Justin Bieber Readies R&B Album

Published: Tuesday 12th Nov 2019 by David

Justin Bieber is ready to take his admiration of Rhythm and Blues to new levels. Learn more below…   The performer’s first R&B set was the Soundz-backed release ‘Journals’ and is now readying to unveil a follow-up in the coming months.

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He teased the set with an Instagram post titled “R&Bieber” and may have the project ready for retailers by Christmas according to Hits Daily Double.


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Share it, like it, post in your story, I gotta see the demand 😉 love you guys pumped for it! I’m almost done but your support will make me move faster

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  1. Shayla Queen November 12, 2019

    Céline Dion

    Out Friday!

    • Lmfao_Hoe November 12, 2019

      Loved Me Back to Life was a much better album than this one. Guess we’ll have to wait til listen fully but nothing she released thus far has excited to wanna purchase.

      • Shayla Queen November 12, 2019

        I absolutely love the songs she’s put out. ‘Lying Down,’ ‘Courage,’ ‘Imperfections’

    • Clarkson November 12, 2019

      He should duet with Camilla

      • Shayla Queen November 12, 2019

        Crawl back into your pit from HELL troll!

  2. You Tried November 12, 2019

    It’ll probably be a nice album but what’s crazy is if this blows up it’ll just be another person benefiting off black people. I’m sure his core audience aren’t huge RnB fans but they will be listening to this album and acting as if it’s something new

  3. Chileplease November 12, 2019

    My name says it all

  4. Swirly November 12, 2019

    I predict this album will be huge and full of boring melodies and monotonous vocals. Shame that he will benefit while TRUE R&B artists are struggling to get a piece of the pie. Issa no for me dawg.

    • Keith November 12, 2019

      And THIS^^^^ is the most probable but sad, truth.

  5. Clarkson November 12, 2019

    Justin is cute. I wanna catch his nut and catch all his stds

  6. Clarkson November 12, 2019

    I wish he will stop making music all together.

    Where does he even fit in today’s music climate?

    • Clarkson November 12, 2019

      SPAM: Repetition of this behaviour will result in a ban.

    • Clarkson trash November 12, 2019

      I’m the real Clarkson. I’m the trash who poisoned my parents coz they’re dark skinned. I prefer light skinned females

  7. only facts November 12, 2019

    Go away Justine!

  8. Clarkson trash November 12, 2019

    Oh im sure you’re gonna gargle his F3c3z you trash

  9. J November 12, 2019

    He did this already with “Journals” and it was boring. I wish I could still like be JB, but ever since I watched him sing ” One Less Lonely N****r” and joke about killing blacks with a chainsaw and being a part of the K K K, it made me sad and not want to listen anymore. Sucks cause I was a fan and still like “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean.”

  10. Jasmine The Real Princess November 12, 2019

    Didn’t he want to take a break?
    The world is a better place without that trash that is Shîtstin Bieber

  11. #Formulation November 12, 2019

    Tbh, we need someone like him to bring rnb back into the mainsteam to make it popular again… and then the real rnb stars can come thru …

    • Clarkson November 12, 2019

      That’s not how its works. Dumb àss

      Adele was a plus size soul singer who brought soul music to the mainstream, did that open doors for black female plus size soul singers? NO

      The public paid dust to jasmine Sullivan, Kelly price, fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, ledisi, andre day, toni Braxton etc.

      It’s sad that u need a white man to bring a black style of music rnb to the mainstream
      White saviour mentality

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019


    • Clarkson November 12, 2019

      Justin Timberlake has been doing mainstream rnb ,did that bring black rnb stars to the forefront?

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        Troll u pathetic fool

      • #Formulation November 12, 2019

        Stfu … adele doesnt do ‘soul’…. the ppl u mentioned are very different to Adele.

        Justin timberlake did rnb way back in 2002. Rnb was still around then.

        Its sad that black ppl dont buy black music. I dont need a ‘white saviour’… what rnb needs is someone to make rnb popular again whether that is a black man, white man or a purple parrot. We need these rnb stars to sell music so that they get investments.

        U need to get that chip outta ur bumhole

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        U are dumb if u think adele doesnt do soul music
        All her albums are soul/rnb/pop/ blues albums.

