K.Michelle On Tamar Braxton: ‘I’m Trying To Stay Positive’

Published: Monday 9th Sep 2013 by David

Hours after Tamar Braxton rocked radio with remarks made here, K.Michelle has issued a response addressing their ongoing spat.

What she said on the matter?

Meet us below!


Your thoughts?

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  1. Melanie Fiona September 9, 2013

    They are both lessers how about that 🙂

    • Molly September 9, 2013

      But b**** who is Melanie Fiona and how many albums has she sold?

      • FAF September 9, 2013

        Melanie has grammys, though and her music >>>>

      • LoveU September 9, 2013

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  2. Iconic cici September 9, 2013

    F*** this Keyshia Cole wannabe

    • Mark111 September 9, 2013

      Ciara is an Aaliyah wanna be.

    • Mark111 September 9, 2013

      And it’s funny that you call K a wanna be Cole when two of Tamar’s singles sounds like two of Cole’s single.

      • notadummy September 10, 2013

        Tay-muppet really did jack Keyshia style. NO shame for either

  3. Molly September 9, 2013

    K.Michelle >>>> T***** Tamar

  4. BeyWhoUWanna September 9, 2013

    Now wait a minute! She is tweeting this now. How the f*** did you write this so quickly.

    • Mark111 September 9, 2013

      ?????? Tamar said her crap this morning. It’s been hours.

  5. KissesForKelly September 9, 2013

    Haha Tamar. You have been CLOCKED.

    • Anne September 9, 2013

      How can she clock someone when she doesn’t even know how to spell on a second grade level?

  6. Rosie September 9, 2013

    That Vince shade though. I live.

    • TurntUp4Cici September 9, 2013

      Where has your b**** ass been today ho?

      • Rosie September 9, 2013

        Having a life unlike your broke ass who been on a dirty alleyway in Atlanta giving head with your dirty infection ridden mouth.
        By the way I’m Out (of Sales) is #456 on iTunes.

      • Molly September 9, 2013

        Somewhere sucking old man d*** to pay off her student loans… Lol

      • Rosie September 9, 2013

        @Molly at least I can get accepted into college unlike your dumbass whose high school GPA was probably 1.3. Get A*** like the rest of the Z Squad f******.

      • dustin September 9, 2013

        uh… shes taking a break cause she can afford to! meanwhile cici who can’t buy a hit is buying bentleys on shaky credit.

        cut to 6 months from now when the repo man is banging on cicis door looking to collect that car and hand her a bus pass.

        anyway… i love that k was like “I’m just trying to keep it positive” then she goes IN or was it the other way around. doesnt matter. these chicks are both hot messes that are doing the MOST with their 15 minutes. tamar stays poppin out babies for payola allowance and k is whatever. she can go to me.

  7. Tamar is Gay September 9, 2013

    K.Michelle don’t worry about Gaymar

    her downlow husband bought 50k of those albums. She had 2 reality shows and a talk show and used her sisters like they were dogs to get this album out

    100k is nothing to brag about with all that promo. Gaymar is a closeted lesbian

    I’m so glad you are staying positive. She really thinks she is winning when in reality she not even going GOLD. You started from the bottom. She slept with a wale for success. You won.

    • Diamond September 9, 2013

      And you know he’s downlow how? Let’s see the proof!! Lol haters are mad because Tamar is successful, married, has a great album and a cute baby. While K Michelle looks like a horse, tried to sleep with a music excetive but instead she got beat into a pulp, even JR smith didn’t want her smh. And she’s just a baby momma with an ok album. Yes Tamar is winning. Continue to hate folks

  8. Kingstown I’m back b****** and ju don’t even know September 9, 2013

    This was seriously so quick.

  9. LLASAP September 9, 2013

    So we learned two things today.

    K Michelle reads TGJ.
    TGJ is on some super sonic s***.

    • Mark111 September 9, 2013

      No, K heard this from the Breakfast Club, ya know, where Tamar said it on.

      • LLASAP September 9, 2013

        I said that because she said what people were saying in the other thread here.

      • Mark111 September 9, 2013

        Hahahahaha, ok I got you.

  10. TurntUp4Cici September 9, 2013

    OK what kind of fuckery is this! Do yall manage her twitter account or something. TOOO QUICK.

  11. Tamar is Gay September 9, 2013


    • R**** stan September 9, 2013

      and how do you know she’s gay? aren’t YOU gay?

  12. stephy the lambily September 9, 2013

    Tamar “THE PUPPET FACE” Braxton needs to leave people alone have several… Acting like she done made a “Daydream” or “The Emancipation Of Mimi” type of album. B**** YOUR ALBUM IS ALRIGHT!! MEDIOCORE

  13. KatyKadet September 9, 2013

    Tamar deserved that.

