Must See: Elijah Blake Fans Tribute ‘Runnin’ Blind’ With YouTube Covers

As he readies the release of his debut album (and that of Pop icon  Kylie Minogue) XOX‘ sensation Elijah Blake has landed himself a budding hit with his mellow cut, ‘Runnin’ Blind‘.

Lifted from his Jay Z backed ‘Bijoux 22‘ mix tape, recent weeks have seen thousands of music lovers take to social media outlets to praise the release- with some going the extra mile and honouring it with home made music videos inspired by its lyrics.

So, as to shine light these loyal fans, we’ve picked two of our favourite ‘Blind’ tributes and have them waiting for you to enjoy below!

…and ‘Blind’ isn’t the only Elijah cut dominating the net, peep more fan made footage forged in his favour…

Catch Blake’s skills in action when he appears on Ciara‘s forthcoming LP, by way of the song ‘DUI‘.

‘Bijoux 22’

Your thoughts?

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  1. LA LA April 26, 2013

    F*ck Elijah Blake!
    Y’all keep annoying us with this guy.

    Why don’t y’all give other New Artists some shine on your site?

    • OVODreams April 26, 2013

      Why so mad? The dude knocks.

    • LLASAP April 26, 2013

      100 dollars says that LALA is one of those artists wanting to be on TGJ. Damn hater.

    • RoyalNavi April 26, 2013

      Usually i’d be the first to shade Grape but I can’t when the n**** can actually sang. If you want your music played and nobody wants to play it ask yourself why.

      • HowULoveMe April 26, 2013

        The stupidity on this site is so real. The reason they keep giving him shine is cos they know he’s buzzing and that YALL will comment. Nobody forced any of us to be here but we’re still here so that’s the point.

        I like his music anyway.

      • STONY April 26, 2013

        no id ont think so take a listen to the song and shut your damn mouth it’s just buzz question. when somebody has a buzz yeah he can make it on thatgrapejuice i dont have the strengh to run behind people . no

    • HerNameIsSasha April 26, 2013

      Stony your song is s***.

  2. QueenSasha April 26, 2013

    I love this s***.

    • PinkSlam Barbie April 26, 2013

      Me too, it’s mad chill.

    • Lana Del Slay April 26, 2013

      Giving me Weeknd teas.

  3. DOSSOME April 26, 2013

    FINALLY the legendary Elijah Blake gets his own post

  4. BeyMe April 26, 2013

    You know when you hear or see something so many times you’re forced to like it? This is how i feel now.

    • Mark111 April 26, 2013

      Maybe for some, but when it’s a sad attempt to throw him in EVERYTHING, it makes me not like him. He’s becoming a male Rita Ora, and that’s not good.

      • BreezyAlert April 26, 2013

        I don’t think they care hun, they’ve made it their mission to promote him and it’s clearly working cos we all commented.

      • Mark111 April 26, 2013

        Commenting doesn’t buy a single or album. I can comment all I want, only person getting paid from it is Sam.

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

        HELLO! Comments do not equate to sales 😆

  5. Mark111 April 26, 2013

    This guy gets a post on posts that’s not about him. What is HE doing to make me care? I even see one that was like “Beyonce is doping an album, leaving Rihanna scared for dear life, since her album, with the Elijah penned track, isn’t doing so well.” And then post his video. That’s the saddest s*** I EVER seen, n**** DO something! lol

    • DOSSOME April 26, 2013

      Even a post on BABY BLUE IVY is used to promote Elijah Blake..SMH

  6. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 26, 2013

    TGJ PAY ROLL !!!

  7. Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

    Disgusting how this guy is being shoved down our throats. His song links were even in a Blue Ivy post! He can sing & has nice music. We get it! You guys aren’t doing anything but turning people away from him. Just like Rita Ora…

    • BrandNuStar April 26, 2013

      You’re gonna feel mad stupid this time next year.

  8. BumbleB April 26, 2013

    Here for the song not here for the hating ass R**** stans shading their faves writers.

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      Just like the Hive shades The Dream, NeYo and BC Jean? Oh ok. 🙄

  9. TeenageDreamer April 26, 2013

    People shade when they make threads on the same people everyday and then shade when they give us something new. I never heard of him until I saw him here and I think his music is the s***. If you don’t like it why did you click?

  10. DOSSOME April 26, 2013

    How is this new??this guy is mentioned even on threads that don’t even concern him

    • WomanToWoman April 26, 2013

      Take a seat b****, it’s not like he’s not talented.

  11. MCThePlaceToBe April 26, 2013

    His voice>>>>>

  12. SOTS April 26, 2013

    The kiis im catching from the Titanic saying TGJ are force feeding Elijah to them when that’s what their faves label does to the world.You know the b**** is the queen of Payola and fake Twitter followers.

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 26, 2013

      The kiis I’m catching from you worrying about wtf WE’RE saying. Gurl beat it 😆

  13. Lboogie April 26, 2013

    I didn’t know he was this famous

  14. Rihbellious_Navy April 26, 2013

    I Love Elijah. he’s one of my 3 crushes
    3.Asap Rocky

    • TurntUp4Cici April 26, 2013

      Read my mind sis, expect Asap is my number 1 and Future is number 3.

  15. jefferysaywhat April 26, 2013

    I like Elijah Blake too, but I want him to have a post about upcoming releases on his music and videos not anything semi-related to him… I swear, the way Sam posts about Elijah Blake, you would think that either Sam has a crush or they’re f******… LMAO.

  16. pepsi struggling since beyonce came on April 26, 2013

    Tell ugly gay blakc man, that GP is not here for ugly gay black men. GP only wants cute white boys with swag: JB, JT and Bruno mars ( he is not black )


    • BarbzRUs April 26, 2013

      What color was Usher when CF sold 10 million?

    • Nostalgia1989 April 26, 2013

      The ignorance is real, didn’t Frank just sell half a mill?

  17. KellyKDL April 26, 2013

    Homeboy is so talented.

  18. Rihbellious_navy April 26, 2013

    Looking for perfect is one of my favs I wish it was longer

  19. HausMuthaAdele April 26, 2013

    He’s so beautiful.

  20. NiceNSlow April 26, 2013

    Redd coming up in the game.

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