Beyonce Shot Multiple Videos For ‘The Lion King: The Gift’?

Published: Tuesday 16th Jul 2019 by Sam

As anticipation grows for ‘The Lion King,’ so too does buzz for Beyonce‘s companion project.

Christened ‘The Lion King: The Gift,’ the megastar has billed the music compilation as a “sonic cinema love letter to Africa” and today unveiled its multi-artist tracklist.

Last week, she was snapped at the Grand Canyon filming a music video – which many presumed was for the song ‘Spirit’ – which features on both the official soundtrack and hers.

 Now, speculation is growing that there’s more visually on the way.

Details below…

Moments ago, UK singer-songwirter Raye shared a clip of herself meeting Queen Bey at the European premiere of ‘The Lion King’ in London.

During the meet, which was their first, she was informed by Bey that she has a songwriting credit on opening number ‘Bigger.’

She then appears to tell the ‘Cigarette’ cooer “I shot a video for it.”

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The moment @beyonce told me the song I wrote was track 1 on the album 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰

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Time will, of course, tell if videos are incoming. But, what’s certain in the here and now is that we’re all sorts of excited!

‘The Lion King’ and ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ arrive on July 19th. 

Your thoughts?

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  1. Urg July 16, 2019

    This is the 5th post about Beyonce. This blog really runs like a Beyonce fan blog?

    • Dc July 16, 2019

      Really sad how they make her a god you’d think she’s doing Adele numbers ???

    • Jasmine1999 July 16, 2019

      Yep y’all know they are Bey positive so maybe stop coming on the site? Y’all keep enough negativity when it comes to the Queen.

      • Dc July 16, 2019

        She def ain’t no queen to you maybe very overrated that’s why spirit falling a queen would sustain hits not fall fast as she did

      • D Block July 17, 2019

        To the contrary… most of the most successful artist, and “richest” artist actually dont gave that much of money. Especially from music,.. for example, Taylor Swift, Rihanna.. both gave lots of #1s but no where near beyonce in wealth.. so point Beyonce=Queen. Love her or hate her! Periodt

  2. WHERE IS SHE July 16, 2019

    This still won’t save the film from being a flop, 5.1 on imdb, 60% on rotten tomatoes and it is continouosly decreasing….
    Poor Bey, after Everything Is Love, another flopping project. She should retire.

    • Xtina4life July 16, 2019

      Let me correct you 59% rotten tomatoes ????

    • Alex July 16, 2019

      Knowing how racist America is, why would this be your angle to measure of the film is good? Not smart.

  3. Tom July 16, 2019

    Beyonce is really a artist shes been literally running the game for twenty years and the only artist to really give us visuals and yall still dont respect her name. This is about to be amazing shes ready.

    • Ropeburn July 16, 2019

      Of course not. Her most famous visual is a copy/paste job from a dance routine created in the 1960’s.

    • Jaytstl July 17, 2019

      People need to open theirs eyes and respect what she’s doing for the culture.

  4. Dc July 16, 2019

    Who gives af

    • Jasmine1999 July 16, 2019

      You! You ran here to comment.

  5. Clarkson July 16, 2019

    Where is the song on the chart? Nowhere.
    I can predict how the video is gonna be, she’s gonna be walking thru the desert or a field, wearing a gown, animals running around her.

    • Danny Bey July 17, 2019

      Boy we’re you wrong. Dumbazz

  6. biancacook July 16, 2019

    i don’t even wanna see the movie no more. the focus has turned from a live action remake of a classic movie to the beyonce show.

    • #TheTruth July 16, 2019

      Beyoncé has nothing to do with this, the medias are focusing on her. She’s not desperate for attention, she’s not about stunts and all that BS.
      So don’t let it ruin your desire to see the movie.

      • biancacook July 16, 2019

        i didn’t say she was desperate or anything that u said. i said it turned into the beyonce show and nala isn’t even a big character in the movie. the hyenas roles are bigger than nala’s.

  7. Keith July 16, 2019

    If she does a visual album AGAIN, of course I’m going to look. She does visuals well. BUT I will be MORE excited if the music actually holds up without the visual…

  8. Pat July 16, 2019

    All this extra. If the video doesn’t save it um dragging.

  9. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 16, 2019

    I hate to say it but I’d actually be surprised if the Gift album turns out to be even as solid as Everything is love. Something tells me bey just put cutting room floor material together that didn’t make previous albums and put in African themes. We will see . it is just a soundtrack afterall but Spirit was a very inconsistently good track, it could have Been better with a more polished production/arrangement

    • High Price July 16, 2019

      I’d rather her just come out with a regular traditional album like lemonade and her pervious albums before that. The hype surrounding the movie is epic enough, along with the “ok” soundtrack. I’d just leave it at that though.

  10. High Price July 16, 2019

    I’m kind of confused… so besides the soundtrack that’s already out, SHE’S personally coming out with HER OWN album? But it’ll be circled around the movie “The Lion King”?

    • biancacook July 16, 2019

      yup, nala has a small role and u know beyonce gotta sing more than that one song sooo she made an album to use those other african themed songs she recorded and never used. im sure ppl forgot about that.

  11. Ropeburn July 16, 2019

    Good lord, give it a rest! She plays Simba’s side chick in the movie and ya’ll over here writing ten articles a day making it seem like she is the main character. Disney and The Lion King have been known all over the world well before anybody even knew what a Beyonce was. Despite what you may think in your fever dreams she is not the reason people are going to see this remake.

    This site and the rest of the entertainment media complex is obsessed with overpraising everything Beyonce does. She could take a bowel movement and you would praise it as the best bowel movement in the history of mankind. Ya’ll should come out of that bubble and see how crazy you look.

  12. moe July 16, 2019

    There’s a lot of Beyoncé haters on this blog for stupid reason..These internet trolls calls everybody a flop lol

  13. moe July 16, 2019

    Anything Beyoncé does makes news she is one of the best entertainers of this generation y’all so stupid

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