  14. MsMelissaLove September 9, 2013

    Tamar needs to move on from this and just promote her album! Her and K. Michelle don’t need to compete because they reaching different types of fans! They both can sing and have good music! Just wish we all could get along!

  15. Kris jenner stan September 9, 2013

    She know she didnt buy her album Tamar outsold your ugly horse face ass you cant do s*** but stay positive cause shes slaying with her numbers.

    • QUEENBRITNEY September 9, 2013

      SLAYING WHAT B****? #2 ALBUM AND HALF OF THEM ALBUMS VINCENT BOUGHT F*** OUT OF HERE. My fav has never done below 250k first week now sit b****. Anyway K michelle spilled some true tea’s hunnie

      • Diamond September 9, 2013

        Well K Michelle bought the album too so obviously Tamar wins. Stay positive and listen to Love & War

  16. VisionOfMimi September 9, 2013

    Tamar ruined her own hype today with this. Everyone was happy for her until she got nasty now everyone’s laughing at her.

  17. Teyana Taylor Rocks September 9, 2013

    She fast

  18. Kris jenner stan September 9, 2013

    Tamar beat this h*** ass please.

  19. SCHEISSETHRONED(GrapeJuiceKING) September 9, 2013

    She has made the KING live!!! I live K!!! I live!!!!

  20. DeruloDreamer September 9, 2013

    I feel like Tamar is an example of what happens to all stupid people.
    Because they’re stupid they don’t know when to keep quiet and end up hurting themselves. Now look, after the b**** bought your album and tried to squash the beef you thought it was funny to shade her. Now YOU look bad.

  21. Mark111 September 9, 2013

    Tamar was bullied! Just like when she “bullied” Josline on Tiny wacj as show and just like when Tamar talked about everyone on The Real, another wack ass show.

  22. ChanteChante September 9, 2013

    That Grape juice be mad fast though.

  23. Faith hill Stan September 9, 2013

    People jealous of Tamar

  24. JanetXone September 9, 2013

    If only Tamar had kept quiet.

  25. GagitaMaraj September 9, 2013

    But K just said this though. you.are.too.PHAST.

  26. FAF September 9, 2013

    But tamar is bragging like she did 300k first week & is on her way to platinum.. I mean jeesh, ma theres no proof youre EVER going even gold plz have a seat _/

    and we need to see them second week sales, too, boo

    and I’ma need u to get a grammy and have a #1 single

    I mean she has SO MUCH left to prove bc a lot of ppl think Lady Gaga’s monsters bought her 1st single on itunes & vince paid for her albums , tbh

    • Mar September 9, 2013

      The numbers that people refer to are those of a very different time in music.

      100k is amazing, especially for a R&B album.

      Obviously mega-selling albums are rare today. The money that’s going into these records aren’t even close to what they use to invest, so with that being said first week sales figures don’t have to be 300K to reach success and profit. S***, the average R&B album is lucky to sale 300K overall, but because of industry standards today for certain artist that ain’t bad because what was invested into the record is recouped.

      The public gets way to caught up in the drama of the industry…Most of it is make believe, A way for artist to keep their names in the press. TBH obviously in the era that were in now blogs, social media, and the internet as a whole represents the biggest source of promo for the industry.

      So I’m thinking there’s a snake in the grass or either both of these ladies are working together to keep this story in the press. How easy is it to just not post a tweet? Toni, Whitney, & Mariah never had no f****** Twitter.

  27. DeezNuts September 9, 2013


    She said, “Just worry about finding your original face.” LMFAO

    Not Tamar acting like her album is on its way to Platinum or something tho. SMFH.

  28. Chalie Murphy September 9, 2013

    I fux with K michelle because she’s real and I respect that. She may be childish and come off as a hoodrat at times but she owns who she is and I can repsect that BUT Tamar’s dollar tree version of beyonce ass is fake as they come. She loves throwing indirect shade and then playing victim. 100k albums is nothing to brag on when your husband bought 50k of them. Chile cheese go nurse that baby and stfu.

  29. CiMinaj September 9, 2013

    “Vince man boobs” lmao… i can’t with K. Tamar is delusional if she thinks that K is bullying her. Honestly Tamar has all that mouth and just pops off and can’t back s*** up. K. Michelle is not your sisters or your husband she is going to give it to you raw. You are too old Taymuppet to be involved in a beef with a 27 year old at 37 years old. like there’s a whole ten years there.

    • Kingda September 11, 2013

      K is 31. She was FAMU’s Freshmen Attendant in 2000. Receipts are at Wikipedia. I’m #TeamK all day, though. Never doubt that.

