Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Highest-Selling Album Of 2018 / ‘God’s Plan’ Named Highest-Selling Song

Published: Tuesday 8th Jan 2019 by David

Drake reigned supreme on a number of fronts last year!

Good news for the rapper and his fans below…


Music consumption increased by 23% in 2018 thanks to waves made by R&B and Hip-Hop, the two highest-selling/streamed genres of the year.

Leading the charge was the Champagne Papi whose album ‘Scorpion’ clawed in 3.905 million equivalent album units which placed it atop the best-sellers list even though it sold less copies than ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack.


How things look when streams are prised out of the picture?

There’s more!

For, ‘God’s Plan’ was the highest-selling single during the same period thanks to music lovers who streamed it over 1 billion times and placed it above smash hits by Ed Sheeran (‘Perfect‘) Post Malone (‘Rockstar’) and Cardi B’s ‘I Like It.’

Fascinating stuff, as it proves Drizzy’s pulling power isn’t driven by radio.

See what we mean below…


Your thoughts?

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  1. pat January 8, 2019

    KANG. congrats to cardi on being the only female on the list

    • Karter January 8, 2019

      *only female in the top 10 on the TEA list, she’s not the only female on the full list lol.

  2. Karter January 8, 2019

    Some of these “artist” should be extremely thankful for streaming being counted towards sales these days. Interesting how an album that SALES 1.49 million falls to 3rd place when streams are factored but the 1st place album (streams included) falls out of the top 10 when streams are subtracted from the equation? Also, didn’t Cardi have 2 or 3 songs hit number 1 last year?….but only one of her, well, maroon 5, songs are in the top 10 of radio songs?? Lol chile…

    • AdeleFan January 8, 2019

      Lol Drake is the only rapper to make the list on the radio chart yet y’all singled out Cardi for not making the list. Rappers r dominant because of streaming not radio. Cardi got the best selling female album in PURE SALEs n in streamiing.

      • Karter January 8, 2019

        Who is “yall” and who is singling out rappers?? Lol. You basically just said the same thing I said. Me: “some of these artists should be thankful for streaming”, You: “rappers are dominant because of streaming not sales”. Lol ok…?? Also, Cardi does NOT have the best selling female album in pure sales.. did you not read the list? Surely you see Lady GaGa’s and Carrie Underwood’s names listed in the top 10 of pure sales, Cardi’s name is nowhere to be found in the top of the PURE SALES charts.

  3. DanYiel Iman January 8, 2019

    Well this is what happens when your music caters to a lot of caucasian listeners as well…🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. StarXavi January 8, 2019

    Don’t we all think it’s time to end the argument of streams vs. sales? I pay for a premium Spotify account, so essentially I am paying for the music I listen to. And its 2019 streaming is going nowhere folks! Lets just accept it and move on. Gone are the dats of gargantuan album sales, unless you are a rarity, like Adele, Beyonce, Taylor, or an amazing soundtrack lol

    • Karter January 8, 2019

      You pay 9.99-20.00 a month to stream MILLIONS of songs, you aren’t paying for the music you listen to, you’re paying a service fee to use someone’s app. Paying for the music you listen to would mean you would “essentially” pay per song/album you listen to. It’s no wonder why these artists don’t make a lot of money off streams. No one is arguing that streaming shouldn’t be a factor lol, I am stating that PURE sales should have more weight as streams can be computerized and actual sales can not.

      • Theman January 8, 2019

        Facts. No matter how you slice an actual sale just carries more weight because it’s a real album. Streaming an album over & over is just that.

  5. thanosoftitans January 8, 2019

    Glad to see The Greatest Showman on the list! Also, off topic, I love that you guys have “Juice” by Lizzo on the site’s Spotify playlist. Love the song and video.

  6. Theman January 8, 2019

    Shoutout to the good/great pure selling artists. It’s amazing to sale actual albums.

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