Brandy Berates Former Songwriter In Leaked Text?

Published: Sunday 23rd Jul 2017 by David

The musical treasure that is Brandy Norwood has had an eventful week.

After fans of the Pop princess Jennifer Lopez took to social media to claim that they felt slighted by an image the singer shared online, the ‘Full Moon‘ empress now finds herself feuding with one of the most valuable pieces in her discography’s puzzle…Tiyon Christian.

Tiyon’s lyrics and vocal arrangements can be heard of cuts released by the likes of Lopez, The Backstreet Boys and Tamar Braxton as well as Brandy with whom he enjoyed a friendship for years.

Alas, the pair’s creative pie has crumbled in recent years.

Rotting at the root of their latest rumble?

Mariah Carey…or at least a debate surrounding her vocals.                             Christian took to Instagram to reveal he had received texts from friends claiming an old friend of his had mocked his recent take on a Mariah number.

Hours later, Christian shared the message he received from Norwood in response.

Here’s hoping they work things out.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Simo July 23, 2017

    Him posting his side of this feud is wrong.. There’s obviously more things to this story that we don’t know about.. I don’t like his animosity towards her seeing she always praised his vocal work & talent.

    • Fancy BISH July 23, 2017

      I have GOT to say this…I’m for real bumping Never Say Never this morning….chile, Miss Brandy is slaying me up, down, left, right, front and center! This heffa is doing runs like Jackie Joyner-Kersee….so modern, so soulful…Brandy and Mariah should do a song together…maybe a remake…but anyway, yaaaaas Miss Brandy…THIS is R&B…lawd, I miss the slayage…I really do! ?

      • RoyalKev July 23, 2017

        Yessssss Fancy! … I’ve been getting that kind of life from the Full Moon album though! It’s my go to!

  2. truthteller July 23, 2017

    There has to be a reason Brandy keeps on falling out with people. It gets to the point where you have to stop blaming them and look at yourself

    • Fancy BISH July 23, 2017

      That’s true, but Brandy has the 16X platinum sophomore album…as for this dude? Well, we don’t know him! ??

      • Bam July 23, 2017

        Doesn’t matter what she has if you’re falling out with damn near everyone you might wanna check yourself cause you could be the problem.

    • ME July 23, 2017

      I normally would agree. But she KEEPS saying that she is no longer letting people handle her any kinda way they want. If that is true, then this may people who may be used to punking her and she is now shutting that mess down.

      • Sam July 24, 2017

        I agree, sometimes people’s personality makes them the target to people taking advantage, didn’t we hear a story of Kim Kardashian using Brandy’s credit card when she was her stylist.
        Brandy was a star before TC and she will be one after, her songs with him are great but her albums prior are timeless fire that cannot be matched with artists of her era of even now.
        T.C was her friend but also hired as a songwriter, i personally wouldn’t hire him because he’s unprofessional

  3. Anonymous July 23, 2017

    Y’all are definitely giving TC too much. TC worked on 2 Brandy album cuts alone. He’s not a staple in Brandy’s career period. And TC is NOT highly sought after. Who’s highly seeking after him now? Only Tamar. And they’ll fall out soon knowing Tamar’s ass. If u are close, tight friends with someone with a petty attitude like Tamar’s, I dont see why u wouldnt be petty towards other ppl, Brandy included. And he needs to quit with the subliminals. Like Brandy said, he needs to keep her name out his mouth. He’s been trashing her for years.

    • Simo July 23, 2017

      Exactly.. She was long established and mastered her sound long before he “contributed” to her albums. If I’m not mistaken he only worked on A Capella and Wish Your Love Away. And it wasn’t far away from her sound anyway seeing Brandy’s probably his biggest influence.

    • Tori July 23, 2017

      Do NOT bring Tamar in this based on your PERSONAL opinion. And everyone that falls out with Tamar is NOT her fault, ppl feed into b******* like you all the time not knowing ANYTHING about the situation, stop going by the comments on T*********** and TGJ. Listen to the music and move on.

    • Kaz July 23, 2017

      Tamar and TC have been rolling for years now… Since before her Love & War album dropped, so 2012/2013. 5 going on 6 years and they’re still good, tight, and loyal with working together, creatively. They’re the best of friends, too.

