Exclusive: Elijah Blake Talks ‘XOX’ With That Grape Juice

Published: Thursday 6th Jun 2013 by David

That Grape Juice LA had the pleasure of catching up with Roc Nation maestro Elijah Blake recently, meeting him on the set of his debut music for video…‘XOX’.

Featuring the lyricist that is Common, the cut is fast becoming one of the year’s most celebrated R&B hits- taken on by many a YouTube cover act and soaring to #12 on iTunes USA days after release.

So, if you’re interested in meeting the man behind Usher‘s ‘Climax’ and Rihanna‘s ‘No Love Allowed’, press play on the clip below…


In other Roc related news,  today saw Pop sensation Rihanna become the first act in chart history to see 11 of her singles surpass the 3 million mark.


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  1. AQueenLikeBey June 6, 2013

    I have two things to say and the first is that I like this guy and I hope does well. The second is that R**** can sell 10 billion singles in the world but it won’t change the fact that she wasn’t s*** yesterday, isn’t s*** today and won’t be s*** tomorrow. Da Kween Bey has spoken.

    • riri bad June 6, 2013

      Why are you so pressed when was the last time Beyonce sold 3 million with a ballad?

      • CandyWarhol June 6, 2013

        When was the last time Rihanna wrote a number one single?

      • AQueenLikeBey June 6, 2013

        You better ask that girl.

  2. cnvcnetuerue86458 June 6, 2013

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  3. riri bad June 6, 2013

    Shady ass you coulda gave Rihanna her own post for that @thatgrapejuice smh

    • HerNameIsSasha June 6, 2013

      Oh f*** off you randy w****, just be lucky they gave her a shoutout in the first place. Ain’t like she wrote any of them songs. B****.

    • VisionOfMimi June 6, 2013

      Rihanna doesn’t deserve her own thread because she didn’t write any of the songs.

      • BionicGlam June 6, 2013

        Mariah writes her own songs boo?

  4. TurntUp4Cici June 6, 2013

    My husband.

  5. TaylorWins June 6, 2013

    When you kept on writing about him I checked out his music and I really liked it, so I have high hopes for him. He’s a little hood though.

  6. QueenOfTheNavy June 6, 2013

    I was indifferent at first but now I’m sold 2bh.

    • BitchyBey June 6, 2013

      The Queen of the loose p**** brigade is back! Where you been girl?

      • QueenOfTheNavy June 6, 2013

        Unless you want to talk to me about Elijah kindly f*** off.

  7. XtinaaLovee June 6, 2013

    Using Rihannas name to get more comments on an Elijah post lol let the war begin girls xoxo

  8. StillStandingOnNewLife June 6, 2013

    This is where I get confused about this one. Either he’s gonna completely slay and scalp Miguel and Francine’s wig or he’s gonna flop. I checked his youtube views and he’s slaying and for his song to be doing that well on itunes people must be onto him so I’ll start using him and see where he goes.

    • ItsCheryl2bh June 6, 2013

      Miguel is on the way out because nobody is here for his personality, Frank and Aubriana are the ones he has to worry about.

      • Mrs.Hartnett June 6, 2013

        Miguel is on the way out? What kind of exaggeration.

      • Grande The Way June 6, 2013

        Please explain how Miguel is on his way out. I’ll wait.

  9. AguilerasHeart June 6, 2013

    I love him.

  10. LLASAP (TeamBigDick, TeamFuckYoGirl, TeamSuckOnIt) June 6, 2013

    My n**** Elijah on the come up.

  11. BrunoMartian June 6, 2013

    What a nice dude.

  12. SummertimeSadness June 6, 2013

    I can’t stand R&B honestly but I can get into his stuff because a lot of it sounds like mellow rock.

  13. DOSSOME June 6, 2013

    How is this song doing on other charts aside from the few minutes it spent on Itunes top 100??I try to check his name on wikipedia & all i got was WOMAN TO WOMAN,ROC NATION,UNAPOLOGETIC etc…Is he slaying or what since Sam posts nothing but the #12 Itunes peak…Bubbling under?Dance chart?RnB airplay?…anything.

    • TurntUp4Cici June 6, 2013

      Remain pressed my dear, remain all the way the f*** pressed. The song is new and he hasn’t even performed it anywhere so take the stick that’s in your ass and stick it in your mouth.

      • DOSSOME June 6, 2013

        Babe,My pressed self is only seeking info on how the song is doing….is that wrong?

      • JanetXone June 6, 2013

        Why are the CSquad so rude. Last I checked it WAS number 12 on itunes and i think its top 40 on R&B but only online.

    • JOHNVIDAL June 6, 2013

      I know! When Sam decides to stan, it´s just crazy.

  14. 1D>>>>YourLife June 6, 2013

    Smart AND s***, my playlist is ready.

  15. Miguel stan June 6, 2013

    Overrated…. Tgj stay kissing his ass

    • NaviKisskiss June 6, 2013

      It would be a Miguel stan that’s pressed. Everyone can see your fave for what he is and that’s a nasty egotistical little man with a gay complex. Billboard told his midget ass not to jump but he did it anyway and now that poor girl he landed may have damage of the brain.

    • FentySoSnatched June 6, 2013

      You must not remember how TGJ treated Miguel when he first came out, they treated him like his name was Beyonce.

