents are crazy and just want money.Ex: Lohan,Britney,Miley etc. Lol but it’s obvious with this family that’s not the case and Willow is just having fun.

  24. naptime February 5, 2011

    Pick up a book

  25. Anne February 5, 2011

    Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Kim Fields, Janet Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Drew Barrymore, Jason Bateman, Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster, Ron Howard, Raven-Symone, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Tempest Bledsoe…just a few examples of child stars who turned out okay. Although the media wants to focus on the train wrecks, many child stars transition into adulthood just fine, in or out of the industry. Maybe Willow will be like the examples above or many of the other unnamed child stars who are doing fine now. Her parents seem to know the industry inside and out and may prepare her for life during and/or after stardom. I’m sure they realize that if entertainment longevity is not for her, there are many other things she can do. Meanwhile, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her giving it a try with the right guidance. BTW, I think the pictures are cute. I wish Willow and her family well.

  26. Traci Summers February 6, 2011
  27. daznielle bahamas February 6, 2011

    lol love pics and the girl in it love her am not gonna lie!

  28. Mariah4Life February 6, 2011

    That girl needs a perm. She’s looking more like Macy Gray than Will/Jada.

  29. NE-YO*STAN February 6, 2011

    The Fresh Princess!

  30. Mrsjones February 7, 2011

    ^^^ Hey you, above me shut up. She doesn’t need a damn perm and there is nothing wrong with her hair. Her mother decided not to subject her to the european standard of beauty like yours did.

  31. ~BeySoBreezy~ February 9, 2011

    Go Willow! @Mariah4Life Nothing wrong with natural hair…

  32. katy February 22, 2011

    hi i love willow and her family i think willow is so cute and so is jadein

  33. Natalie March 6, 2011

    Im gettin nsick nand tired of her I can sing better than her ugh show off

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