New Video: Chris Brown & Cal Scruby – ‘Ain’t S*** Change’



To work hard doesn’t always mean one is “working smart.”

Unfortunately, the above is a lesson R&B prince Chris Brown is yet to learn as he joins the artist Cal Scruby to release the visual for the song ‘Ain’t Sh** Change.’

Pulled from the latter’s ‘House in the Hills’ EP the song and its supporting video now stands as one of many impressive yet forgettable  releases the ‘Fine China’ singer has released to aid his latest album ‘Royalty.’

Why we say Brown is working hard but not “smart”? The video below, when joined by all the others seemingly released without rhyme or reason this month, pulls the public’s focus away from the main event (‘Royalty‘s material) while robbing Brown’s brand of the high end exclusivity it once had.

That’s enough from us.

Peep the video below….

Your thoughts?

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  1. LB December 28, 2015

    I don’t know why he is focusing on sh1t songs when he has royalty, blow it in the wind, Back to sleep and KAE. He clearly wanted this album to flop.

  2. SipTheTruth December 28, 2015

    Why does he release so much music? He doesn’t give us enough time to appreciate it!

  3. BeyIsQueen December 28, 2015

    He’s totally over saturating the market. He’s released 20 albums, mix tapes, singles and features this year. When it comes to CB its quantity over quality. I’ll pass.

  4. 2bad2bme December 28, 2015

    His album flopped because people are tired of him…he releases sooo much music and so many videos for free, why buy it from him?

  5. King Mark111 /.\ December 28, 2015

    It’s happens when you release SO manu songs at once. Look at Lil Wayne, Cb, Nicki, Rick Ross and the rest. They wonder why they can’t sell. Who would buy an album when a mix tape was just dropped a week ago? Only to the fools that think they’re popping. No, they’re flopping.

  6. Kitteneyez December 28, 2015

    To the c**** above me shut the f*** up!!!! You too David!!!!

  7. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 28, 2015

    Didnt Fist just sell 200k almost with royalty… thats very impressive considering how terrible the album is and lack of promo. Rihgoat terroristic album is most likely way better than Royalty and only expected to sell 150k. Rih stans have no room to talk about Fist album campain. Worry about STRAINANNAS first wk sales predictions… major kiii!

  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 28, 2015

    What do chris brown Cerror & Rkelly & AugustAlsin tamara (the Flops of 2015) all have in common… THEY ALL GOT RELEASE DATES. When will RIHFUND?????

  9. Ciah’s Turtle December 29, 2015

    yall be so caught up in sales as if y’all getting a piece of the pie. take the music for what it is.

  10. Sam December 29, 2015

    Chris Brown needs to grow up! He’s at the age where he needs to be catering to the fans that have grown with him instead of making the same teen hype music.
    Chris needs to stop playing in the same class as Justin, Austin and Cody, Nick pass his exams and move up a grade.
    Chris is 4 years from 30 and has no real musical legacy, just an image and a name.

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