  4. Credits July 23, 2017

    I’m convinced that he’s obsessed with her. What she says in the text seems appropriate. Dude needs to worry about dude. Although he’s contributed to her most recent albums, let’s not pretend that he’s been there for the best parts of her career, never say never-afrodisiac. THOse times he was probably studying her runs.

    • RoyalKev July 23, 2017

      I didn’t even skim through the comments before leaving mine, but I couldn’t agree with you more! This guy is nowhere to be found on those 4 albums!

  5. Aj July 23, 2017

    Two things:

    1) people always said she was difficult to be around.

    2) perhaps her team is trying to create some buzz for her music because apart from Adult R&B and Urban AC, other radio formats don’t seem interested really. Even reuniting with Timbaland on Shock Value II did nothing even though people buzzed about her flow.

    The last few albums it’s always been about controversy – the car crash, Ray J relationship with whitney, fallout with Darkchild, label drama, men cheating on her and now this stuff

  6. DanYiel Iman July 23, 2017

    Honestly he rights good music & she does have a great sound but I can’t with either of them…??‍♂️

  7. Jay July 23, 2017

    De ja vu? I feel like this happened before

    • Credits July 23, 2017

      Right?! This has to be the fourth report of them ‘falling out.’ And judging from this report and the last one, I’d say he needs to get over it and move on. It must hurt that she wants nothing to do with him.

    • Quin July 25, 2017

      Yeah, I know a while ago Brandy supposedly got mad at TC for taking a pic with Beyoncé. And also whats the deal with her and Monica having beef again?

  8. RoyalKev July 23, 2017

    Well Brandy, how do you really feel sweetheart?! I love all the bravery you’re displaying nowadays! You’ve been a push over for way too long! I’ve seen this TC guy get a little messy at times and I think their feud is personal! I don’t have much to say about it. I’m just glad that Bran is speaking up for herself more! People walk all over you when they think you’re weak or willing to take the high road a lot of times! I just want her to be careful when it comes to fanning a flame. Some people aren’t worth it!

    As for TC being one of the most valuable pieces of Brandy’s discography – he’s not! He hasn’t written one hit off of what’s considered to be her best albums (‘Brandy’ – ‘Afrodisiac’). Facts!

    • MUSICHEAD July 23, 2017

      I agree! I just think he has spent his whole life modeling his vocal stylings after Brandy and its complimentary as a fan, but disrespectful as a fellow artist. If he wants to have a solo career in music, it is disrespectful for him to steal her vocal arrangements and stylings and pass them off as his own. Its even worse to vocal produce for other artists and attempt to have them sound like her. That’s why she’s thru with him. Get your own sound dude!

      • Credits July 23, 2017

        This is exactly what I was thinking. He’s probably teaching the Brandy technique to the other artists he works with.

  9. Tim Brown July 23, 2017

    Dudes really nice in person ❤️❤️

    • Hmm July 23, 2017

      Lies. He needs to humble himself. I met him a couple of times here in Atlanta and each time I walk away with thinking he believes he’s more talented than he actually is. Doing ten thousand runs doesn’t make you a great singer and sometimes takes away the message a song is trying to convey. His attitude is trash and he really thinks he’s a B list celebrity

      • Tim Brown July 23, 2017

        I am sorry, but I did not have a negative experience ❤️

    • Lana’s Music Now Sucks (Previously Lana Del Fan) July 23, 2017

      I’ve talked to him on Instagram via DM and he is a sweetheart in my opinion.

  10. Lisa July 23, 2017

    BRANDY is right, this little FAT gay queen needs to get a life his IG is him singing Mariah on every post HES WEIRD

  11. RCW July 23, 2017

    Brandy needs a see a psychiatrist…she’s doing way too much. She’s been feuding with several people…

    • Lana’s Music Now Sucks (Previously Lana Del Fan) July 23, 2017

      She’s pregnant, child. Stop blaming her for her maternal emotions.

  12. Fancy BISH July 23, 2017

    *Plays U Don’t Know Me (Like U Used To)* lol ?