  30. ew (Lana is a queen) September 9, 2013

    Lana slays all these basic flop b****** including Cedric himself.

    • Adeles Superior September 9, 2013

      Shut up b**** lana ain’t f****** with ADELE!

  31. Del September 9, 2013

    Dag K! Tell us how you really feel – lol!

  32. Rosie September 9, 2013

    I really shouldn’t care about this, neither of their albums are selling 5 million worldwide.

    • Adeles Superior September 9, 2013

      What’s funny is i bet your favs next album won’t even scan 2 million worldwide. Sit sweetie & close your legs your v***** smells.

      • Rosie September 9, 2013

        If you don’t like Lana why are so pressed though? And if she’s over why is her career currently going through a comeback in the US? Why is her current single doing better worldwide than Gaga’s lead even though the album has been out for almost 2 years? Sit.

  33. Adeles Superior September 9, 2013

    I respect both as vocalist. But both have horrible nasty attitudes which will be the downfalls of their little c – list careers.

    • vfocused September 10, 2013

      …but Tamars is worst though. She started this beef and bullied K. Tamars attitude is the reason I wont be buying her album besides the fact that I dont care that much for the two featured songs. They are mediocre compared to K’s entire album. Luv Tamar on bfv and tamar and vince but dislike her cocky attitude. K has a right to defend herself when she has never even met the woman. Tamar should shut up and sing. She is turining away fans.

  34. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) September 9, 2013

    she did say vince’s man boobs, 😆 .

  35. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 9, 2013

    K.Michelle babe, I bought your CD and I bought Tamar’s too, I will however say Tamar has got better content and vocals minus the Ciara rejects she has on that disc like that tip toe rubbish.

    That said, I love this beef because maybe, just maybe it might motivate black people to start buying music again.

  36. JER September 9, 2013

    ALl I hear is struggles. All these ‘R&B divas’ spatting over a few hundred thousand albums sold ever. Pshhhh……….. LOL. I remember when the Celine, Madonna, Janet, Mimi, and Whitney stans used to go in on who sold how many hundred million records. lol

  37. Maestro J* September 9, 2013

    I wish they give it a rest. It could all be over if they both act their ages and not their shoe sizes. Both ladies are incredibly talented and I enjoy both albums equally. I love them, they are two of my favorite artist out right now, and to see that they’re letting a stupid ‘twitter beef’ come between what I could see as a major friendship is beyond crazy to me BUT
    They are two PISCES they were either going to love each other or hate each other lol…

    AND FOR THE RECORD IT WAS TAMAR that STARTED the BEEF back from SEASON ONE OF LHHATL – That whole Memphitz thing is where this began do u research before you b****** start stating these so called FACTS …

  38. Lucia September 9, 2013

    K Michelle is a terrible vocalist, just horrible….and Tamar looks terrible so they’re about even. Be seated. Both of you.

  39. NO September 9, 2013

    Seh clocked that muppet right back to miss piggy!! I liveeee! K did that. lol

    • NO September 9, 2013


  40. IKNOWTHETRUTH September 9, 2013

    K. Michelle is always coming for someone’s man. Girl, you just now got a man, and he just turned 22. Sit down. Until you, as you always say, show the receipts that she bought her sales, hush. And until you learn to spell, be quiet. Tamar shelled out a better album than you and more sales. Better reviews and everything. Until you’ve had no plastic surgery on any areas of your body, don’t speak on her face. You’ve seen the surgeon too. How do we know you didn’t buy any of your sales? You’re 31 years old, lying about your age I might add. Grow up.

    • vfocused September 10, 2013

      K’s man is 23 and K’s has admitted her plastic surgs. Tamar is the one who came for K. They have never met and she is just mad at K for Toya . Tamar and Toya are friends. K has plenty of receipts and will continue to. Tamar has that Gaga money so she is capable of buying records. Tamar is fake and K is real. SO YOU! HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!!! Tamar does need to be humble and stop dissing other artist. She has nothing to brag about right now! I hope k crushes her and show her how its done. K won!

  41. IKNOWTHETRUTH September 9, 2013

    She wins. It doesn’t matter who bought the album, what matters is that more people bought Tamar’s. This is her second album. She’s done the group album with The Braxtons, her solo debut, and now this one. She’s got three hit shows under her belt. She’s got her sister’s fans and the Braxton following as a whole, some of Gaga’s monsters, and her own Tamartians. Her album overall is better than K. Michelle’s. K should really not speak about others. She talks about people having fake bodies and being old all the time. She’s 31, first of all and on her first album. Tamar is on her second solo album and first was signed in ’89 and she’s only 36. Tamar may wear wigs but so does K and her boobs along with her teeth and behind are all not real. She’s the pot always calling the kettle black. Maybe if she promoted her music more instead of fighting, “V.S.O.P.” would have been a hit and her album would have sold more. She’s STILL disrespecting Mimi Faust, and for what? K. Michelle is far too talented for her antics. She’s had to do damage control because of her drama instead of promoting her album. K is just like Azealia Banks, always looking for a good twitter feud for press. Who’s even checking for that ‘Rebellious Soul’ album past last week? No one.