        Adele is not different from jasmin Sullivan or emilie Sande, or Kelly price or Jennifer Hudson or ledisi or jill Scott.
        They are the same , with the same body type.
        Plus size women who sing soul/blues/ rnb music.

        U dont need a white saviour but u clearly stated in ur comments u need justin bieber a white boy from Canada to start doing rnb so rnb can be hot again

        It’s like saying u need Arianna grande or Taylor swift (two white girls) to start rocking braids and bantu knots so braids and bantu knots can become mainstream and hot.

        Ur mentality is of, u better change it.

      • #Formulation November 12, 2019

        You are comparing apples and pears. Adele and jasmine sullivan dont make the same type of music.

        I dnt need to change ish. Pipe tf down

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        U need to get ur ears checked

        Adele and jasmine Sullivan are similar

        I can see jasmine Sullivan signing hello or rolling in the deep.
        I can see adele singing lions tigers and bears or bust your windows.
        I can see jill Scott singing rolling in the deep
        I can see fantasia singing set fire to the rain

        Big diva ballads with vocals, big break up songs etc.

        This is not apples and oranges.

        Waiting for a white person to make black culture (rnb music) mainstream so that black people who are the original owners of the culture can benefit is white saviour mentality.

        Get ur head examined
        U are behaving like a slave
        Free urself from mental slavery

        U dont need a white man to take y to the promise land or make ur culture accepted or mainstream.

      • #Formulation November 12, 2019

        I did not read your essay lol… but read mine:
        Your rnb girls need someone to make rnb poplar (whether that b justin b or someone else) because the people you initially mentioned are relatively unknowns to mainstream and as a result don’t sell very well periodt.


      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        U didnt read my essays, Yeah right.
        Ur dumb opinions are not facts.

        U are silly and u are full of white saviour mentality
        Waiting for master to tell u what to do
        Waiting for master to free u.

        As I said earlier we dont need a white boy from Canada to make black music, popular or mainstream.

        Ur a disgrace to ur ancestors.

        Stop waiting for a white person to save u
        Stop waiting for a white person to liberate u or make ur culture, skin colour, language, hair etc mainstream

        And my comments still stand

        Free urself from mental slavery. Dumb àss

    • Clarkson November 12, 2019

      Ignore that troll please. It is trying to sound like me. I like writing condescending comments to people and feeling like I am superior by belittling them. After all, my comments are truth. Other people’s opinions dont mean sh1t. That troll is trying to sound like me.

      I totally agree Justina should do R&B. Remember, anyone white or lightskin I love and anything dark, especially women like Normani I cant stand. Im a sissy bottom and i hate black women because they are more masculine than me and make me feel insecure. I want to feel like Madame Slay. Im very dark in complexion but i bleach daily so i promise u by this time next year ill be as light as Beyonce.

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        Hòes mad

        Only facts or jasmine
        2 lonely pathetic trolls behind multiple fake Clarkson profiles.

        U know you’ve made it when people start impersonating you.

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        Troll im Clarkson. Ur jealous of me because im popular.

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        This troll thinks ‘he made it’ on a site with only 5 real commenters. This stupid moron does not even know 95 percent of the commenters are fake! Dumb ass troll

  12. Kesha B November 12, 2019

    Hot Boy do as you want..wish you was my man . I bet he f**** good……lucky isms that girl of his I be th she be s** crying in bed every night

  13. Kevon November 12, 2019

    I don’t hate bieber, but yes I’m jealous of him .. and yes he is a very beautiful guy. I’m gay for him

  14. Creolepapi November 13, 2019

    I’m really sick of these people playing around in our culture! They really don’t understand the struggle It comes from or the true essence of our music!

  15. High Price November 13, 2019

    I’ve never listened to a Beiber tune before besides the one joint he came out with “baby, baby, baby, ahhh” (and I just heard a snippet of that in the commercials) and of course the Mariah Carey remake all because of MC though. But I’m honestly interested to hear what he cooks up. R&B is my ish! That’s all I listen to. And I know it’s not what he’s use to so I’m interested in some REAL R&B from him.

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