The Weeknd Reveals ‘After Hours’ Album Cover / Releases Project’s Title Track [Listen]

Published: Wednesday 19th Feb 2020 by Rashad

Less than a week after revealing ‘After Hours’ to be the title of his forthcoming fourth studio effort (as we reported here), The Weeknd is moving full speed ahead toward unveiling more content from the project.

Having already impacted the Billboard Hot 100’s top 20 with the set’s first two singles ‘Blinding Lights’ (#11 peak) and ‘Heartless’ (#1 peak), now the Grammy-winner – who just celebrated his 30th birthday (February 16) – is looking to gift fans with the tunes’ follow-up by releasing their parent album’s title track.

Look inside to see how ‘After Hours’ (the song) stacks up against its predecessors:


The song’s release came just hours after the singer took to Instagram to uncover its parent album’s official artwork (seen above).  Expect the project on shelves March 20.


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  1. King of Kingz February 19, 2020

    The release date is March 20, 2020

  2. Clarks0oñ February 19, 2020

    It’s been 2 days now and people are still eating miss normani up for that disastrous career ending performance at the NBA finals


    Her stand are turning on each other, fighting normani’s choreographer, back up dancer, normani herself etc

    KARMA is a bìtch
    When ur fan base is the most toxic fan base on Twitter, it’s only a matter of time before u start attacking each other.

    We like to see it.

    Camila has a top 30 hit.

    • Cûûmila Cebolla February 19, 2020

      But how is her tour doing? Are they still giving away tickets for free on the radio? Poor Whôremela 😂😂😂

      Sucking label bosses dîcks doesn’t help you selling tickets

      • Cûûmila Cebolla February 19, 2020

        + let’s pray the stage collapses on her tour. The world would be a better place without a goofy looking racist whöre like Whôremela 😂😂😂

      • Clarks0oñ February 19, 2020

        Camila Cabello’s “Romance Tour” (45,743 tickets available; 20/26 shows in North America; @Camila_Cabello).

        From touring data on twitter.

        Her is sates start September, Camila is busy shooting Cinderella in the uk.
        When she’s done filming, she coming back to the US to do promo for her tour.
        Trust me the tickets are gonna sell out.

      • Clarks0oñ February 19, 2020

        Poor normani, they are eating her up left right and centre

        Her team is trying to wipe the video of her embarrassing performance but we all have it on our devices and we will continue to spread it.

        People need to know the truth, that this bìtch doesnt know how to sing, lacks stage presence and has zero personality. Lol

        Go to twitter, normani is getting bashed, her dancers are getting bashed, her manager is getting bashed etc

        Camilizers are sitting back watching the train wreck that is normani’s career

        She is done.
        She can never come back from this.

        Meanwhile Camila has scored another top 30 hit with my oh my while normani hasnt appeared on the chart since 2020 began


      • Gworl Bye February 19, 2020

        Um, 45k tickets available? And youre still trying to drag someone? Girl stop the mess and go help camila before shes downgraded to doing quinceneras LMFAOOOOO

    • Cûûmila Cebolla February 19, 2020

      Camila is sucking label bosses dîcks.
      She’s a disgusting slüt who should be cleaning Trump’s toilets instead

    • XYZ February 19, 2020

      Why the hell are you so obsessed? I cant read any comments here without reading about normani. I dont care about normani. I dont care about camila. Why bringing up those girls in every thread where they dont belong?

      • Gworl Bye February 19, 2020

        Because camila’s tour is flopping, album is DOA and shes trying to deflect lol.

  3. Only Facts February 19, 2020

    I don’t like this look this era at all.

  4. Fancy BISH February 19, 2020

    After Hours on repeat, debit card ready for 3/20 lol 💳 🔥🤳🏽

  5. PinotNoir February 20, 2020

    Thriller this is NOT.

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