  42. IKNOWTHETRUTH September 9, 2013

    Excuse me, her man just turned 23, I believe. K. Michelle makes music for hoodrats. Nothing but a pile of Keyshia Cole reject tracks from her first album.

  43. STERLING INFINITY September 9, 2013

    sometimes i hate social media… i want them both to just song! that’s it and thats all. I really wish K wouldn’t go after vince, that comment wasn’t needed. I see room in growth for both of them…anyway i have both of there projects

  44. KCWIZ September 9, 2013

    Tamar pay these late wigs no mind……Anyways…… She can’t hit a high falsetto or whistle and you can… Tamar hit a whistle on the wig….

  45. Real Talker September 9, 2013

    Who is this K Hole Michelle Bogan? She need to haul her fat ass off my screen and take several park benches.
    Trash talkin Queen Braxton? B**** needs a paper bag to cover that tired old mule face of hers.
    Is this b**** RuPauls brother?

  46. Tru Voice (Whitney Forever) September 9, 2013

    These b****** are a mess lmao They both need to chill. But the drama is hilarious.

  47. QUEEN TAMAR STAN September 9, 2013

    K. Michelle is a fool. Just like Tamar said. She is a bully.

    She calls Tamar a muppet, makes fun of Vince’s weight, and calls Tamar ugly, as if she is the most beautiful woman in the world with her face looking that of the offspring of Dracula and a farm horse. And, let’s not get started on her fix-a-flat, concrete-filled booty. But she has the nerve to talk about Tamar’s pretty face? Does K. Michelle want us to remind her that her teeth used to look like she chewed on Al-Qaeda bombs?

    Now she has those teeth fixed, she has completed her horse-face look.

    Off-K-ey Michelle lip-synced on the reunion of Love & Hip Hop, and she can barely sing in tune during all live performances. Tamar is better than her in every way.

    If Tamar bought her own album, like the horse-faced fix-a-flat booty claims, you’d expect her sales to be as artificially high as Nicki Minaj’s first week sales. If she’s buying her own albums, why is she trailing Ariana Grande? 100k is a perfectly reasonable number for Tamar. It’s a lie that Vince bought thousands of copies. K. Michelle is trying to make herself feel better, but she is a lesser and she knows she needs to bow down to Queen Tamar!

    K. Michelle should focus less on stalking Tamar’s wig maker, and focus more on learning to hit her notes LIVE, where she can’t be saved by autotune.


    • real music speaks September 10, 2013

      ha ha all true I see no lies at all

      Love Tamar’s album

      Hate NEIGH Michelle’s

  48. Better Ourselves September 12, 2013

    I love the enthusiasm about those two…
    I’ve actually done the REAL research & as much as the media want to sell those two, WE the people are speaking & figures NEVER lie.

    Once we get past the 1st week hype (And maybe a little help for the little sister: because as she very idiotically said herself “If you heard it, then it is!”), we’ll see what people think…

    None of those 2 will sell more than 200.000 copies at the end of the road (look at the trends, figures don’t lie) which is VERY average for women & in the low half for R&B in general.

    I’m sorry: 200000 copies (The 100000 smoke + the cents) is good compared to the nothing she sold of her first album (that she graciously & courageously DENIED as her own: maybe that was me singing in my sleep) BUT it doesn’t make it ANY great.

    And for the other one: it’s her first album, so same here! And she actually didn’t benefit from the superstar OVER-treatment her alter-ego (be honest, they sound the EXACT same + a little autotune) got without having done or deserved nothing.

    But still, at the end of the day, figures don’t matter much, quality does. And here again: WHO can honestly tell me that they will remember ANY of those songs in 2 years? (I’m generous)

    i honestly don’t understand how most critics (Vince’s friends maybe) can tell you: Oh, 3 songs are good, the rest is medium to low quality. But they STILL give it a good review.

    Here we are people, here we are! Ever asked yourself why after all that praise, you still read comments from people everywhere saying: we’ve settled for mediocre in the music industry? There you have it!

    And BTW, music aside: NEITHER of those women are good examples for ANY child NOWHERE. So can the media PLEASE stop with the nonsense? THANK YOU

    I’m sorry it’s a bit long but I’m just tired of it.

  49. Miley.Es October 21, 2013

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