Ashanti’s ‘Braveheart’ Bumped To 2013

Published: Friday 15th Jun 2012 by Sam

Delays, delays, delays.

Sadly, in the music industry, they’re commonplace.

However, in select instances, they’re clearly a sign. Case, point, Ashanti and her serially held back ‘Braveheart’ LP.

Originally due in April, then June, and more recently August, the Written Entertainment set has now been assigned an Early 2013 release. Of course, subject to any further delays.

Details after the jump…

According to Amazon, ‘The Woman You Love’ led set will now hit stores  on January 1st 2013.


What in the name of Mya‘s ‘Liberation’?! A six month delay…after a four month one prior? The situation is many things, with “a hot boiling mess” being the most notable.

It’s be waste of keystrokes to harp on about how ill-advised the Independent route is for an artist such as Ashanti. Hence, we can only hope she sticks a fork in the project – as it’s all sorts of a wrap. Thereafter, she can regroup and come back harder with something new and well-thought out. Preferably with major label backing – even if it means a “lesser” deal than her hey-day.

Despite the unfortunate level her career currently resides at, many forget that Ashanti was “Ashanti” in an era when music actually sold. More specifically, in a period when music she wrote actually sold. Put simply, she’s likely sitting on “stacks on stacks on stacks”. Therefore, a mega-money deal isn’t something she should be seeking – especially as it’s as likely to happen as Rihanna ever out-singing Beyonce.

Instead, she needs a hungry label team, who can leverage a respectable amount of coins, and a solid strategy towards an Urban “comeback”. Platinum status may be out of the question, yet Gold certainly isn’t. By no means a “bad” thing either when considering that, unlike most of today’s chart belle’s, Platinum status is something Ashanti has tasted multiple times over. Fingers crossed there’s a label who’ll recognise and appreciate that soon. As, Ms. Douglas has vocally stepped it up too much to fade into the Pop abyss.

Your thoughts?

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  1. honesty June 15, 2012

    Can’t take the flopping…. stay out of the music industry. Her first flop faster than a fish out of water.

  2. KIMBERLY June 15, 2012

    ok Ashanti from now on keep your release dates please. I still wish you luck in 2013.

  3. the real xoxo June 15, 2012

    lost interest. i was actually 50/50 about buying the cd if it came out in april. but now its gonna get mediafired if it comes out.

    • Music June 15, 2012

      Lmbo! @ Mediafired

  4. UnderRated Artist Lover June 15, 2012

    i cant with this music industry…i started out as a mega Rihanna fan…but seeing her release 6 albums in 6 years while others struggle….makes me not like her anymore….because Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, & now Rihanna along w/ YMCMB they control the music industry

    • prettigurlrockD June 15, 2012

      I totally agree. Someone so overrated with not enough talent gets all this attention with 6 albums in 6 years just becuz the music is “catchy” when there are better artists and musicians thirsty for that success also. But I guess that’s how it is.

      • Yea i said it June 15, 2012

        then maybe tell other b****** to make f****** catchy music and stfu damn………rihanna worked her ass to the top passing everybody!

      • Martyn June 18, 2012

        Rihanna didn’t work her ass ANYWHERE. She slept with a few moguls and got a clever team behind her.

  5. will June 15, 2012

    I agree with the site.. she can do it, she needs a strong movement tho!!!

  6. Rix June 15, 2012

    So That Grape Juice is posting fictitious stories again huh?!
    Firstly, Ashanti NEVER stated any dates for her album, anywhere! So calling it a “pushback” is just stupid really. Why you’re taking Amazon as a source, it’s just laughable. Unless it comes from the horses mouth, which none of it has, then these dates & pushbacks are baseless and irrelevant!
    Secondly, the so called “cover” is NOT the official album cover, but a promo shot for ‘The Woman You Love’. Again you sites are using Amazon as a source for this too, yet NOWHERE has Ashanti claimed this as the album cover. It has been confirmed by sources directly involved in the photo shoot for her album, the photographer & her stylist, that it’s NOT the official cover.
    Do your research before you post things based on 0 facts, and all you naysayers just hate for the fun of it, and will believe anything but the truth!

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 15, 2012

      So what are u sayin, Ashanti all along planned to release in 2013 or the album is coming out some time this year?

      • here2dragu June 15, 2012

        No. She said Summer or Fall of 2012

  7. THE LEGENDARY LAX June 15, 2012

    IDK what to say about this…..i think it was best it be bump to 2013 cause we havnt seen anything that caught our attention and i hope she change that album cover…its really bad but she need to rename it and just start over

  8. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy June 15, 2012

    …………Such a mess, her cover is a mess and the delays is a mess….now we have to wait till 2013 for DelayHeart.