      • CiCiTurnsUp June 6, 2013

        Deadass thought I was the only who remembered that. I didn’t know who Miguel was until i used to on him on here and then he blew the f*** up. I did lowkey feel some kind of way when he tried to shade them on twitter because I remember how much they used to go in for him before anybody cared.

      • BOYS TYME June 6, 2013

        Please do spill on how Miguel shaded… lol

    • Super Cisus June 6, 2013

      They are on his payroll obviously. He has some nice songs but he ain’t wow me

      • Woman2Woman June 6, 2013

        The way your fav depends on him for album tracks though.

      • Super Cisus June 6, 2013

        Where is Keyshia on the charts s***??

  16. HausMuthaAdele June 6, 2013

    I didn’t know he was this charming.

  17. LanaDelSlay June 6, 2013

    Oh @ Rihanna not making any money from her singles.

    • BeyWhoUWanna June 6, 2013

      Kiiii Kiii Kiiii. She’s a flop b****.

  18. Super Cisus June 6, 2013

    He’s not all that

    • LaLopez June 6, 2013

      You’re a Ciara stan though.

      • Super Cisus June 6, 2013

        And you are a J. Ho stan. I fail to realize your point.

  19. The Dream Stan June 6, 2013


  20. Lovebird June 6, 2013

    Ewwww please don’t give interviews to that hood juice. Secondly Elijah Blake is so fine….he is just ridiculously good looking…damn.

  21. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax June 6, 2013

    UH oh….there is trouble! Rumors are speculating that Rih and chanel are working together. Peep this post:

    iRio kicked off her Chanel spree today by tweeting a photo of a gift from the deisgn house, a bright yellow bag. It appears the fashion lover and Chanel have struck up quite the relationship as Rihanna thanked her “dear friends” for the pressie.

    The star was so impressed with her tour and history lesson that she later took to Twitter to thank her guide and designer friend Laetitia Crahay, writing: “Me and the very lovely @laetitiacrahay You were so wonderful to us!! Thank you so much! Glad we got to

    • rih keeps winning – catch up heuax June 6, 2013

      The star left the tweet at that, was it a tantalising hint as to a future colab with the designhouse?

      Laetitia is the jewellery and accessories designer for Chanel, prompting speculation that Rihanna, who already has a fashion line with River Island, could be working on an accessories line.

      Watch this sp

      • rih keeps winning – catch up heuax June 6, 2013

        Something is brewing with rihanna. I remember when Rih went to milan to meet with folks from Miu Miu. No one knew what was brewing, it turned out that she done the deal with Armani.

        Now, this meeting with the head designer at Chanel? This woman is head designer for jewels and accessories, and rih had been rocking lots of chanel accessories. They are cooking up her own Riri chanel jewel line. Yes rih get that brand money.’

        POOR BEYONCE……..Fizzling out minute by minute.

        Chanel / Rih joint accessoires line >>>>>>>>>>Beyonce brief turn for HnM

        Armani underwar and denim line.>>>>>>>>>>> Rih summer flop for HNM, which was replaced by a victoria secrets model

        Rih own line for River island>>>>>>>>> House of dereon ghetto local flop mess.

        Rih for MAC, which includes her own bronzer called bajun girl>>>>>>>>>> bEYONCE being on of 50 celeb faces of Loreal.

        Budweiser>>>>>>>> Pespi. Rih is going for the sports / male crowd and they drink more budwesier than crappy flop pepsi. Yes, rih get those dudes buying your s***.

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Boom ! 25 rih MURKING beyonce at brand building, she is selling her lifestyle. Beyonce is just a crappy face / RIH is lifestyle.

    • BeyWhoUWanna June 6, 2013

      Call me when Rihanna spends ten years representing the same company.

      • rih keeps winning – catch up heuax June 6, 2013

        even supermodels do not spend 10 years with same company and they barely use bey. Right now, Doutzon Krous, Liya kebede, lea Michele and Cheryl cole are being used hard. As does Eva longoria.

    • Katy Kat June 6, 2013

      So how does that mean she is working with them?

      • rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxi June 6, 2013


        The women she thanked is the head designer of jewels and accessories at chanel. Rih has been rocking Chanel jewels for months. She is having private tours at Coco Chanel apartment. No one knows yet, but something is brewing.

        Between Beyonce and Rih, Rih is 99% more likely to get a chanel deal or collabo. Somethin is up. We will all see, either way, she is winning on the charts, tours and branding. Hollywood is waiting too. Vin diesel said teh fat furious producers are waiting to get rih on bord for the next film. She could be the sidekick of Jason staham, the new baddie and her and Michelle Rodriguez can have a b**** fight. You know is a bad b****, with potty mouth.

        I have no idea what is happening to beyonce fading out career.

    • Vee June 6, 2013

      Hey Sybil did you hear about BEYONCE having the best selling Vogue cover of 2013?

      • Vee June 6, 2013


  22. MONICA STAN *LOVE ALL OVA ME* June 6, 2013

    He makes me squirt

  23. BarbzRUs June 6, 2013

    Rihanna was dropped by Nivea. Beyonce has never been dropped by anything ever in life. Says a lot doesn’t it.

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