Donnie McClurkin Dragged on Twitter For Telling Christians To ‘Stop Protesting Trump’

Published: Friday 10th Feb 2017 by Rashad

Stand’ singer Donnie McClurkin is standing in the need of prayer himself after Twitter got wind of his suggestion for Christians to stop protesting Donald Trump.

Much like fellow gospel singers Vicki Yohe and Tina Campbell (of Mary Mary) before him, McClurkin called for a “cease fire,” so to speak, among Christians who have expressed disasppointment in the current administration.  Taking to Erica Campbell’s syndicated radio show, the Grammy winning vocalist stated:

“We need to know what our vote really means and how to utilize it. But I don’t want us to get caught up in this protest. The protests do nothing but rile [people] up. It causes people’s anger to rise up and it gives us a false sense of involvement.

…the true sense of involvement is at the voting booth.”

Needless to say, like Campbell and Yohe, McClurkin’s advice was met with backlash and ridicule.  Read the OMG-worthy tweets inside:

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  1. Stephy February 10, 2017


  2. Hotgurl February 10, 2017

    Christians are so confused. No religion on earth has more hypocrisy and division. Most christians don’t even follow their own laws!!
    BTW shut up Donnie. Don’t you take d*** in your booty?

    • truthteller February 11, 2017

      If you have such a low opinion of Christians, why are you on a site where most of the artists covered (Beyonce, Mariah, Nicki, Rihanna etc) are at the very least nominally Christians? Just saying.

      • MUSICHEAD February 11, 2017

        @truthteller there is absolutely no logic in what you just said

  3. FAF February 10, 2017

    Well he’s kind of right
    A lot of ppl mad
    A) didn’t vote
    B) penciled in Bernie
    C) fed the propaganda against Hillary which caused trump to win
    D) voted for trump to “give him a chance”

    And now wanna protest and rally against him

    He never should’ve been even a republican nominee since they hate him so much

    • SMH February 10, 2017

      Good points, but the black christian church needs to stop bending over for white supremacy all for the sake of “prayer”.

    • :/ February 11, 2017

      People did vote :/

  4. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 February 10, 2017

    Donald stop protesting your inner homo, you can’t pray no gay away! You still crave wee wee! I don’t support Trump & hope he gets empeached!

  5. Tim Brown February 10, 2017

    Wack post…??

  6. SMH February 10, 2017

    Have a seat, Miss McClurkin. Black folks’ biggest problem & hindrance is this whole turn-the-other-cheek bullsh*t mentality, while white supremacy continues to sh*t on us & step on our necks. FOH.

  7. Grapejuice fan February 10, 2017

    You’re still gay queen it doesn’t go away hun

  8. eric February 10, 2017

    He told the honest truth didn’t he?! People are quick to express hate, anger and frustration, but they don’t take the time to make their presence known in the places where it really counts. Had the same number of people protesting now voted when it mattered, we wouldn’t be in this situation. Same thing with BLM. If the number of people crying foul against police officers would unite in the face of everyday black-on-black violence, more of us would be alive today. We always deny the truth of the matter and that’s why we’ll never get ahead.

    • Tori February 11, 2017

      PREACH! People always hit below the belt when there’s nothing left. If these same n***** didn’t pen in a dead animal and liquor on the voting ballots and actually voted, maybe he wouldn’t have won. But no, black Twitter think everything is a joke and punchline. Most of them are lonely b******, social media models and the same gays that cried hurt during the Kim situation. STAND UP FOR SOMETHING BECAUSE YALL HAVE FELL FOR EVERYTHING! And black lives matter is complete and utter b*******. There’s has been two people in my family who have been robbed and killed innocently over a couple dollars by BLACK MEN, NOT WHITE MEN OR WHITE COPS. More black kill each other but it’s placed on the back burner, if we have marches for that I’ll go but I’ll never support BLM.

