Tinashe Stuns Fans With Shocking New Look

Published: Sunday 10th Sep 2017 by David

Tinashe is on to something new.

Still hard at work on her sophomore studio set, the South African stunner took to the net to reveal that new music isn’t the only thing she’s been creating.

Behold her new look below…



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Her edgy transformation was unveiled as she eyes fresh chart success in 2018 via Sony Music Entertainment and exciting business venture she’s been developing within the last year.

What do you make of the cut?

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  1. Halsey September 10, 2017


  2. Fancy BISH September 10, 2017

    Katy Perry Flopness era teas lol

  3. MAW September 10, 2017

    I love it, she’s cute

  4. DissGurl September 10, 2017

    South African? What’s up with fact checking? This website’s quality of journalism is….. Girl, I can’t even. Her parents aren’t even South African. I’m shocked at what I just read. Writer —> Fact Checker —> Editor —-> Proofreader —> Publisher. Like, you guys are getting more tacky with each post; jaw dropping.

    Moderator: Zimbabwe is in South Africa.

    • Educate Yourself September 10, 2017

      you should apologise for being rude and stupid. Rude for your comment and stupid for not knowing that Zimbabwe is in South Africa.

    • Now Check That September 10, 2017

      Hello there stupid.
      You see the energy you used to type that comment? Use that same energy to pick up the nearest phone, call your stupid mother and fix your lips to ask why someone at your age doesn’t know that Zimbabwe is in South Africa. When you’ve done that go and use the same fingers you used to diss the editors of this website and use them to count how much money you made for leaving that comment. What was that? 0 dollars? Well isn’t that something. Meanwhile, the people you were so eager to diss made money because YOUR uneducated self ran here to highlight the limitations of your education. Such a sorry state of affairs. The next time you ask someone to fact check make sure that YOU have checked the facts.
      Now, here are some insults I’ve compiled to express how stupid you look:

      Uninhibited mountain goat.
      Unscrupulous baboon
      Uncircumsised Elephant
      Wild Dog from the pits of Nebraska
      Perpetual Dunce!

      • DissGurl September 10, 2017

        The tea is you should also learn how to SPELL and EDIT.
        Follow me: U N C I R C U M C I S E D

        C babe not S. Weak.

    • T is for Tinashe September 10, 2017

      Yo! I’m scrying! So you ran in here with open toe sandals to call TGJ dumb only to discover that the dumb one is you. How do you feel about this?

      • Meme September 10, 2017

        I’m dead lmfao not the open toe sandels

      • Fancy BISH September 10, 2017

        😂 LMAO 😂

    • Mother September 10, 2017

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is comedy!

    • OVERITALREADY September 10, 2017

      I NEVER comment here, but my God. To the moderator and subsequent commenters; ZIMBABWE IS A SOVREIGN STATE NEXT TO SOUTH AFRICA. Not IN SOUTH AFRICA. If that’s not clear for you – it is an independent nation, a whole separate country. It is in Southern Africa, a sub-region of Africa. It’s like saying the Canada is in the US, when they are both in North America. Embarassing. I don’t know what it more galling, the complete ignorance of African countries on a website founded by a Nigerian, or the bile heaped on the OP commenter who knows more than you FOOLS. This was the final push I needed to stop lurking here and find a new gossip site, I can only getting dumber here.

      • Guest September 10, 2017

        They don’t read, and clearly can’t differentiate South Africa from southern Africa.

      • T is for Tinashe September 10, 2017

        Excuse me! If you look on a map of Africa Zimbabwe is quite literally in Southern Africa. Any debate on this is clearly semantics.

      • ThatMessJuice.Flop September 10, 2017

        Southern Africa is a region. South Africa is a country. Surely you clocked that on the map😂😂😂😂😂

      • DissGurl September 10, 2017

        Thank you. They only exposed their cumbersome ignorance.

    • DissGurl September 10, 2017

      Lmao at all you idiots coming for me. Being Zimbabwean isn’t being South African. Secondly, she’s American not Zimbabwean nor South African. So it still stands, get your fact checking together. Learn about classifying nationality, ethnicity and heritage before coming for my education. It’s like saying all African Americans born in America who have Ghanaian parents are west Africans; no, they are American not Ghanaian nor west African if they were born in America. Their ethnicity is Ghanaian derived from the country of Ghana, located in west Africa. Imagine someone reading this article and taking it factual, then using what they read to tell someone “Did you know Tinashe is South African?” Deceiving, huh? She isn’t South African. Ask someone from Zimbabwe where they’re from and what they call people from Zimbabwe, and they’ll tell you “I’m from Zimbabwe and I’m Zimbabwean.” They will not say South Africa nor South African. If you ask them where in Africa Zimbabwe is then they’ll say in Southern Africa…Bye, you uncultured ignoramus swines.

      • Jay September 10, 2017

        You are so wrong. African American is an ethnic group of USA descendants of slaves whom had their original african country stolen from them. Tinash is not African American. IT does not work like that. Her Father immigranted from his country.. then she Zimbabwean-American… African, ASian, EURopean immigrants need to insert their country in front of american duh

  5. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez September 10, 2017

    Wig. I have the same one, it was on sale in Dollar General.

  6. Jeans September 10, 2017

    She still boring

  7. Truthtea September 10, 2017

    Still nothing original! I instantly thought of TBoz!

    • ann September 10, 2017

      Her father is from Zimbabwe..yeah but shes more American then anything else.imo I could see where folks would get thats shes south AFrican confused south with a lower case S lol ya know even west Africa covers many dif countrys. I guess the breakdown is warrented lol As for Tinashe..keep trying..i like her better then the Demi’s of the world.

      • Jay September 10, 2017

        She is Zimbabwean-American duh

  8. Curiously Curious September 10, 2017

    Maybe re-wording the article to: “from Zimbabwe, a Southern African country” would be best..? South Africa & Zimbabwe are two different countries, and I can see the disconnect & confusion tbh. I’m thinking on my toes here.

  9. Curiously Curious September 10, 2017

    Plus, Tinashe is giving “Quiñ – GALACTICAT or Dreamgirl” era teas

  10. ThatMessJuice.Flop September 10, 2017

    LMAO…as a South African I’m hollering. Been having a terrible day thanks for the comedy. Americans are a real kind of dumb. Zimbabwe and South Africa are two different countries 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • mrwkenzo September 10, 2017

      i know right 🙂 !!

  11. MessyJessy September 10, 2017

    Flippity Flop-pity Fluke…

  12. mrwkenzo September 10, 2017

    wow ,, shes not south african , South Africa is a different country on its own . unless she meant to say Southern Africa then bam . Tinashe is of a Zimbabwean origin

    • DissGurl September 10, 2017


  13. Shawn Erik September 10, 2017

    Issa no for me
    It makes her look older

    Why does everyone want this look? Short Blonde hair isnt even all that.

  14. DanYiel Iman September 10, 2017

    It looks good to me…

  15. Baddie_J September 11, 2017

    The flop era haircut >>>Rated R>>>>Witness lmfao the struggle bout to get more real

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