    • here2dragu June 15, 2012

      Or she could called it “Jumping on Delayed Trains”

      • number1k9 June 15, 2012

        LOL, I know bc ‘Jumping Trains’ has NEVER been delayed!

  9. KID June 15, 2012

    no one cares. she could never put out another album and no one would miss her.

  10. Ugh June 15, 2012

    Nobody’s checking for Ashanti in 2012 let alone 2013

    • here2dragu June 15, 2012

      U are. U took the time out to make a post. #oops

      • number1k9 June 15, 2012

        Ahahaha! They sure are!

  11. GREG June 15, 2012

    Ashanti please lose the artwork/cover photo……its not a good look ma

  12. prettigurlrockD June 15, 2012

    WTF?! i guess that flop song TWYL got her whole crew shook and panicking. She need to hang it up flatscreen and go to broadway like she was doing before. The music industry thing she need to take a break from.

    I wish her the best tho. She’s a very beautiful and sort of TALENTED young lady. She just needs to get her priorities straightened.

  13. prettigurlrockD June 15, 2012

    I like Ashanti. But I’m kinda rooting for brandy more cuz she’s overall better…

  14. Elvis Madore June 15, 2012

    LOL @ What in the name of Mya‘s ‘Liberation’?!

  15. ass June 15, 2012

    I can’t stop laughing! This is lmao!

  16. George June 15, 2012

    IDC About What None Of These Haters Got 2 Say I Love Ashanti & She Will Succeed

  17. number1k9 June 15, 2012

    Never have I heard Ashanti give a specific release date for her new album.

    I agree tho IF, and thats a strong IFFFFFFFFFFF, this delay till 2013 is true…

    I, as a big fan, am upset. No need to set a new date so far back unless you’re re-recording the entire album for a different sound. Its only June 2012, Jan. 2013 is way far for a suppposed “push back.”

    Then again, I DO doubt this report.

    Keep on Ashanti! ! !

  18. Ashton S June 15, 2012

    To be completely honest I love Ashanti, she has been out of the game for 4 years. I understand there is always going to be someone who doesn’t like her music, and that’s fine but at the same time you sharing your negative opinion closes more doors for Ashanti. So what’s the point of knocking a strong black beautiful woman’s hustle. Okay if she isn’t doing well according to everyone else’s standards I’m still going to buy BraveHeart. Everyone always wants to compare artist, when its dumb as hell to because none of them are the same and they were all bought up differently. Ashanti has less hype behind her music because she writes her own music! Yes I’m a fan and I will admit she’s had a few off performances, but she is no Beyonce’, Aaliyah, or Whitney Houston. So please stop the comparisons. I thought The Woman You Love was a hit.. I really did . The reason it didn’t enter the Top 40..? Idk for one thing it was probably the radio and the other could of been the people behind her not having connections like the major music companies. Which all ties back to the name of the album BraveHeart because through all the hate and dislikes she has a BraveHeart and she is still gonna do music for the “few” fans she has. Even though she sold 500,000 records in the first week of her first album. You can sit behind a keyboard and talk all day but you know when the album comes out your going to some website to get it free. Which is very ridiculous.. I’d rather you not even listen to her music. I’m not about to sit here and defend her career because her bank account does that.

    • Aaliyah is Queen B**** June 15, 2012

      I don’t care for Ashanti but I agree with you, there’s no need in knocking someone when they’re down. It’s sad that people are constantly tearing others’ dreams down. Like does that make you feel better about yourself? The pathetic thing is that half the people on here who give negative comments aren’t doing a damn thing with their lives and probably never will. It’s ironic really; putting someone down for not being on top anymore when in reality the hater was never on top to begin with.

  19. JER June 15, 2012

    i can’t.

  20. Navy June 15, 2012


    • kasper norris December 14, 2012

      lol ikr ! 🙂

  21. AMAZINJALEN June 16, 2012

    So because Amazon said, it makes it true?

  22. im fine June 23, 2012

    Even though I’m mad she is unsure of this release date…I still think she could of release “Mine” as a single since she performed it live back in May. I guess she recording some new songs, but it doesn’t matter because selling 27 million in 10 years assures you that she is not worrying about money.

  23. Lejohn bryson August 2, 2012

    Ashanti I love you and you will shine through you are rare you are you unique your special you are beautiful you’re awesome I will definitely buy a cd from u I wish I could have helped you on your album

  24. ERIKA October 19, 2012


  25. kasper norris December 14, 2012

    OMG, myy birthdae iz JANURY tha 29th n i hp she release it onn myy Dae cuz im showl gon buy it n b bumping to it, i love ashanti…., <3 n our name iz almost alike bt it's shant'e 🙂 lol im soe happie…well GUD LUCK i'll b lukin forward to listen out !!

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