      • :/ February 11, 2017

        You are both also clearly white trolls
        What black person brings up (the made up) ‘black on black’ violence when talking about police brutality

        Bye Eric and Steve

    • :/ February 11, 2017

      What the hell are you talking about, the majority of Americans voted for Hilary, trump did not get the majority vote. Therefore this basic ass argument is void. Read the statistics before you start with these generic diatribes.

    • MUSICHEAD February 11, 2017

      @Eric I am saddened that your views are so out of touch with the reality of this situation. Here’s what you need to understand: While not everyone in this country voted, the majority of those who did voted for Hillary. Yes, Hilary won the popular vote but lost the electoral college. But that is not the issue. The issue is that there is an uprise of racist ideology being fostered and enforced by this president. The same people who did not vote for Trump are the same people who are continuing to protest for change and they deserve our respect. As for BLM, you cannot intelligently compare the war on black lives by the police with the poverty driven reality of black on black crime. The police are a group of people put in place to protect and serve not target and destroy. Ideas such as yours only serve to further divide our people and weaken our communities.

      • Tori February 12, 2017

        The fact that I am black and still don’t a free with BLM tho….

  9. #TeamTinashe Stan February 10, 2017

    At the end of the day a WIDE MAJORITY of people from ALL different states support this man’s campaign and voted for him in sheep clothing.
    All I see is “FAKE MAD” individuals everywhere in Amerikkka smh.

    • :/ February 11, 2017

      He did not get the majority vote, I love that grape juice but you guys really need to read some news sites too.

  10. BangBang February 10, 2017

    Actually that’s not true! Donald trump won big in the belt states where there are a lot of racist white people who believe that they are loosing the country! Everybody voted for Hillary she got almost 3 million more votes than him. The plan was always to have a black man clean it up take all the heat and then go back to electing their own kind. Bernie Sandler was full of s***! Most of the s*** he was telling these young people was unrealistic! I knew he wasn’t gonna last long anyway.

  11. B_Roni February 11, 2017

    As a black person myself I can say I agree with him. Not all but ALOT of blacks are ignorant when it comes to this. You have people talking about they gonna stop going to the doctor, work, and even Walmart because those companies support trump. Most companies support him because it’s about money. It’s ok to not like the man but those who are taking things too far are just as bad as Trunp. All Trump is doing is turning black people against each other and he is probably in the White House laughing about it. People just falling for it.

    • :/ February 11, 2017

      ‘Just as bad a trump’ …boycotting a Walmart is a bad as the Muslim ban he just ordered the other day? You non back bone having people are talking out your a***

    • MUSICHEAD February 11, 2017

      @B_Roni No no no! Tell me this is not the best you could come up with. Please think more critically about this. Our elected officials work for us as a collective. When an official such as Trump begins to abuse their power, there must be consequences. These boycotts you speak of represent the Americans who are displeased and is hitting these companies where it hurts…financially. Loss of revenue will cause any company to withdraw from supporting racist and heartless agendas. While black ppl may only represent 13% of the population, we make up a large percentage of the economic spend. When they won’t listen to our voices, they will have to listen to our refusal to spend money with them.

  12. DanYiel Iman February 11, 2017

    Hasn’t ever paid Doneisha Mcclurkin any mind…

  13. ImaMessyBitch February 11, 2017

    H*** love “dragging” somebody online behind a computer for their opinion but wont do s*** face 2 face but get their head beat to the white meat

  14. MUSICHEAD February 11, 2017

    This is my problem with a lot of church people. They think that praying behind the doors of the church and quoting bible scriptures is enough. But the word clearly says faith without works is dead. Prayer is to gain the strength and the opportunity to make change. There is strength in numbers which is why protests are important. And there is opportunity in action which is why voting is important. They go hand in hand. God isn’t gonna come down and solve our problems for us. We have to be active participants in any solution.

    • therealist February 11, 2017

      That the realist message I heard today. God is not going to help you unless you help yourself, now if you don’t know how to help yourself, you have to acknowledge to him that you don’t and he will find a way to help you to help yourself. kudos to you!!!!

      • MUSICHEAD February 11, 2017

        Much appreciated!

  15. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 12, 2017

    At least he told the truths

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