  13. King Z July 23, 2017

    People make it seem like Brandy is mentally ill because She feuding with everyone . I don’t see it that way

    A lot of these “feuds” are the result of her finally speaking up for herself after years of shyness

    • MUSICHEAD July 23, 2017

      Thank You!!!! Brandy has taken s*** from people for a long time and it got to a point where they expected her to just take whatever they threw at her. Now that she’s not, they wanna get in their feelings. Monica for instance, has been berating Brandy since 1998. Monica is low key jealous of Brandy. Comments like “neither one of us has a Grammy apart from each other”, “I’ve always been real and didn’t hide behind an image in my career” and “I’m still successful in 2010 because people know that I’m real unlike some other artists who never kept it real” were always low key shots at Brandy. Over talking her in interviews, making jokes at her expense and direct shots at her behind the scenes were never cool. IDK if its T.C. or whoever else, GO OFF BRANDY!

      • Tim Brown July 23, 2017

        IA. At the end of the day Brandy is credited as a songwriter on the BIM. So if it were not for Brandy–>Mo would not have had that opportunity. I bet those publishing checks are nice!

      • Fifi July 23, 2017

        Yess to this, that’s exactly what Mo does!

      • Credits July 23, 2017

        If a Brandy fan feels some type of way About those last two monica quotes, whose fault is that? I’m sure There were a lot of artists who never kept it real, a lot of artist who thought they had to hide behind an image.

      • Jasmine July 23, 2017

        Brandy just needs to put out some new hit songs and the negativity surrounding her will disappear. Delusional Brandy stans like Musichead focus only on the petty and negative elements which cloud them from seeing the bigger / more important question of where is the new music? Who cares what other people think about their favs when their favs is bringing them new hits and new albums to listen to. I don’t hear Beyonce or Rihanna stans whining about irrelevant comments made about them because the positive far outweighs the petty negative. Brandy should be doing the same thing for her fans.

    • RoyalKev July 23, 2017


      Thank you, finally someone obviously knows what their talking about when it comes to Bran!

      • RoyalKev July 23, 2017

        Damn Musichead , that was so real!

  14. Gee July 23, 2017

    This issue between Brandy and TC seems like a personal issue that we the outsiders looking in do not know all the facts about. Honestly Brandy has been more so feuding with people lately rather than making the great music she is known for. I just think it does Brandy no favors focusing on people who have no relevance to her life or greatness as an artist. She needs to leave this in her rear view and keep it moving.

    • Fancy BISH July 23, 2017

      A to the MEN! ?

    • MUSICHEAD July 23, 2017

      Brandy has a double album worth of music ready to go right now. She’s just working on the set up since she is going independent this time. Paying for everything out of your own pockets and securing your own distribution and radio promotion is a lot of work and takes months and months of planning. Brandy is not distracted in any way. Believe that!

  15. MUSICHEAD July 23, 2017

    I just LOVE the new Brandy! This is the Brandy I’ve always wanted her to be. Brave and outspoken. Anytime a man is this outspoken, he’s labelled as an “alpha” or “powerful”. Whenever a woman is, she has to be “crazy” or a “b****”. The double standard is so unfair. And in Brandy’s case, she is sweet as pie but if you cross her these days, she will bite your head off. T.C. seems to be obsessed with her and he always keeps her name in his mouth. Leaking these text messages shows just how petty and obessessed he really is. This is exactly why Beyonce won’t work with him and people like him. She is always watching social media and probably reads this blog too. When she sees messy ppl like this, she cuts them off. I’m glad Brandy is starting to do the same thing.

    • Jasmine July 23, 2017

      What you consider “brave and outspoken” many people like me perceive as being petty and nasty. Men that act the same way are NOT considered “alpha” men but instead labeled “petty” and “men with too much b|itch in them.” A musician that is “brave and outspoken” releases their creativity onto the world bravely (without fear of flopping) and their creativity speaks volumes by itself. Perhaps you and Brandy should take notes from Madona, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliott, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and even Rihanna on what being “brave and outspoken” means from a musician’s standpoint before making superficial claims that have no merits or relevance.

  16. Tori July 23, 2017

    This b**** just can’t be trusted. Didn’t she beef with him over the holidays about him stealing “her sound” and “giving it” to Tamar…but was at Tamara house WITH him for the holidays? Isn’t she still trying to rehash and beef with Monica from the f****** 90’s? Isn’t she the one who acts like Whitney only liked her and no other artist? Everybody is talented, even crazy people.

  17. Liam July 23, 2017

    There’s more to this…he use to say some shady s*** bout her! It’s funny how ppl start stuff and play victim afterwards smh

  18. Jo July 23, 2017

    That breakup (that everyone saw coming) got this chick off her rocker.

  19. Mike Rey July 23, 2017

    I get on this side frequently to read comments mostly. I’m not familiar with TC- not saying he isn’t talented, just that I can’t really say I’ve heard of him.
    However that’s not the point, at what point do we stop getting so worked up over our people who WE pay to entertain us?

  20. Fifi July 23, 2017

    He sounds like a Brandy knock-off! And he knows what he was doing with they stupid ass post, “I keep getting messages that someone is shading me.” Oh shut up with that! You are totallly knocking off her tone and singing no matter how much you try to deny it, find your own sound!!! You were not influential in general rap hu, if anything she gave you a big break. I’m sure Brandy’s not innocent, but you know what you were stirring up with that b*******, and your dillusional followers who actually tell you that your covers of Mariah or Brandy songs are better than the originals are straight up dillusional. And you are trying to hard to be s*** pouting your lips and those frosted tips, it’s a no!

  21. GHYISI July 23, 2017

    Let me get this straight, people who don’t know either personally can sit around talking about him but he can’t post anything pertaining to a situation he’s personally involved in?
    This is why I’d never be a Stan, it messes with reasoning apparently. The amount of excuses for Brandy’s bizarre behavior is just down right disgusting. It can’t be everybody else, when it’s always the same person involved in mess.
    Some of you seriously need to get over yourselves. TC is super talented, black girls and boys were doing runs way before anyone knew what a Brandy was! There are plenty examples of stacked background vocals in music that date literally years before Brandy came along, just because you don’t know it doesn’t make it her “style”! This is coming from an actual Brandy fan! Brandy isn’t the all and end of vocals and her fans(the obsessed ones who swear she’s some vocal Bible) need to know this. Brandy needs a therapist, erratic and manic behavior shouldn’t be taken so likely.

  22. FAF July 23, 2017

    Ok. But tc u sound like Brandy She gave birth to him and dawn and many gospel artists

    So let’s not

    Ppl think cuz her last couple records flopped that’s license to disrespect her she earned her title she’s an icon , b****

    Tv show gon always be on tv she’ll always be a Barbie

    • GHYISI July 23, 2017

      That’s the delusional thinking I’m talking about. His mother gave birth to him, genetics gave him the ability to sing. Brandy hasn’t birthed anything but her own child. The style her stans claim is hers really isn’t, it’s Rodney Jerkins. You’re delusional sir or madam. Brandy’s best years are behind her commercially. Just because someone was once a superstar in the 90’s, that doesn’t mean their above criticism. Get out of your feelings and go do something productive.

      • Fifi July 23, 2017

        I’m pretty sure Brandy!!! Had her voice befor Dark child, and you need to YouTube industry Peers, legends and icons that cite what she is capable of vocally! It’s not just “stans.” Have toy actually listened to his work? The first thing that comes to mind is “tying to sound like Brandy.” That is impact! It’s one thing to be influenced by someone (as Brandy as full heartedly acknowledged) but it’s another thing to copy or rip off their sound. Brandy is praised by old and new artists (again google and YouTube are your friend). When people compare artists to the voice or stylings you hVe, that is legacy and influence even if your commercial success starts to drop. Brandy has a unique sound and tone that is the result of the gift that SHE was born with. Brandy was called fake all these years for being ms goody two shows, now she’s real like y’all wanted and you can’t deal. She is no longer a doormat and you need to get over it!

  23. truthteller July 23, 2017

    Brandy stans are not helping their fave with this talk of how she’s finally speaking up etc. She clearly has some issues and needs some psychiatric and/or spiritual help. I knew she was losing it when she pulled that stunt on the New York subway

    • Toni U Betta July 23, 2017

      Anyone who can stay friends with Tamar isn’t to be trusted. Her energy is bitter and she is filled with the spirit of pettiness. We all see how she treats her own sisters but, if I’m to be fair, I think people will understand why she’s so mean when they discover that that overfed sea lion she calls her husband is physically abusing her.

  24. Bey The One July 23, 2017

    What a tangled web we weave! Tamar is so desperate to have the success Brandy had she went and hired everyone she worked with. Tc, LaShawn Daniels and more! The true tea that is TC is a Brandy fan who didn’t realize that he sounded too much like her and was unwilling to be more original. Poor Brandy then had to watch him run and become Tamar’s puppy knowing how badly Tamar wants her old school sound. Tamar needs to accept that her attitude has pushed most of the fans she had in 2013 away and that the best writers (who are actually in demand) will never give her the hits she needs.

    • Kaz July 24, 2017

      Girl, please. Why in the world would Tamar use BRANDY as a bar or measure for success to model ? It’s not like Brandy is on a Beyonce or Rihanna level right now…she ain’t been hot or popping in ages, so if Tamar wanted to steal some “sound” or success, it surely wouldn’t be Brandy. Brandy ain’t been hot or in fashion since the early 2000s. She pretty washed up now, she ain’t what’s hot. And Tamar is working with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and TC but that doesn’t mean she wants to be Brandy just because she’s been collaborating with some producers /writers who worked with her (among a plethora of OTHER artists). I’m sure Darkchild will cook up some great material or hits to slay on her upcoming album. And you forget she is sisters with Toni THE Braxton and married to Vincent THE Herbert…Babyface and them is only but a speed dial phone call away, IF she actually wanted “some of the best” to work with her for her album. Let’s be real.

      • Credits July 24, 2017

        On an episode of the Braxtons, Tamar said it herself that while Brandy was killing everything back in the day, It was hard for her to watch from the sidelines. Something along those lines. Now I wouldn’t say she wants to model her career after Brandy’s but she’s definitely shown her love for Bran.

  25. MacBook July 23, 2017

    Her ugly irrelevant ass stay with drama. No wonder she doesn’t have any friends.

    Btw, someone said the majority of her fans are “Insecure fat gay black men” ?. Damn.

  26. cocobutta July 24, 2017

    Faking marriage while pregnant, petty as from day, always not wanting to be in shadow of anyone especially in Moesha (ask Countess).
    Taking shots and jealous that various people successfully married with families. Even had the nerve to go at Kelly Rowland also.

    Dear. Brandy you been brave from the jump woman. Lets not pretend you’re not raised by the Sonja Norwood.

    Musically a goodess but only so long can play the always innocent. Fakery is long lasting.

    • MacBook July 24, 2017

      Wait, what happened with her and Kelly???

    • Kaz July 24, 2017

      Agreed. Brandy is very PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE, and has always been. She tries to play innocent/victim in public, but don’t believe the “newfound bravery” bull she and her fans are using as the excuse for lashing out to so many people now. She’s always been bravely rude and passive-aggressive.

  27. WhiteNigga101 July 24, 2017

    Both Brandy and this TC guy are total s***

  28. 4everBrandy_Ci July 24, 2017

    This T.C. seems like a messy character but Brandy is aware of these so called “supporters” and “friends” of her. I’m reading the comments and the #STARZ are gathering some people. Brandy’s impact is what a few of these pressed mofos upset. This T.C. dude seems to want people kiss his behind or in this case Brandy especially because if he really was that geninue with her then definitely isn’t. I’m reading from the #STARZ he would have other other duplicate her sound. However she is the only Brandy and I’m glad Brandy is standing up for herself. Some people are lowkey envy of you and it takes the strength to be who you are and keep it moving. People want to think Brandy is such a “bitter” person but I tell you I don’t know her personally. But I gurantee you this woman is such a beautiful person inside out and it’s ridicuolus how these bird chirping mofos want to tear her down. She has went through stuff and yes I bet she wanted to stand up for herself then but now I see Brandy is letting people know they can’t tear her down because she is a survivor and Queen! Seriously she emerged in the record business at a young age. She discovered some people that wasn’t about a damn thing but at the end of the day she got her fans the #STARZ that have her back! She realized that she is one of the best. There has been something unique about her and she realized that. I’ve been a fan of her since day one and I’m thankful that I saw my Queen at the concert in The Fillmore Silver Spring. I tell you this woman isn’t a joke when it boils down to her records. Seriously Brandy is the Brandy people grew up and love! I’m excited foe new material and I’m ready because artist such as her have that rare substance. #STARZ

  29. WhiteNigga101 July 24, 2017

    “God bless that demon” LOL

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